How to Link Instagram with Twitter and Facebook site

Link Instagram account

People like to link an Instagram account with Facebook and Twitter to sync and easy access. Instagram and Facebook going hand in hand and people are using the Instagram site for uploading photos and videos sharing with your friends. However, the best part is that if you have accounts of Twitter and Facebook and would like to link it. To connect Instagram with both social media networks revealing some user experience and easy to use.

So you can link your page and share your post on Facebook and Twitter too. After that you have linked your page or profile then you can choose the type of post like photos and status that you want to share on these social media networks. Let’s scroll down the post to learn how to connect Instagram with both accounts.

How to Link Instagram to Facebook

If you want to connect Facebook to Instagram account then follow the steps for your guidance

  1. Open your Instagram Account
  2. Select your Profile option
  3. Tap the three lines
  4. Select the Setting from the menu
  5. Tap the Linked Accounts option
  6. Choose from the suggestion of the three Twitter, Facebook, Tumbler Apps
  7. Tap the Facebook Login credential
 Tap Linked Accounts and Facebook

How to Unlink Instagram from Facebook

To un-link Instagram to the Facebook account then see the below step for the process of connecting these both

  1. Open your Instagram
  2. Tap the Profile option
  3. Select the Three-lines
  4. Tap the Settings from the menu
  5. Choose the Linked Account option
  6. Tap the Facebook name
  7. Select the Unlink option
Tap Un link option

You will see some additional options on the next page regarding your account. The options including auto-share of your stories and posts to Facebook. However, if you want to unlink your account simply tap the Unlink option at the bottom of the page and confirm it in the resulting pop-up window box. Should you reconsider, just you need to follow the steps outlined above to reconnect them.

Some important feature to read after link Instagram

You need to scroll down to below features after linking Instagram. For instance, if you are a businessman, same contents, limitation of posts, and the risk of similar followers.

Interesting Feature for Businessman

The option of cross-posting from Facebook to Instagram on PC is an appealing feature for the businessman. They can save time and post to both Instagram and Facebook simultaneously which is tempting. Thus, it is to keep in mind the important thing that current restrictions are associated with the feature.

Limitation of Posting when link Instagram

When you are posting from the other things related to Instagram from any other source, there is a limitation to create an Instagram post while using Facebook page. As per the above, you are limited to have a single image upload in the Facebook post and you must share with Instagram and Facebook immediately; you have no option to schedule a post for later or choose only the Facebook or Instagram option.

Risk in Posting on both Platform

Additionally, you must be alert about always posting the same content to Instagram and Facebook. While the relaxation of having them both post at the simultaneously can be efficient for marketers. You run the risk of not draw the attention of Instagram users if you are using the same content on both platforms. If your potential followers find you with the same content on both Facebook and Instagram, they will often decide to un-follow you and follow on only one platform.

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