How to Block Spam or People on Google Drive

How to Block Spam on Google Drive
How to Block Spam on Google Drive

Do you know how to block spam on Google Drive? In July 2021 Google finally, take action against Google Drive spam. You will be able now to block people in Drive. It is still woefully inadequate, but it’s something. You may not consider Google Drive as a place for spam, but is an actual issue. Spammers can share spam-filled or malicious documents with you and they end up in your list of files. It is really thankful, now it is possible in Google Drive to block people or stop people.

What is Block Spam on Google Drive?

Sharing on Drive works just like email spam. Everyone can share a document or anything with you in case they know your address. Files that have been shared with you still auto appear up in your Drive collection without your permission. There is no such method to stop or turn off sharing, limit sharing to approved users, or limit it to your existing contacts. It is free for everyone.

Google Drive with a new feature, blocking a user will stop them from sharing content with you, delete entire shares between a blocked person and you, and block them across many other Google services. The ability to block a particular person’s email address is a beginning, but clearly, a spammer can just create a new account and immediately stopping this fix. Since Google made Drive sharing security work just like email, it does not look like anything short of comprehensive email-style controls or a sharing lets list is going to solve the problem.

All the things that are shared to your Google Drive account can be found on the aptly named “Shared With Me” tab. This is where you can prevent or block people who have sent you unwanted documents or files.

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How to Block Spam from Google Drive

Let’s show you how to block people or spam who have sent unwanted things to you on Google Drive. Here are the following steps:

  • Open any web browser and type to enter
  • Go to the left-hand pane and click on the Share with Me tab
  • Now find the offending file or document that was sent to you
  • Right-click on the document or file to bring up a menu
  • Select the Block from the pop-up menu
  • Confirm your action by press the Block option on the next pop-up window
Go to Shared with Me and Block Spam or People
Go to Shared with Me and Block Spam or People
Select Block option to Confirm Your Action.
Select Block option to Confirm Your Action.

What happens when I block someone on Google Drive?

Once you block a user on Google Drive and people will not notify. It stops them all from being able to share something with you in the future. It also deletes or removes entire existing documents from them and any access to documents have given to them. You can manage to control who you have blocked by visiting the blocklist on your Google Account.

That’s it! This is a very easy and simple feature, but in case you have been targeted by spam in Google Drive, it is a very good thing to be aware of it.

Important Note: We do not find this feature on Google Drive mobile app yet as of its release in July 2021, but might be Google will add it soon on Mobile.

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