How to Check-in and Share your location on Facebook

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Nowadays we share and using Facebook to interact with our families, friends and the world largest community, on Facebook social media. Web Check-in and share, furthermore our videos, photos, check-in our location, text messages, and live video, etc. We can talk to our family and tell our FB friends where we are hanging out. Therefore, the easiest way to do this through a check-in Facebook option that includes a location. It’s done by using either a smartphone app or on your computer.

It is a little bit easy (and more convenient) to check-in through your Smartphone. While you are out, you can also use your computer. Similarly, you can use both basic tips to authorize you to post a status update, tag friends and even add photos.

To Check-in and share on Facebook web

When you are available at home and using your computer, through a web browser you can check-In on Facebook as following steps.

  1. Open your and click on the what’s on your mind text field to start your new post
  2. Click on the Three-dots at the bottom
  3. Select the Check-in option(Tip: Near to Check-in icon a red location marker)
  4. Click on a Location (Tip: It’s up to your location, maybe no need to type anything. It may be available in the drop-down list automatically.)
  5. Click on location from the drop-down list
  6. Select the Share option to check-in on Facebook.
 Click on What's on Your mind and Three-dots
Click on Check-In
Type and cboose to check-in on location

Tip: In this point, you can click the multi options to add photos, tag friends or type out a post before you click the share option button.

How to Check-in on Facebook App

The mobile app interface for Facebook is slightly different than the Facebook browser interface, but the check-in process from your status is working and look like the same way.

  1. OpenFacebook App
  2. Tap what’s on your mind to start posting
  3. Select on Check-In (Note: The red location marker icon next to the Check-In option.)
  4. Enter the name of your location
  5. Tap to choose your location  in the drop-down list
  6. If you want to tag in your Check-In tap Friends Name if you wish otherwise you can skip this stage if you do not want to tag anyone.
  7. Tap Done option
  8. When you finish the composing then tap Share option to post your Check-In
Tap on What's on your mind, Check-in and Select Location
 Skip to tag friends and Post or Share location

In Facebook media sharing your checking is a part of fan to share your activities and location with loved and friends. Similarly, you can adjust post who can watch your check-ins. And use it to share photos and tags of your life.

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