How to Fix Facebook Messenger Not Showing Messages Error

Fix Facebook Messenger Not Showing Messages Error
Fix Facebook Messenger Not Showing Messages Error

Do you know that Facebook Messenger not showing Messages Fix in 2022? Facebook Messenger is one of the most popular and leading latest messaging applications. There are a lot of new features to make better your conversation with friends and family members. However, sometimes it can bring common problems like being unable to load videos, photos, and other media messages sent but not delivered, something went wrong, etc. While Messenger not showing messages error is one of the famous among them. People do see such issues on iPhones, iOS, and Android devices. Moreover, it’s generally on Android devices.

Anyway, today you will learn in this post different solutions to fix the problem with Facebook Messenger not showing messages. These conversations or messages may be from non-Facebook friends, friends, strangers, from one person, and or Facebook Marketplace. All these solutions or fixes are for various users, thus you require to try the given solutions or fix all of them one by one. I am not sure which one will fix your issue of Messenger not displaying messages or Messages Notifications. However, I am sure that at the end of the post, you will fix your problem. So, without any hesitation or discussion, let’s begin.

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Reasons For Messenger Not Showing Messages

There are many reasons due why your Messenger not showing Messages on your Smartphone devices. However, maybe you received these messages from one friend, non-Facebook friend, stranger, your inbox messages, or entire messages. Well, these guidelines are only working for Mobile users. Here are the known reasons why your Facebook Messenger not showing messages.

  • It is a bug on the Facebook Messenger app
  • You may not have enough internet data to let Messenger disaplay your messages
  • It is the Old cached data on your Mobile device
  • Your Facebook Messenger application is not up to date
  • Limited Messenger permission
  • If you do not see marketplace messages, then it is the Facebook Marketplace’s unavailability in your region.
  • It’s your WiFi or internet connection.
  • You are unable to see messages from non-Facebook friend stranger, it is because of the New Messenger delivery options on Facebook Messenger
  • You may have accidentally archived or ignored a chat from one person on Messenger. That is maybe the cause you do not view a message from one person
  • Maybe you are using an old or outdated version of the Messenger app

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Top Ways to Fix Facebook Messenger Not Showing Messages

Facebook Messenger will not be able to display you different messages in your inbox, all of them from a Non-Facebook Friends or one single person. However, it may because of one of the above reasons. Thus, you know the reason now, you can handle such problems to fix the issue. While you are not a tech user, then walk through the below different guidelines for solutions one by one. Trust me one of them will work for you to fix your problem of not showing messages. Let’s show you how to fix it.

Enable Mobile Data

In case you have turned off Mobile data for Messenger, It is the right time to enable it from the Settings application. Here are what you need to do.

  • Open the Setting App on iPhone
  • Scroll to the Messenger app
  • Enable Mobile data to toggle from the menu that appears

Diagnose Your Wi-Fi or Cellular Data connection

If you do not know that your Internet data is not enough to show your message on your Facebook Messenger. Also, could be some unknown problems with your data or WiFi connection. So, first of all, WiFi and Networking disable or turn off and on your WiFi or data connection or recharge your line. Again open your Messenger and absolutely the problem will be resolved now. If the issue is still not resolved then diagnose your data connections. Here is how to do it:

  • Swipe down from the top of your mobile screen
  • Select the Gear icon to go to your Mobile settings
  • Then tap on the Sim Cards and Mobile Networks
  • Select the Advanced Settings option then the Mobile network diagnostics option
  • Finally, restart your device and you can also check to view your messages on

Get and Install the Latest Version of Messenger

If you are still you’re the old version of the Messenger app and do not update the Messenger on regular basis. You may get errors and see unusual issues. For instance, It will not display different messages and conversations, etc. Perhaps you require to get the latest version or update your Facebook Messenger app which is available on App Store and Play Store. Then restart your smartphone and open the Messenger application, definitely, the issue will be resolved now.

Do not use the Beta tester for the Facebook Messenger App

According to my experience a lot of problems with my Messenger app on my Android smartphone. You will get unstable updates on a beta tester (as it received improvements), thus an update can be full be bugs and different Messenger problems. However, not displaying or showing chats or messages may be one of them. So you need to download and install the latest version update available to the public, you may require to quit the Messenger beta program or use another Gmail account to install a stable update. Check-in case the issue is resolved.

Clear Cached data of the Messenger app

Sometimes you may have not removed or cleared your Messenger cached or data history for a long time. For your knowledge, the Messenger app keeps some of the data from your account. When you are connected to the internet connection and using Messenger, the application uses data for a faster user experience. Thus it can be sometimes annoying. That is maybe the valid reason you are having a problem with the Messenger application showing messages. Let me show you in the following way.

If you have downloaded and installed the updated version of Facebook Messenger, do not try to be a beta tester for the application. Also, you have to resolve the problem with your WiFi connection and internet data sim cards. But the issue is still available there, it is due to the cached data, Messenger app still thinks and uses it as valid history. You need to remove cached data once a week or month and it is a good practice to keep Messenger working. To remove or clear data or cached Messenger app data on your Smartphone, then follow the below way.

  • Go to your Android Mobile Settings app
  • Tap on the Apps option
  • Select the Manage Apps option from the list
  • Now locate and tap on the Messenger app.
  • Tap on the Clear data option and restart your device
  • Now navigate your Messenger app and check if the issue is fixed for messages not displaying up.

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You have Ignored or archived a Chat or Conversation

In Facebook Messenger, the apps te Archive and Ignore are the best features. Maybe you archived or ignored a chat due to any reason or accidentally. After that, you may notice that you are not receiving messages not showing up in your messenger inbox from some non-Facebook friends or a person. In this case, you need to Unignore that ignored chat or go ahead undo archive that conversation. In the end, you will start to view those messages not displaying in your inbox from strangers non-facebook friends, or strangers.

Check Hidden Inbox or Message Requests

Facebook Messenger always filters messages from non-Facebook friends and strangers. So those messages are not appearing in the messenger main chatbox. However, such messages are always available there and await you to accept the request to be a normal nor regular chat in the Messenger main inbox. This is one of the reasons why you do not see some messages from non-Facebook friends or users.

Go to your Message Requests in the Messenger app also known as the hidden inbox on Messenger. Accept the request to start viewing messages in the inbox. To do so:

  • Tap your Profile picture and tap on the Message Requests option you will see two sections
  • YOU MAY KNOW and SPAM options
  • Check for Messages or chat in any section.

However, to make one showing in the main inbox on Messenger, simply reply to any of the conversations and you are good to go. You should now see those messages not showing up earlier in the Messenger app.

Disable Low Data Mode on iPhone

You will need to use the Low Data Mode usage. Once your low Data mode is enabled automatic updates and background tasks are paused, such as Photos syncing. If you are on a slow mobile network, you will face issues with Facebook Messenger not showing messages.

  • You need to disable Low data mode on iPhone. Here’s how.
  • You are required to disable Low data Mode on an iPhone device. Here is what to do.
  • Tap on open the Settings app on iPhone
  • Next tap on the Mobile Data menu
  • Tap your Primary SIM
  • Select Disable Low Data Mode from the following menu

Launch the Facebook Messenger application and you are all set to receive new messages in your account.

Check Facebook Servers

Recently the company suffered a large of downtime, and entire its services, contains Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp remained inactive for hours.

You can visit to use Twitter or websites such as Downdetector to make sure Facebook server downtime. Go Downdetector from the given link and search for FB Messenger. You will see tall outrage spikes.

Let Facebook fix the problem from their side, and then you will be able to view new messages in the Messenger application

Use Messenger Lite

Try to Messenger with Messenger Lite application in case you are despite updating the application and performing all the ways above. The Messenger Lite comes with several features stripped off and should be good enough to text messages your friends.

As the name recommends Messenger list app is a stripped-down version of Messenger. It is not as feature-rich as the main Messenger application. But it gets the job complete with normal conversations on Facebook. Download the application by clicking on the below button and giving it a try.

FAQ: Facebook Messenger Not Showing Fix

Here are some of the frequently asked questions by various people who might be interested to read them.

Why can’t I see my messages on Facebook messenger 2022

If you are unable to see your messages or you are getting a “No Internet Connection” error try: Update your Messenger app to the latest version. Quitting and reopening the Messenger application. Check your Internet or Wi-Fi connection.

Why My Messenger is not working?

If you are getting trouble signing into Messenger, please confirm that you have the most latest version of the Messenger application installed. Updating to the updated version of the Messenger app. Restarting and open it again the Messenger application. Check your internet or Wi-Fi connection.

Why Facebook Messenger not showing messages on iPhone

If you are using Messenger on your iPhone device and not working, you may be using an old or outdated version of the application. Go to your App Store and then the Account section located on the upper right-hand side corner of the screen. Then scroll down to the Update section.

Why Facebook Messenger Not Showing Messages? Reasons.

There are several many reasons why your Messenger not showing Messages on your Smartphone devices. However, maybe you received these messages from one friend, non-Facebook friend, stranger, your inbox messages, or entire messages. Well, these guidelines are only working for Mobile users.

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