How to Recover Hacked Facebook Account [Security]

Recover hacked Facebook Account

Hackers are around every popular social network. Account security is important to keep it safe and recover a hacked Facebook account. The busy platform with more than 2 Billion active users. Therefore even your friends or social enemies doing tricks that you don’t know.

Sometimes you have access to your account but actually your account is compromised. Someone else has access to your information and you don’t know. Furthermore, third-party apps integration to your account hackers is getting and injecting information through that channel.

Sometimes, changing your password could not work if your account is compromised. Scrolling through below contents to understand how to recover your compromised and hacked account from bad guys. In addition, how you can keep it secure and make sure no access to anyone.

Indicators of Hacked Facebook Account

Here are some indicators when your account has been hacked by someone else:

  1. Changes in personal information without your knowledge
  2. Your name or birthday date modification
  3. Send Friend requests to unknown people from your account
  4. Send Friend requests to your friends who are already in your friend’s list
  5.  Unknown posts that you did not post
  6. Your Friends receive messages from you and you didn’t send to them
  7. Like and dislike without your intention
  8. Third-party apps list with permission to use your account and you don’t know
  9. A security alert from Facebook upon changes of security settings

Above all or some of them when happening with you or any other unusual activity to your account, then take immediate action to protect your FB account.

Go through below contents, and consider the appropriate action for your account. Sometimes for an unknown reason, your password is not working like below screenshot.

Login to your hacked Account

When you sure that your Facebook account has been hacked by someone. Then quickly change your password before you are going to do something else. If you have unable to access your account, immediately follow the below steps for your guidance.

How was My FB Account Hacked?

User talk about their Facebook accounts being hacked. But they do not know how exactly when this hacking happens. There are several ways through which hacker gain access to your account.

  1. Reusing passwords, especially leaked (data breach), same password for all accounts.
  2. Key loggers software that transfers all keystroke hit to hackers
  3. Social Engineering trick and tips
  4. Answering Security Questions (close friend know about you)
  5. Email Account and Password Resets (guessed your password)
  6. Maybe you left your account log in school or on public PC
  7. Set up an Evil Twin Wi-Fi Hotspot in a coffee shop
  8. Some stolen your Tablet or phone while you are using
  9. A phishing email, with Facebook notification to login (Fake URL)

These are possible ways someone else can hand on your account. But consider your high priority to secure your account now. More delay could cause more damages to your account. Facebook account recovery can trigger the recovery option for a short period after changes in security settings.

Quick Report a Compromise to Facebook Account Hacked

When your FB account hacked and you cannot log in. You can still report of hack and compromise account to Facebook. The Facebook help will redirect you to receive instruction to reset your password. So here are the steps below to report to your company and reset your password.

  1. Open your Facebook’s Report Compromised Account page.
  2. Then click the My Account is Compromised option
  3. Enter your new Email address or new Phone Number associated with your FB account and click the Search option.
  4. Enter your current Password or old one, and click Continue option
  5. Choose one of the options that why you think that your account has been hacked and select the Continue option
  6. Facebook notification that you want to change your password and confirm that recent changes came from you to your account to keep secure.
  7. Then hit the Get Started option
Report Compromised Account Hacked

Reporting a hacked account with followings options, select the option in your case and click Continue

I found a post, message or event that I don’t create

Someone else got into my account without my permission

I found an account which uses my name or photos

People can see things that I thought were private

I don’t see the right option on the list

Get Started to Secure you Account Hacked

After click Get Started, follow the instructions to protect and secure your account. Depend on your account but Facebook can’t take you to the similar steps as others.

Notify Your Friends

You need to inform all of your FB Friends regarding this that your account was hacked. Alert them not visit any links that may have received from your FB account during the duration of hacked and out of your control.

Sometimes hackers who compromised your FB account may have sent or post links to your friends in private messages or comments.

Similarly, you can also check the groups, community and pages if see if there is any post from you. If you find any activity, report and delete it as soon as possible.

Remove Unknown Application from Your FB Account

You must uninstall the entire unknown Facebook app that you installed on your FB account and you do not know. These third-party apps have access and permission from your account to act on your behalf. Remove the apps you do not want use. At some occasion, at may ask your personal information to grant access to the apps. So follow the steps to delete these apps:

  1. Open your Facebook and Click Down Arrow
  2. Select the Settings option
  3. Click the Apps and Websites
  4. Check the box if you want to remove and click the Remove option
  5. Click again the Remove option on the confirmation prompt. If you want to delete all post, video, and photo that the apps share on your behalf.

Go to Settings > Apps and Website

Open and Settings of Change Email on Facebook

Click the drop-down menu and go to Settings

Remove you App from Apps and Websites Account Hacked

Go to Apps and Website from the Settings menu. Apps and Websites > Active tab showing App and access list. Check the box and click Remove button to delete the App.

Example of Third-party App

Above Screenshot showing SKEDit Schedule. This App is usually used to schedule a post to publish later on.

Once you click on the View and edit on an app, it will be showing you’re the level of access to your account and information FB shares with it

The expired apps and past apps will show to you on the top of the Apps and Website page are additional tabs. The expired apps had access once for a specific event. While their permission has since lapsed and Past apps are those which have deleted from your account.

Expired or removed apps still have your old information FB shared last time when the App was active last time. But the apps can no more access to the new information from your FB account after they removed or are expired.

Clicking the tile for an expired or removed app demonstrate you the best way to request app remove your information

Prevention of Account Hacking

Prevention of hacking is the best method to stop them in the future from hacking your account next time. So follow the below steps:

Turn On Two-Factor Authentication

To prevent the next time hack, consider taking steps to improve your FB account privacy and security. However, to stop your Facebook account from being compromised again, Facebook emphasized you to enabling Facebook 2FA feature.

Enable this option requires an extra form of verification beyond your password when someone tries to sign in to your account. Furthermore, the second option of authentication can be a code number received via SMS or an authentication app will generate a code on your phone.

If you have 2-Factor authentication enabled, anyone could have complete access to your password, but unless the second option to authentication makes it impossible for someone to log in to your Facebook account.

Follow the steps to enable Two-Factor Authentication:

  1. Open a Facebook account and click the Down arrow
  2. Select the Settings Option
  3. Click the Security and Login option from the left pane
  4. Scroll down to the Use Two-Factor authentication and click the Edit
  5. Then Click the Get Started option
  6. Choose the option Authentication App or Text Message and click Next option
  7. In case you select the Text Message then enter the code in the provided fields. If you select the Authentication App, install the app on your phone and follow the instruction.
  8. When the Two –Factor Authentication message appears then click the Finish option.

#1 Open Settings > Security and Login

Drop-down arrow and Settings

Click the drop-down menu then open Settings

Security and Login option

Click Security and Login from the Settings menu.

#2 Enable Two-Factor Authentication

Two Fator Authentication and Edit

In Two-Factor authentication section, click on the radio button and then Edit

Get Started Two Factor Verification

Click Get Started on Welcome page

Choose any Security Method

Choose the security method and click next

Add your Phone Number

Add a new phone number to get SMS verification code then click Next.

Enter Six Digit code and Next

Add verification code to verify your phone number then click Next button

Two Factor Verification or Authentication

After security method verification, the Two-Factor Authentication is on now.

Enable Run Security Checkup

Another feature to prevent hacker is the Facebook’ Security checkup option provides additional protection to your account. Follow the steps to use the security checkup feature:

  1. Sign out of the Facebook account and FB Messenger from all unused apps and browsers
  2. Receive an alert when anyone signs in to your FB account from unknown computer or mobile device

Regularly Change Your Facebook Password

Adopt a method and schedule to change your password frequently. Such as people keep changing their password every week or every month. However, you can do it regularly by following steps:

  1. Open your Facebook and Click the down arrow
  2. Select the Settings option
  3. Click the Security and Login option
  4. Scroll down to the Change Password in the Login section and click the Edit option

In conclusion, to summarize, you need to get safe from hackers. Recover your account from all prospective. Specifically to avoid third-party apps. And go through all the security steps to get safe from wrong hands.

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  1. i.m trying to log into my account. i try to clink on my profile picture and it brings me to a place where it shows my old email address. i can,t change the password onto my account because it wants to resend the link to change my password in my old email address that i no longer have there is no place to add a new one. when i went to get onto my account it brought up my boyfriends account right away. i feel that that they were using my boyfriends account guy james kite. i need someone to help to fix my account i just . god bless , debbie larrick,t get imformation to work for me

  2. Yeah an what if youve done all that to recover your hacked account and all you get and keep getting from facebook is it seams your issue has already been resolved and noone replys to your reply telling them nothings been resolved this is the message i get everytime i go through any of the automated stuff to recover my account because the hacker changed my original email attached to my account and all of the emails and phone numbers for recovery so how the heck can one go about getting his or her account back if all this is being done to them … even though theres a paragraph in the help center that states fb can send you a password reset to the previous account email if it was changed but yet gives no options for that to take place…… im really frustrated….can you help me get my account back?

    I cant even leave a website because fb has decided to hide my old account from me… lol

  3. Oh if you want to see the page just look up my name and it will be the only profile with a picture im in a black t shirt and am wearing sunglasses

  4. Help my account has blocked me from my original account by a hacker. I have reached ou to find my friends and got a new account but I want my original account back! It still exists,

    1. I will suggest you immediately report from the same device and location you usually sign in. Facebook will detect the original user, and no matter if the hacker change everything (recovery options).

      What are the options available to you when you are trying to recover your account?

  5. Comment even when I was sent an otp to my phone from Facebook, i didn’t receive it i was told the person changed the number too

    1. If someone else changes your account recovery option, then you need to go through account recovery notifying Facebook that your account is hijacked.

  6. My Facebook and messenger lite was hacked. I’ve tried all the recovery options and still haven’t gotten anywhere. They keep asking me to log in to report it but I cant because the hacker changed my email password and recovery options. I have been trying to recover it all type of ways and have no luck. I can make a new page but my old page has a lot of valuable memories to me on it

    1. @Kimberly Pye

      You should not worry about the changes someone made recently against your compromise account. All you have to follow, the information you know. You should never guess what other recovery options other than yours. (that you added last time).
      Now going through the recovery option, to let Facebook know that these are the last recovery information that you know. But someone else changes to someone else. And most importantly, you should use the similar device and location you usually log in your account. (previously).
      Can you let know how you go with your account recovery process? and how exactly and which link you are following for hack account?

    1. Do you have access to your email account? If you don’t have access to the email account, you need to recover your email first. After that, there is no issue recovering the Facebook account. In case you allow other recovery option than email, then you can try with those alternative options to recover it without an email account.

  7. Someone hacked my account and changed the email. I tried all way to get back my account but I can’t. There’re important information in my account and I have to get them back.

    1. Usually, when the account is compromised, you need to immediately follow the alternative option to recover your account. There are two cases:
      1. Usually, people don’t provide alternative recovery options
      2. Someone went too far that change everything on your account
      Usually for both cases, the first is user mistake and second is weak security and someone tries to steal credential details.

      However, you have the option left to report it immediately. But properly, from a similar device you usually sign in and similar location. What it alert to Facebook the real user can’t get into account. Why it triggering an alarm, because all the information on the account recently changed and show the different location of the sign in. (When user report form old location and device)

      Did you try doing the similar steps?

  8. Someone changed my Facebook password and do not have access to my email or old phone number. Have tried everything to get back in. I am using my mother’s phone and set up 2 diff. Accounts trying to recover my old account and set up the email below to be contacted at.

    1. Hello Charles

      Usually, Facebook security applies on the followings layers:
      1. Username / Password
      2. Two Factor authentication
      3. Recovery Email
      4. Alternative Recovery Email
      5. Recovery Phone
      6. Alternative Recovery Phone

      You must have access to one of the above when lost access to all. It is happening to everyone, that in most cases, he/she lost access to phone or lost the phone. The phone then eventually including SIM and Email. Therefore, Facebook allowing to add more option such as alternative email and alternative phone number.

    1. Khan
      Did you recommend the link and try to recover? It would be great if you can provide more details if there are any alternative options. It is strongly recommended to follow the link and report form a similar device your friend usually sign in and using Facebook

  9. My personal account was hacked but now show that your account was disabled but this account is login through the hacker but I’m the owner of that account and I can’t log in so please help me.

  10. Comment: i’am serious need your help in this your side, that thing what make some one block me from face book i will not make it again please amd please help me.

    1. @Kabiru

      Clarify, did someone blocked your account. OR you can’t log in to your facebook account?
      What happening when you try to log in? Do you have alternative recovery option set for your account?

      1. I can’t log in my original account because i don’t get login code.. The number i used is no more access but i have the recovery option as an email… Plsss help

  11. my account has been hacked and all information changed by hackers you can identify with my photo only because my photo with my girl baby is there I only remember old password before hacking . it was hacked on Saturday and today is 31.12.2019. F B. Account is named as vinita.pareek.1806. Pls Help to Access

    I am From Bikaner rajasthan India.
    I am worried about it face recognition you can be sure that is my account and family members are adds on it.
    Hackers demanded rupees made police complained already
    . I Want only my account

  12. My account has been hacked i have tried all recovery method none is working my profile name is Ayodele sarah olagab please help

    1. Do someone else have access to your account? And your account is posting without your information?
      Did you fill-up the form to notify Facebook and what reply you received?

  13. My oda acct(king era) has been hacked because it disappeared from my phone when i logged out….this is my number [Moderator deleted]..pls help me recover it

  14. My id was hacked and disabled plz plz help to re enable or recover my id plz… Some important informations are there. Plzzz help

    1. Hello Shahziab

      Did you follow the instructions above?
      What happening exactly, when you try to sign in. And what method/procedure did you follow to recover your account? After that, what’s happening exactly?

      1. No sir.. My id has disabled by some one else…. I tried to sign in butt i can’t signing in because fb says ”’ur id was disabled” How can i recover my account plz sir do some thing it is so important…. I shall be very thankful to you sir..

  15. Hello,

    My account has been hacked. I tried all the methods on how to recover it but the link to recover is not helpful since all the details has been changed by the hacker. I couldn’t find a link to report it in facebook. I am very desperate in getting it back. I badly need your help.

  16. Please my Facebook account has been hacked
    I have tried all the necessary ways to recover it but to no avail .the worse is that I don’t have access to the phone number and email address their cos it’s not mine please help me
    This is my Facebook hacked account: chimdi.bekee.5@

    1. Hello Chachie

      Deleted accounts are limited to 14 days to reverse your action. If you didn’t cancel your request within 14 days timeframe then you are unable to get the account back. After that, you need to create a new account.

  17. I need help pls my account was hacked they changed my email and took mine off and now i cant access it at all

    1. Hello Brandon

      I will suggest you start using the above link and report it immediately to Facebook. However, keep the following points in mind while doing so.
      1. Try use the same device you usually use to sign in Facebook account.
      2. Fill the form from a similar location / WiFi connection that you usually use your profile.
      3. Report the activity afterwards, if there is any.

      You can post the update here.

  18. Some also changed my email, mobile and password that when I try recovering my FB account the code is sent to my email and phone which was changed, I need ur help, please

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