How to Update or Change Your Email Signature in Gmail

How to Change Your Signature in Gmail
How to Change Your Signature in Gmail

Do you know how to change your signature in the Gmail desktop web and mobile app? When you add a signature to Gmail. Then Gmail allows you to make changes to your signature in Gmail. Due to many reasons such as you change your mobile number, company, work position, or any other detail that you want to appear in your email signature. To reflect that change to your email signature to your Gmail account. You will learn how to do it in this post very easily and simple way.

Using Gmail web on desktop and on a Gmail mobile app, you can edit or update the detail of your current signature to insert or remove or delete details from it. In case you need multiple signatures, you can add or create and save more than one email signature as well.

There is no benefit of using the various signatures in Gmail on each device. This means you will have to change or edit the signature on each device you create or compose emails on individually.

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Changing Your Email Signature in Gmail on Web

To update or change on Gmail signature on your desktop computer, use the Gmail website. Here are the following steps:

  • Open any web browser on your PC
  • Go to the Gmail site and sign in to your Gmail account
  • Click on the Gear icon from the upper-right corner
  • Select the See All Settings option from the menu that appears
  • Go down to the Signature section on the next page
  • Click on the Signature you want to update in the Signature section
  • You will see your current signature text to the right side of the signature. To change your signature contents click this box and change your signature content. You can see the different formatting features at the bottom of the signature box.
  • You can formatting options include text styles like bold, underline, and italic. There is an option to add a link to your content. You can even add a photo or image in your signature in case you wish.
  • Once you agree with the changed signature, go down through the web page to the end and select the Save Changes button.
Click Settings in Gmail
Click Settings in Gmail
Click See All Settings
Click See All Settings
Choose a signature.
Choose a signature.
Change the signature in Gmail on desktop.
Change the signature in Gmail on the desktop.
Various formatting options
Various formatting options
Click Save Changes
Click Save Changes

That’s all you set. And your email signature in Gmail is now changed and updated.

How to Change Your Email Signature in Gmail on iPhone or iPad

To modify your Gmail signature on a mobile app an iPhone or iPad device. Here are the following steps to change your email signature in Gmail.

  • Launch your Gmail app on the iOS device
  • Select the Main Menu or three-horizontal lines from the upper-left corner
  • Tap on the Settings option that appears
  • Select the Email address in which you want to update your email signature on the next page
  • Next tap on the Signature Settings option on the account page
  • Select the current signature, remove or clear it, and then enter your new signature. Then return to the previous page by pressing the arrow icon in the top-left corner.
  • That’s all you are done.

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How to Change Your Gmail Signature on Android

To update your Gmail Signature on the Android mobile app in the following steps:

  • Launch your Gmail mobile app on your Android phone
  • Tap on Three horizontal lines from the top-left corner
  • Scroll down the menu that opens and tap on the Settings option at the bottom
  • Select the Email Address or account in which you wish to update or change your signature
  • Go down on the account page and select the Mobile Signature option
  • Type your new email signature in the Signature box that appears and tap on the OK option
  • Your email signature in the Gmail app on your Android device is now updated to a new one.
Open Gmail app, Select Main Menu, Settings, and Your Email Address
Open Gmail app, Select Main Menu, Settings, and Your Email Address
Tap on Mobile Signature and Enter Your new signature, select OK
Tap on Mobile Signature and Enter Your new signature, select OK

And that’s all you have done to add or remove your current Gmail signature details on your different devices.

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