How to Enable WhatsApp Fingerprint Lock in Android

WhatsApp Fingerprint

Learn WhatsApp Fingerprint Lock while scrolling through this article. You will learn how to use the feature of your android device. And get Fingerprint lock integration to enhance the latest security option WhatsApp.

You need to know that this App has a lot of features like sharing photos, videos, audio calls, videos calls, and group chat. And one of the latest features is now Finger Print Lock.

With continuous improvement from developer team, the WhatsApp team is going to improve with integrating more new features.

But recently this App gets new updates with a new feature for the Android devices where users can Lock the App using Android device.

Your conversation and privacy will not compromise when someone else hands on your device.

They will unable to open your device unless to unlock using fingerprint impression input. To enhance this; you must have a Finger Print scan option in your device to enjoy the feature.

Some of the Highlights of the WhatsApp-Fingerprint Lock

  • WhatsApp-Fingerprint Lock rolls out for Android users worldwide. If you are not enrolled; make sure you get the latest version from Playstore.
  • In WhatsApp lock feature the users can use Fingerprint-Sensors to unlocking the Application.
  • If you are using WhatsApp-Beta version; then make sure your hands on the latest version of Beta App to get enhance in your App.

Finally, the WhatsApp-Fingerprint lock is also now on Android Beta Version. The features are now available for all the Android Beta version users. If some users can’t get the feature; then trying the beta could allowing to try it out. Otherwise, you may need to wait for the full batch release in the next few days.

WhatsApp Beta Latest Version

Prior to Android updates; this option was only for the iOS users, but now it available in the WhatsApp Beta latest version of 2.19.224. However, the latest feature is disabled by default. You can enable the WhatsApp Fingerprint-Lock from the Setting manually.

The new feature of WhatsApp allows users an Extra Protection to protect their chat from the threats. In addition, protecting your device from the bad guys. The user can manually set notification settings and will decide to receive notification of WhatsApp Message. While the Sender Preview will show or hide when the WhatsApp Fingerprint-Lock Enable.

If you are so curious about your privacy and personal messages while your phone on charge. Because now you can turn off the notifications not visible when the lock feature is on. To do so manually set your privacy settings notifications are visible only when unlocking the WhatsApp.

WhatsApp launched a biometric unlock feature

This year Feb, WhatsApp launched a biometric unlock feature for the iOS users and iPhone. The iPhone users use Face ID or Touch ID to give extra protection to his phone and this depends on the phone ability.

Integrating the similar functionality in Android devices, WhatsApp launched it for Android users/devices. Actually it is happening after several months. Currently, Beta users are enjoying and testing the feature. If you are the trusted-tester; you can send feedback if there is any bug.

The feature will be renovating from users report since there are multiple versions and multiple devices. And all devices to integrate them to their server and trigger the proper action from different model devices.

WhatsApp Android Beta Version

Now all the Android Smart Phone users which are using WhatsApp-Android Beta version can unlock their SmartPhone from the Fingerprint-Sensors. If you are the user of the beta version WhatApp’s Android then update your Beta version to 2.19.224 or latest.

How to Enable Fingerprint lock in WhatsApp

Once you update your Android Beta Version and you want to use Fingerprint Unlock feature then you can follow below steps:

  1. Open WhatsApp app and tap the Menu 
  2. Go to the Settings option
  3. Tap the Account
  4. From the Account menu tap the Privacy option
  5. Scroll down to Fingerprint Lock option
    1. Tap to Enable Fingerprint Feature option
    2. Then tap WhatsApp Fingerprint Sensor
    3. Set the duration of auto-lock, in this option you required to choose-Immediately after 1 minute or after 30 minutes.
WhatsApp Three dots option
Select Settings option
Settings and Account WhatsApp Enable Fingerprint
Privacy and Enable Fingerprint Lock

Authentication of WhatsApp biometric feature

Authentication of WhatsApp biometric feature improved and integrate more changes. Initially, the feature name by developer team was authentication feature and rename to WABetaInfo.

improved and integrate more changes, initially the feature name by developer team was authentication feature and rename to WABetaInfo.

The feature was changed for the screen lock before of launching with the name of Fingerprint for WhatsApp-Android Beta users

Finally, the feature is available for the WhatApp Fingerprint-Lock Android Beta users and the iOS users. Both of the users can take the benefits of this feature.

Built-in Fingerprint lock for WhatsApp

New flagship phone with Fingerprint sensor includes a manual lock. The ability to enable single app lock additional after phone lock. If you are holding a flagship phone with the latest Android version then you can use it too. Actually people are using App-specific lock even from third party App.

In the light of above, WhatsApp is too late with this new feature. Which is eventually, adopted by most phone manufacturing companies. And the developer adds their contribution to releasing new App enable the feature.


Trying a new feature to test with your device. You can easily grab the Beta version to test your phone. While keeping the beta version to stay with the latest new feature. You can also revert back to normal version when WhatsApp roll out to all users.

The feature is to authenticate the lock with your fingerprint even if your phone is unlocked. Giving view security to your notifications, not showing if WhatsApp app is getting a lock.

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