How to Create a Facebook Page via Mobile/Desktop

Create Facebook Page Business & Community
Create Facebook Page Business & Community

Do you know how to create a Facebook page in 2022? If you have run a business, you require a Facebook Business Page. With 1.82 billion daily active users, Facebook is simply not a social media network you can ignore. Creating your business/brand view on the Facebook page or personal, community, and public figure to reach your audience. Sharing your personal or brand product needs a platform where a number of audiences are from different regions and categories. Thus you can always find only Facebook as the last option to choose with big opportunities.

Perhaps that is why more than two hundred million businesses use Facebook’s free services. That contains business Pages. Yes, creating a FB Page is a free method to market your business.

What is a Facebook Page?

A Facebook Page is a public Facebook account that can be used by organizations, brands, artists, artists, and public figures. Businesses use FB Pages to share contact information, share content, post updates, releases, promote events, and –perhaps most important- connect with their Facebook audiences.

How to Create a Facebook Page Mobile and Desktop

Let me show you how to create a Facebook page on mobile and desktop. To create a Facebook Page on the desktop version you will learn two ways. The first way will be on the New Facebook version and the second one will be on the classic Facebook version or Old Facebook.

Create a Facebook Page On Mobile Phone

Using the Facebook mobile app to create a page by following these steps:

  • Open Facebook Mobile app
  • Tap on More or Three line bars option from the top right side
  • Select the Pages option
  • Then tap on Create Plus icon from the upper left side
  • Next tap on Get Started option from the bottom
  • Enter Page Name: Should Your Business, or Personal brand or Organization name and tap Next to continue
  • Enter Page Categries and tap on Next to contine step
  • Facebook will ask you to enter your address or location. You can also skip or check if you don’t want to add address. and Next
  • Add Images to this Page: Add Profile picture and Add a cover photo and tap on Done option
  • Connect Your Facebook Page to WhatsApp (Optional)
  • Add your About details to your Page to help customer to get your business infromation from there.
  • Now Create your first post by tapping on Create Post option
  • Finally, tap on Invite Friends option to invite audience to like your page.

Create a Facebook Page On New Facebook Version

  • Open with any web browser and log into your account
  • Click on the Pages option in the left pane from your news feed
  • Next click on the Create a New Page in the left pane
  • Enter Page Information such Page Name, Category, Description and click on Create Page option at the bottom
  • Click on Add a Profile Picture, Add cover photo and Save changes.
  • To Connect Your Business Page to WhatsApp (Optional) and You can leave this step also.
  • Next Click on Username and create a Unique Username for your page and select Done.
  • Enter Your Business Detail: Click on Add Website, Add location, and Add hours. Enter the related details. such as Info, open hours, etc. This information shows up in search results.
  • Add an Action Button by click on Blue Add Button
  • Create Your first post by clicking on Create Post option
  • Invite Audience: Click on the Invite friends to invite your Facebook friends to like your page.
Go to Create a Page on your Facebook
Go to Create a Page on your Facebook

Create a Facebook Page Via Classic Facebook Version

To create a Facebook page in the classic version of Facebook for your business or brand and community or Public figure. Here are these steps:

  • Open Facebook and sign in to your account
  • Click on the Pages from the left menu then click Create Page Or direct link
Create Page
  • Now Choose from “Business or Brand” and “Community or Public Figure” and click Get Started
  • Enter Page name and choose Category by start typing in it then click continue
Business Brand or Community or Public Figure
Business Brand or Community or Public Figure
  • Upload profile picture 360 x 360 px
  • Add a Cover Photo for your Facebook Page 824 x 465 px
  • After uploading a profile picture and Cover photo your page is ready to use
Page name Profile and Cover Image
Page name Profile and Cover Image

You can also skip the profile image and cover photo if not ready at the moment. You are ready to go with creating a unique username to replace the URL here.


How to Create a Facebook Business or Community Page

You can follow the steps above to proceed to get success in creating a personal/community or business page in a Facebook account. Large business and with easy control option to manage people/employees to answer your customers and monitor them. Assign work/tasks within a page and monitor business communication with potential clients. Easily drag people with different labels and keep their record as Customer relation management.

Difference between Facebook Profile and Page

Unlike Facebook Profile, the page to create for a specific business or your specific brand to show up. Also for any other purpose such as celebrity, community and community causes, a non-profit organization, and other profitable business reach out to your customers with an easy approach. The page usually doesn’t add friends but keeps getting more and more fans when they like your page. Publishing and updates are reaching to those audiences directly whoever like.

Another benefit to having a brand page; is that it separates your personal Facebook profile from your business. It is not showing or mixing your personal posts into your business. But still, you can share business information on your personal profile if you share from a personal profile.

How do you approach the audience and get more fans

Facebook allows the advertising option to publish your page and get more fans. The ads are furthermore sophisticated while reaching the people. Such as targeting them by demographics, age, sex, interest, and categories. Multiple approaches to the people would cost differently and more investment is equal to more fans in a short period.

Easy going with a button option

Take it very easy with your customers and fan to allow them to add a special inbox and Messenger button to reach you. And write them back from your portable device while you are just connected to the internet. You are getting the best in approaching potential clients and ending with them as a successful business deal in a short period of time.

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