How to Connect Alexa to Your TV

How to Connect Alexa to your TV
How to Connect Alexa to your TV

Do you how to connect Alexa to Your Smart TV? Your new Alexa device has a lot of uses around your home. One of the famous is connecting it to your TV in order to control it. The method to accomplish this task is not impossible, but without a good tutorial, it can be not easy to understand.

In case you want to connect your TV to Alexa, you will require either a smart device, such as a TV that contains Alexa built-in option, or Amazon Fire TV Stick. You will learn all the methods to connect Alexa to your TV.

We are here to get out of this frustration of tech for you and have come up with easy guidelines to help you start using Alexa with your TV tonight.

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How to connect Alexa to Your Smart TV

You can control your smart TV with your Echo, Dot, or any other Alexa built-in device. Follow these steps to connect Alexa to your Smart TV.

  • Open your Alexa application on your tablet or phone
  • Select the More option on the below-left side
  • Select the Add a Device option
  • Go down and select the TV option
  • Choose the brand for your Smart TV
  • Read and walk through the guidelines or directions on the screen for your brand of smart TV. When you have finished these steps, tap on the Enable Skil button.
  • To perform extra more steps as directed. You may be required to log in to a service or download an application.

Connecting your TV to Alexa

Here is the following list of TVs to connect to Alexa: Connecting Generic smart TV, Roku stick or Fire, Samsung TV, Sony smart TV, set-top box and you can also command to Alexa.

How to Connect Alexa to a Generic smart TV

If you are using a generic smart TV and want to connect to Alexa then follow these steps:

  • Open the Alexa application on your Android or iOS device
  • At the bottom of your display tap on the Devices tab
  • Select the Plus (+) icon in the top-right corner, then tap on the Add Device option
  • Go down and select the TV option
  • Choose the brand of your smart TV
  • Then follow the Alexa application certain directions for completing the setup process.

How to Connect Alexa to a Roku stick or Fire TV

Here are the following steps to connect your Roku stick or Fire TV.

  • Navigate the Alexa application on your Android or iOS device
  • Select the more tab at the bottom of the screen
  • Tap on the Settings option
  • Scroll down and choose TV & Video
  • Select either Roku or Fire TV, whichever matches your streaming device.
  • Select Enable to Use for Roku users or Select Link Your Alexa Device for Fire TV users
  • Provide Alexa with any needed sign-in information to complete the process.

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How to Connect Alexa To a Sony Smart TV

You can connect Alex to a Sony smart Tv in the following steps:

  • When the TV set up is ready, then use the remote control and press the Home button
  • Then menus on Sony TV can vary a little here, but you will wish to search for an option that says Your Apps or Apps. Select that option.
  • Look for the feature that says TV Control with Smart Speakers. You may also locate a certain application that says TV Control Setup with the Amazon Alexa App, which works too. You may also require to tap on See All in the app menu to show all the options
  • Navigate the Alexa application, go to the Settings, and select Skills. Find Sony’s TV skill and turn it on.
  • Choose the right application on your Sony TV to continue. Follow the direction on-screen. You may have to log in with your Google Account at this time. Continue to follow the on-screen guidelines until Alexa has appeared on the TV and connected to it.

How to Connect Alexa to a Samsung smart TV

Here are these steps to connect Alexa to a Samsung smart TV device:

  • First, download the Samsung SmartThing application and tap on the Add Device option to locate your TV
  • Tap on the Alexa app to open your Android or iPhone and iPad device
  • Go to the Settings menu and head to Skils. Check for the SmartThings skill, and make sure it is turned on
  • Tap on the Devices tab at the bottom of the Alexa home screen
  • Select the Plus (+) icon in the top-right corner and select the Add Device option
  • Go down and tap on TV and scroll down until you locate the Samsung brand smart TV and choose it.
  • Follow the remaining Alexa guidelines to pair your Samsung TV option

How to Connect Alexa to a set-top box

To connect Alexa to a set-top box then follow these steps:

  • Navigate the Alexa application your smartphone (Android or iOS) device
  • Select the More tab at the lower of your screen
  • Tap on the Skills & Games option
  • Go to the Search bar, type to search for your cable providers such as Fiox, Dish Network, DirecTV, and Frontier.
  • Select your cable provider from the given list (If available)
  • Press Enable to Use, then sign in with your provider’s details.

How to Commanding your TV with Alexa

When you have connected Alexa with your TV, set-top box, or media streaming device, you can start controlling your media center with your voice sound. You are unable to use the same commands for entire TVs and set-top devices, so you will need to check your TV manufacturer’s support website for the updated information; however, here are some of the following commands you may want to try to use with your media setup.

  1. “Alexa, turn (on/off) the (TV name).”
  2. “Alexa, turn the volume (up/down) on the [TV name].”
  3. “Alexa, mute the (TV name).”
  4. “Alexa, (play/pause) on (TV name).”
  5. “Alexa, switch input to HDMI 1 on (TV name).”
  6. “Alexa, show (comedy/romance/drama) movies.”
  7. “Alexa, What Song Is Playing?”
  8. “Alexa, Play Relaxing Music”
  9. “Alexa, watch Stranger Things on Netflix.”
  10. “Alexa, What Is Software?”
  11. “Alexa, Open Storytime”
  12. “Alexa, What’s in the News?”
  13. “Alexa, Set a Timer for 10 Minutes”
  14. “Alexa, Tell Me a Joke”
  15. “Alexa, Set an Alarm for 9 a.m.”

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