How to Create Chat Group on Facebook Messenger

Create chat group Facebook Messenger

Facebook group chat allowing you to create a Chat Group in Facebook Messenger using web or App. And then use the group in FB Messenger both in web or smartphones. The opportunity to connect you with the group and chat with all members connected from smartphone Messenger App or using FB Web. Such connectivity to the group allowing chat with all different devices holders.

Using the Facebook Messenger app, you can not only send videos, voice messages, text, and pictures like a regular chat room, but also you can send or request money, share your location, and can play games.

It is the easiest way to use, so it does not take a lot of time to start a group message on Facebook.

How to chat in a group with Facebook Messenger

To start chatting on Facebook Messenger using a smartphone, you need to download first if you do not already have it. You can download on Android from Google Play App or on the iOS device from the App Store.

Create a New Group

  1. In the app tap the Group tab
  2. Tap on Create a Group to make a new FB Messenger group
  3. Choose a Name and then add the Facebook friends which you want them to join the group (The member of the group; you can edit later). You can add an image to the group for identification.
  4. Once you finished tap at the bottom on Create Group link.

Click on Create Chat Group

Create New Group

Type group name and select people then tap Create Group

Add People or Friends

Add group icon for identification

Add Profile or Cover photo

Group is ready to start a conversation with people

Group Ready

Edit the Group Members

If you want to delete some group members from the group

  1. In the Messenger App Open the Group
  2. Tap on the Group Name
  3. Just scroll down a little and choose the Persons or Friend you want to delete from the group.
  4. Select option Remove from Group
  5. Confirmation to Remove
Remove or Block Freinds from Group

Add more friends from Facebook into the Messenger Group friends

A. When you add a new friend to the group all the past messages are shared with him/her.

  1. Tap on the Group to open you want to edit
  2. Tap on Add People
  3. Choose one or more FB friends
  4. Then tap on Done
  5. Tap the OK button to confirm
Add People to your group

B. Let’s show you another way to add or invite members to the Facebook group If you create a special share link with anyone and everyone join the group need to uses the link:

  1. Tap on the Group Name to access the group.
  2. Select the “Invite to Group with Link” by scroll-down
  3. Tap on Share Link to generate the link

Tap on the option Share Group Link to copy the URL and send or share with friends or whoever you want to join the group.

Once you create the URL then the option of a Disable Link will appear this option you can use to stop inviting more members to join the group.

Leave a Group of Facebook Messenger

How to leave a Facebook Messenger group when you don’t want to be a part of the group you were invited or started, you can leave as per below:

  1. Tap on the Group to open you want to leave
  2. Tap on the Group Name
  3. Choose the Leave Group from the menu
  4. Tap the Leave button after confirm
Leave Group

Once you leave the groups the other member will notice that you have left. You can remove the chat instead of leaving the group. You will still get notifications when other group members chat with each other. Or at step 3 tap on Ignoring Group to simply stop get notifications of new chat but not delete chat or leave the group.

In conclusion, you need a group to send exchange conversation with a group of people at once. Otherwise, individually sending message is not possible and wasting time. However, the Messenger group chat possible with all users and no matter what device they are using.

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