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Download Photos from Instagram: As we know the Instagram photo-sharing site is the most popular app in the world. Most activity counting on the App; the users are uploading their photos on the Instagram app. Suppose your photos are no more in your device and only available in the Instagram App. While here are the tips with steps below to get back your published photos from the Instagram App. For instance, if you want to download your photo; you need to follow the below steps to get back on your device again.

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Methods of Download Photos from Instagram

There are multiple methods, depending on the device you are using. In addition, you can use the method to load in local storage using Android device, iOS or using PC/Laptop browser. Follow the method below depending on the device you are using. If you are looking for multiple images then it is recommended to use a PC or Laptop browser instead of a portable device. To have it for fun, you can use the Apps to keep in your Phone and use when you need any photo to get on your device. 

Download Photos from Instagram via Android device

Method # 1: Download via Gram website

  1. Open Instagram and tap the Photo
  2. Tap the Three-dot on the top of Image
  3. Select the Copy Link option
  4. Tap this link  to visit Gram site
  5. Past the link in the Text box
  6. Tap the Download image to start the downloading.
Open Instagram and go to profile
Instagram Profile to Download Pic
Instagram profile
Tap on the item you want to download
Instagram Profile to Download Pic
Instagram photo
Tap on Copy Share URL
Click Three dots and Copy Share Link
copy Share URL instagram
Past the link to start downloading
Past shared URL instagram

Method #2: FastSave for Instagram:

FastSave is not providing you to get multiple images at once but this method is actively faster than Gram website if you are downloading one by one. If you have a plan to getting more images from the social network then you can go with this option to have all of your photos from Instagram.

  1. Get the FastSave from Play Store
  2. Launch the App, and enable FastSave Service then tap on Open Instagram
  3. Go to the Image menu and tap Copy link
  4. Now view your photos in the Download Image gallery or you can see in the FastSave App.
Download Picture Fast Save Service
FastSave service Instagram

How to Download Image from Instagram On PC

Method #1: Download images using PC form Downloadgram

Go to Downloadgram website and sign in to your Instagram account, then open the selected image and right-click to copy the link as described in the below steps.

  1. Sign in to Instagram and open the image
  2. Click the Three horizontal dot
  3. Select the Copy Link
  4. Go to and past the link the Text box
  5. Click the Download image
Three horizontal dot
Instagram menu option
Copy Link
copy link
Past URL to start downloading
Past link

Method #2: Download Picture from Instagram via Save-o-gram

If you want to download multiple images then Save-o-gram is the best choice to use following below steps.

  1. Download the Save-o-gram and install in your PC
  2. Enter the User name, Hashtag, or Link of the image in the text box
  3. Select the image
  4. Click the Download select photos or Zip file option
Downlaod Picture Save-o-gram

We are recommending Save-o-Gram for multiple photos, to have in with a username, direct link or even hashtag. After that, you have the option to select multiple items at once and get it on your local storage directly from Instagram. However, if you are looking occasionally for some photos while you are on the go, then it is recommended to use the smartphone method.

In conclusion, you are can get your photos with multiple options. However, you have to choose the option depending on a number of photos. In other words, if you have a large number of photos then try premium App. While just a few photos to download manually one by one.

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