How to Change YouTube Channel Profile icon

Profile icon of YouTube Channel needs by YouTuber and creator when it comes to having own channel either personal or brand account. Changing YouTube profile picture for the new or old channel is easy to change it in just a few steps.

Manage to Change YouTube Channel Profile icon

Everyone needs to have own Channel icon for their YouTube Channel when initially start uploading videos. After that, it makes own personal or brand identity for the purpose to demonstrate to the audience and subscribers. The fan and subscribers then easily identify your icon and getting high click-through rate to watch or visit your channel.

To manage your Channel icon follow the instruction:

  • Go to
  • 00:10 click on Channel Profile icon then click “Go to Your Channel”
  • 00:20 Click on the Profile Picture next to your Channel Name
  • 00:31 Now click Edit
  • 00:39 Click on Upload photo, Select Photo from Laptop / Computer storage
  • 00:55 Now Click on the Done button

Check Complete video demonstrating on How to change Channel icon.

Size of YouTube Channel Profile icon Picture:

The recommended size of YouTube Channel icon is 800 x 800 px with high resolution. However, the animated GIF file is not allowed to set as an icon. The multiple places and YouTube UI make it circular icon appearance were round or square come fit inside. The get perfect square or round icon; the image must allowing 98 x 98 px when YouTube render the image.

How to design the perfect Round Channel icon:

You can start using test with different dimensions and keep uploading for mock-up. But to get perfect dimensions then follow the method below with dimensions illustration.

  1. Get 800×800 px sheet using Photoshop or any other design software
  2. Draw a Circle line with diameter 61.26 mm and place inside 800 x 800 px Square
  3. Keep Circle from the square corner at 16.76 distance from all four corner sides.
  4. Distance between circle line and a straight line from all sides is 2.75 mm.
  5. Check the Channel page here to see the appearance
Profile icon dimensions YouTube Channel

Note: These dimensions are taken using CorelDraw with measurement tools. You can convert the value of your units are different in your design application.

How the Profile icon appears on different devices:

Computer Browser

Using YouTube via browser, in channel page at the top left corner slightly down from the top and left in square shape.

Mobile App

YouTube App will show the channel icon at the top of the bottom line mid. Half of the icon getting an appearance on the channel artwork. The shape of the icon appearing as round.

Video Page

The channel icon appearing under the video title. The shape of the icon appears as a square.

Personal Channel Vs Brand Account

The personal channel icon is associated with your personal Google Account which is reflecting your similar profile icon. For Brand YouTube channel Google Account allowing separate brand profile account which is separating your about information separately from Google Account.

Do Not upload Copyright image

YouTube is not allowing copyright image to set as Channel icon and against the community guidelines.

In conclusion, you need to keep in mind that you are creating a personal brand. And targeting the audience with a unique identification. Your icon and channel art is your Channel identity. Therefore; your fans will recognize you after having your own attractive icons and arts. You are supposed not to use someone else brand to avoid any restriction in future.

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