How to Hide Images with Google Photos’ Locked Folder

Hide Images with Google Photos’ Locked Folder
Hide Images with Google Photos’ Locked Folder

Do you know how to hide images with Google Photos locked folder? In 2021, Google has introduced a new feature to Google Photos that allow you to hide some sensitive photos so they will not appear up in your photos feed or in others applications. The Feature, known as Locked Folder, will put whatever private pictures you would rather not share behind a password. You can hide Images by using the Locked Folder feature. In this post, you will learn how to protect your sensitive photos behind some form of security from prying eyes.

How Locked Folder works in Google Photos

Not similar to the Files by Google app, Google Photos using the screen lock feature on your Google Pixel mobile phone. So, in case you use a biometric or fingerprint to unlock your smartphone, that’s what you will use to navigate the Locked Folder. There is also some effective integration with the Google Camera.

The new feature in Google Photos Locked Folder is only available on the Google Pixel 3 and new Pixel smartphone devices. Google has not yet expanded the Locked Folder feature to non-Pixel devices as of now.

The Locked Folder Feature will be available on your phone and on the web. Your Locked Folder is also unable to sync across devices, so you will not be able to access it from the other devices.

When you move photos and videos to the Locked Folder will not show up in the main photos grid, search, memories, or albums. They are not backed up to the cloud and cannot be accessed on other devices.

The Locked Folder feature will also not appear upon Pixel Smartphone devices that are managed or organized by enterprises and select other account types.

How to Hide Sensitive Images & Video with Google Photos’ Locked Folder

To hide your sensitive photos and videos with Google Photos Locked Folder. You will need to set up the Locked Folder first to keep photos and video hide. Here are the following steps to set up the Locked Folder and move your photos and videos.

Step1# Set Up Locked Folder in Google Photos

Here are the instructions to set Lock Folder in Google Photos:

  • Tap to open the Google Photos application on your mobile phone (Using Pixel three or the new latest Pixel)
  • Tap on the Library tab from the bottom and go to Utilities section under the Library tab
  • Then scroll down and tap on the Locked Folder option
  • If you already set up a screen lock method, you will be p prompted to enter that. (pattern/PIN/password.)
  • If you do not the application will ask you to set one up, directing you to the Settings app
Set Up Locked Folder on Google Photos
Set Up Locked Folder on Google Photos

Step 2# Move Photos and Videos to Locked Folder in Google Photos

When you set up the Locked Folder in Google Photos then follows these steps to move

  • Now, go back to Google Photos and select the Move items
  • Then select the entire images or photos you want to move to the Locked Folder and select Move in the upper right corner.
  • You can also add a photo or image to the Locked Folder while viewing it. Tap on the More menu or three-dot menu option in the top-right corner.
  • Then select the Move to Locked Folder option

How to Save Directly Photos to the Locked Folder from the Camera

Let me show you another way by skip the step of moving photos or images to the Locked Folder via the Google Camera app. In this way you can move any video or photo that you capture will go directly to the Locked Folder, never touching the cloud.

  • On your Smartphone (Pixel 3 or the Latest one) open the default Google Camera application
  • Tap on the Folder icon in the top-right corner
  • Select the Locked Folder option from the menu
  • Now you can record a video or snap a video like normal.
  • The video or photo will directly or automatically go to the Locked Folder, as shown by the purple lock icon.

That’s it! You can access and use your Lock Folder through the Utilities section at any time you want. This is a handy little function for some advanced security to protect your private photos.

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