How to Create New Reddit Account on Web App

Create Reddit Account
Create Reddit Account

Let’s show you how to sign up for a new Reddit account. You can create a new account on web browser in your PC or using your phone app on Android or iOS devices. A Reddit account will give you permission to post, message, and comment. You will be interacting with other public and join subreddits. However, you want sign-up for a new account you will require an email address, username, and password to complete the process.

What is Reddit Account?

Let’s talk about the background of Reddit is an open-source website that motivates users to create post content, create communities, vote links, and share comments. The online community allows the public to categorize, discover, and share useful information and content. This website has great tools for promoting yourself as an authority by sharing relevant content and information with the public. You can eventually promote information about your business.  You can do basic five things of Reddit like reading content, posting links, rating content, finding subreddits and joining discussions about that content.

How to Sign up to New Reddit Account on Web App

If you want to sign up for a new Reddit account on a browser or Mobile apps like iPhone, iPad or Android devices. Let’s scroll down the post to learn how to sign up for a new account on a web browser or mobile app.

How to Create New Reddit Account on Browser

Here you will learn to create a new Reddit account on the browser. While using a browser on your PC or Desktop.

  1. Open a browser on your PC
  2. Type in the address bar
  3. Then click on the Sign-Up button at the top right side
  4. Enter your Email in the box and then click the Next option
  5. Type a unique Username in the username box
  6. Next, enter your Password must at least six characters long
  7. Then tick the Checkbox of I’m not a robot
  8. If you want to back then click on the Back and want to continue then click on the Sign-up button at the bottom right
  9. Choose a community on the next page click to Join a community
  10. Finally, click on the Finish option
Click on the Sign-Up option
Click on the Sign-Up option
Enter your Email and Next
Enter your Email and Next
Enter Username and Password Reddit and Finish
Enter Username and Password and Finish
Click to Join and Finish Reddit
Click to Join and Finish

Whenever you finish the above all process step by step then you will redirect your newly created account. However, you can start to continue your activities on your account to share information with the community. 

How to Create a New Reddit Account Using the Mobile App

You can create a new Reddit account on your mobile phone like Android or iOS (iPhone or iPad). Creating an account on your mobile is very easy and quick within a few steps. Therefore, follow the below steps to do it for yourself:

  1. First of all Download and Install from the Google play store
  2. Then tap on the Reddit app with the white alien face in an orange circle.
  3. Next, tap on the SIGN-UP option at the bottom in the next page of login and sign up
  4. Tap in the Email box and type or enter your Email address that your using
  5. Then tap in the Password box and then enter your Password
  6. After that, tap on the Create Account
  7. Finally, you will sign into your Reddit Account with username and password
  8. It will ask you to optionally choose your interests or tap the Skip option on the top right to Automatically sign in to your account
Download and Install
Download and Install
Reddit App
Reddit App
Sign-Up for New Account
Sign-Up for New Account
Skip this Step and Tap Create
Skip this Step and Tap Create

 Alternative Ways to Sign-up for a Reddit Account on PC or Mac

Here are some of the alternative ways to create a new Reddit account on your PC, Mac or Android, or iPhone and iPad devices:

How do I create a Reddit account?

If you want to create a Reddit account on your PC or mobile app. Similarly, you need to follow the above-given steps or start with First of all, Register your Email account > Enter your User Name > Type your Password> click the checkbox I’m not a robot. Finally, click on the Create Account to ready.

Can you delete your Reddit account on mobile?

Yes, you can deactivate your account from the account settings. First of all, open your Reddit account>click on Profile icon> then click the Settings option. After that, click on Account> Scroll down at the bottom click on Deactivate option. Then enter your Username and Password>then tick the checkbox and click on the Deactivate option at the bottom.

Can I change my Reddit name?

If you want to change your Reddit name then click on the Edit Profile and click on the Change username link at the bottom of your page. Then you can change the associated username with your account.


As a result, your new account will ready to use. Because, of several reasons, you can change your name. Maybe you want to deactivate your account once you change your mind. Therefore, if you have any comments about this post then share it with us.

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