Clear and Turn off Autofill data Internet Explorer

Remove disable autofill form Internet Explorer

All modern browsers are saving forms of data to perform Autofill data. Internet Explorer does similar form save to act when filling another form. Here is the guide to clear and turn off autofill data on the Internet Explorer. Usually, browser notifies you to keep the data save for the next time. However, the next form filling keeps things up fast. Scroll through contents to learn how to disable auto-fill on the Internet Explorer browser. If you don’t have any experience of using autofill data features and also you don’t want to keep your information automatically in the browser history.

Like other browsers, you also can disable and clear your autofill data feature in the Internet Explorer browser. So here are the steps that how to do

How to turn it Off the Autofill Data Feature in Internet Explorer

When you want to disable the autofill data function from automatically keep saving information. So here are how to disable the autofill data feature in Internet Explorer

  1. Open your Internet Explorer browser
  2. Click the Gear icon at the upper right side
  3. Then select the Internet options from the menu
  4. Next to the click the Content tab from the dialogue box
  5. Click the AutoComplete in the Content tab
  6. Select Settings in the AutoComplete section
  7. So you have to untick the checkbox of Forms and User Names and Password on Forms
  8. Go to click the OK Option in the AutoComplete settings window
  9. Finally, click the OK option in the Internet window
Internet Explorer Gear Icon and Internet Options
Internet Explorer Internet Options menu
Content Tab
Internet Options content tab
Content and AutoComplete Settings
Content Settings
Uncheck  name and password on forms and Ok disable Autofill data
AutoComplete Settings Forms, searches, usernames and passwords

How to Clear Autofill Data in Internet Explorer Browser

Once you finish the above process of disabling of autofill data info and you want to clear browsing history. Then follow the below steps to clear your autofill data in Internet Explorer browser

  1. Navigate your Internet Explorer browser
  2. Click the Gear icon near to star and emoji upper right screen
  3. Select the Internet options from the menu
  4. Then click the Content tab from the internet window
  5. Next, click the Settings tab of the AutoComplete
  6. So click the Delete AutoComplete History button at the bottom
  7. Check the Passwords and Form Data check-boxes
  8. Then Click the OK option at the bottom to continue
  9. So again the OK button in the Internet option window
Internet Explorer Gear Icon and Internet Options to Autofill data
Menu Internet Options
Content and AutoComplete Settings
Settings Content tab
Delete Autocomplete History of Autofill data and OK
Delete AutoComplete History
Check Boxes and Click Delete autofill data option
Delete browsing History Internet explorer
Click OK on Internet Options
Save changes content

Important Note: The above process will remove other passwords that you have kept for the other site. So the clearing history of your browsing will take some time to complete and will depend on your selection.

Alternatives Way to Clear or Turn off Autofill Data in Internet Explorer

Let’s show some of the alternatives ways to remove and disable autofill data feature in Internet Explorer. So scroll down to read steps

How do I turn off autofill in Internet Explorer?

Let’s show how to turn off the autofill data form in Internet Explorer browser

  1. Open the Internet Explorer browser
  2. Then click the Tools Menu option
  3. Select the Internet Options
  4. Click the Content tab
  5. Then click Settings in the AutoComplete
  6. Next to uncheck the Forms and user names and Passwords on Forms
  7. In the settings, window click OK
  8. Finally, click OK in the Internet Window

How do I autofill in Internet Explorer 11?

Here are some of the steps to turn on AutoComplete in Internet Explorer

  1. Click to open the Internet Explorer
  2. Then Select Tools button
  3. Next click Internet Options
  4. Select Settings under AutoComplete on the Content tab
  5. Check the Forms
  6. Click Ok
  7. So again click OK to continue

How do I save AutoComplete in Internet Explorer?

If you want to save the AutoComplete in the Internet Explorer browser

  1. Go to the Internet Explorer Setting button
  2. Click the Internet Options
  3. Select the Content tab
  4. Next, click the Settings under AutoComplete
  5. Tick the CheckBox of User names and passwords on forms. So allow to user AutoComplete and save passwords
  6. So click OK and again click the OK option

How do I turn on AutoComplete in ie11?

Let’s show you how to turn on AutoComplete in ie 11 in the below steps

  1. Go to the Search box on the taskbar
  2. Type Internet Explorer and press Enter key
  3. Choose the IE from the search
  4. Open the Tools option
  5. Click Internet options
  6. Next to click the Settings option under the AutoComplete section in the content tab
  7. Then tick the checkboxes options that you want to use AutoComplete
  8. Finally, click the OK option

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