How to Change Your Facebook Password From Mobile/Desktop

Change Your Facebook Password
Change Your Facebook Password

Do you know how to change or reset your Facebook password and keep your account secure in 2022? Facebook is one of the most famous social media platforms worldwide. You can share and interact with your friends, family, and followers everywhere on this planet. You will need to keep secure your Facebook account from hackers via using a unique password, account privacy, and two-step authentication. While it might look like the best idea to set one memorable password across all your social media platforms, doing so could put your accounts at risk for hackers.

It is important to keep your social media accounts’ passwords need to be updated regularly to keep them safe. Most users use terrible passwords. In case you are one of them, you should change all your important social media account passwords to something many more secure–and believe it or not, that contains Facebook.

If someone hacked and access your Facebook account, they have a number of your personal data, can probably sign in to many other websites and services pretending to be you, and can scam your followers and friends. So you should keep secure it. This is why we have kept together this guide to teach you how to your Facebook password or reset your Facebook password in the given below ways.

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Change Your Facebook Password on Desktop web

To change your Facebook password if you’re already logged in and using the web on your desktop computer or mobile phone. Let’s get started to do that in the following steps:

  • Open your Facebook website with a browser and log into your account
  • Select the drop-down arrow from the top right corner
  • Click the Settings & Privacy and then Settings option from the menu that appears
  • Go to the left sidebar and select the Security and Login option
  • Then click on the Change Password option from the Login section
  • Now type your current password and then choose a strong new password twice. In case it is weak or too short, or the confirmation does not match, you will get a notification from Facebook
  • Once you have chosen a strong password, press the Save Changes option.
  • After that, you will be asked if you want to continue logging in on your entire other devices. In case you think your account has been hacked, select Log Out of Other Device, Otherwise you are good to go with Stay Logged In.
  • And that’s all it! your Facebook account password is changed to a new one.
Click on the Down Arrow and select Settings & Privacy option
Click on the Down Arrow and select the Settings & Privacy option
Select the Settings Option
Select the Settings Option
Select the Security and Login and click on Edit option to change password
Select the Security and Login and click on the Edit option to change the password
Type in your current Facebook password and your new password twice and Save Changes
Type in your current Facebook password and your new password twice and Save Changes
Select Log out of Other Devices or Stay Logged In and Continue
Select Log out of Other Devices or Stay Logged In and Continue

In case you are signed in to your Facebook account but have forgotten your password, follow the above instructions but click on Forgot your Password?

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Change Your Facebook Password from Mobile

Change your Facebook Account Password on Android or iOS (iPhone, iPad) mobile device apps. Here are the steps to change your Facebook password on the mobile app.

  • Tap to Open the Facebook app on your Android, iPhone, iPad devices
  • Select the Hamburger or Three-line Menu option from the top right (on Android) or bottom-right (on the iPhone and iPad) corner.
  • Tap on the Settings & Privacy option from the menu
  • Then tap on the Settings option
  • Go to the Account section, select the Password and Security option
  • Tap on the Change Password option from the Login section
  • Type your current password and new password two times in the boxes.
  • Then tap on the Update Password option and your new Facebook will change and save
Open Facebook App, Select Main Menu, Settings & Privacy, and Settings option
Open Facebook App, Select Main Menu, Settings & Privacy, and Settings option
Tap Password and Security, Change Password, Enter Current Password, New Password Twice and Tap Update Password
Tap Password and Security, Change Password, Enter Current Password, New Password Twice, and Tap Update Password

How to Reset Your Facebook Password (Forgotten Your Password)

If you do not remember or have forgotten your password for the Facebook account and found yourself logged out of your account, you will need to reset your password. Here are the steps on how to do it.

If you are logged out of your Facebook Account:

  • Click on the Forgotten account option or visit directly the Find Your Account page
  • Type to enter Full Name, Email Address, Phone Number, or username associated with your Facebook account.
  • Click on the Search option
  • Then follow the given guidelines on the screen to recover your Facebook account

How to Generate a One-Time Password

In case you are in a not good situation in which you do not want to type or enter your account password ( such as an internet cafe or library), Facebook actually has a feature to generate a temporary code that will allow you to sign in securely without showing your real password.

But you are unable to use a one-time password more than once and needed you to attach your number to your Facebook account. They also will not be available in case you have two-factor authentication turned on.

Let’s show you how to Generate a One-Time Password in the following steps:

  • Type ‘otp’ in a message and send it to 32665. If you are in the US and use this list for other countries or out of US.
  • You will get a unique six-character temporary password code
  • Type this password code in the Password section at the Facebook login screen

When You Can’t Access Your Phone Number or Email for Your Account

If you are unable to access the email address or phone number that you connect with your Facebook account, Facebook will suggest a few various things you can try to regain your account access.

  • Use Facebook’s identity page:

Visit with any web browser and find your Facebook account. Then follow the guidelines given to you to try to regain account access.

  • Regain access to the associated email account:

You can try to retrieve or recover your account access using a linked or associated Gmail password, or Windows Live Hotmail password. Then resume resetting your Facebook account password with that email address.

You can also use it to retrieve or recover a Yahoo account password or an email password while using a macOS keychain.

  • Use Trusted Contacts:

In case you set up this feature with your Facebook account, you can use your Trusted Contacts to regain access without an email address or phone number.

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