How to Delete Facebook Page on Computer and Mobile 2022

Delete Facebook Page

Do you know how to delete or Unpublish a Facebook Page on desktop and mobile in 2022? As a social network, Facebook creates many opportunities, to interact with your family and friends to promote your business. No matter the business nature, big and small businesses make their name by Facebook or themselves.

The attraction of these tools let everyone knows how to use these tools and create a Facebook page. Anyone can interact with friends and people while having a business outlook. The Facebook pages are made for many reasons like social, group, organization, restaurant, books, celebrities, entertainment, community, and many more. Some of the simple ways to delete your Facebook page from any device like desktop and FB App on the smartphone? How do I Create Facebook Page Username.

Updated 2022: This post up to date and check to read the updated section.

You can delete Facebook pages both on the mobile app and on a computer. Once a Facebook page is deleted, it can never be restore after 14 days. If you are sure you wish to delete your Facebook page you follow these steps.

Why you need to Delete a Facebook Page?

There are many reasons which motivate you to remove or delete your Facebook page. Some of the reasons like the old business page, flagship purpose for the businesses, or page owner has no time to manage or update the page on time and considering removing or deleting. And sometimes closing a business permanently let you close the social shelf too.

Let’s get started with some steps about how to delete a Facebook page and wait for it to be permanently removed from the platform.

Who can Delete a Facebook Page?

In this case, it is important for you that your role as admin can remove the Facebook pages. You must be an admin by default and you are the one who generates the page initially. However, if you were not the admin or created the page, the admin must be sent you permission of the page to become an authorized person as full power admin and decision-maker to keep the down or alive.

How to Delete Facebook Page on Desktop

Let’s follow the step by step instruction for both new and classice Facebook Page user can follow to delete a FB page using a desktop.

On New Facebook:

Using new Facebook users can follow:

  • Launch your Facebook account and Log-into
  • Next click on the Pages in the left menu from News Feed
  • Visit your Page and scroll down click on the Page Settings option in the bottom left (gear icon)
  • Click on Remove Page from General
  • Click on Delete (Page name) you want to delete.
  • Finally, click Delete Page and then Ok option

That’s all! when you select delete, you will have 14 days of time to restore the Page. The steps classic Facebook are a little bit different. In case you are using Classic Facebook then you can follow these given steps.

On Classic Facebook:

Using Classic Facebook users can follow these Steps:

  • lauch your Facebook and log into to your account
  • Click on Pages in the left menu from your News Feed
  • Go to your Page you want to delete it
  • Click on Settings in the top right on the new page
  • Click on Remove Page from General
  • Click on Delete (Page Name)
  • Finally, click on Delete Page option and OK

Remember that your FB Page will not be permanently deleted until 14 days have passed. In that period, in case you have a change of mind and want back then you can cancel your page deletion.

How to Cancel | Recover Deleted Facebook Page

Let’s follow the given step by step guide to cancel FB page deletion using classic and new Facebook on desktop computer.

Using New Facebook:

Here are these steps to cancel FB page deletion on new Facebook:

  • Open Facebook and log into your account
  • Click on the Page icon from left pane from news feed
  • Next, go to your Page within Page within 14 days of scheduling to delete your Page
  • Select the Page Settings option available at the bottom left pane
  • Click on Cancel Deletion at the top of your Page from the given options
  • Click on Confirm and then Ok option

Using Classic Facebook:

Here are these steps to cancel Page deletion on Classic Facebook version.

  • First, open Facebook and login to your account
  • Click on the Page option in the left pane
  • Next, visit to your Facebook Page within 14 days time period of scheduling to delete your Page.
  • Click on Cancel Deletion at the top of your Page.
  • Then click Confirm and then Ok option

Keep in mind, when your Facebook Page is deleted then you no one will be able to view or find it. You will even lose its data and content forever including Page comments, likes, reviews, and interactions.

If you are not sure about your all data will lose from your Facebook Page, then you can just unpublish the Page. Admins can unpublish your Facebook Page at any time. Unpublished Pages option are only visible to the users who manage the Page. It will not be appear to the public until it is published again.

How to Delete a Facebook page on mobile

You can also delete a Facebook easily and quickly on your smartphone, Android, or iOS. Follow these steps below:

  • Launch your Facebook application
  • Tap on Hamburger menu in the top right corner
  • Tap on Pages icon
  • You will see all your Facebook pages list. Tap on the one you wish to delete
  • Select the Settings option
  • Next tap on Permanently delete (Your Page Name)
  • You can also un-publish your Facebook page below in the Page visibilty section
  • Facebook will ask you in case you are sure you wish to delete your page in the Remove Page Section
  • Finally, tap on Delete Page and that’s all you are done!

How to Unpublish your Facebook page

You can also unpublished your Facebook business page for a few reasons. Here is how to unpublish your Facebook page:

  • Open your Facebook account click on Pages from your News Feed in the left menu
  • Go to the Page you wish to unpublish and click on Page Settings
  • Click on General and Select the Page Visibility
  • Click on Page Unpublished
  • Select the Save Changes
  • Here Facebook will ask why you need to unpublish your page. Give your reason.
  • Click on Next and Unpublish
  • That’s all! If you wish to publish your Facebook page again. follow the steps only in the 4th step choose Page published.

How to Check Admin of a Facebook page on a PC:

  1. Sign in to the Facebook Page
  2. Go to the left menu and click on the Pages.
  3. In your Pages, click the Page you want to remove.
  4. Click on Setting right side at the top of the page.
  5. Next, you need to click on Page Roles at the top left side menu. If your position is an admin, A portrait will appear near the bottom of the page. (Follow the screenshots with arrow)
Facebook Pages
Your Page
Page Settings
Page Roles and Setting

How to Check Admin Facebook Page On Mobile Phone:

In this method, you can remove or delete your Facebook page via Mobile Device

  1. First, you need to open the Facebook app and tap at the bottom to the right side menu.
  2. Tap Pages
  3. Tap on your page, then select Edit Page.
  4. Next, tap Settings option then Page Roles option
  5. You may see the existing page roles after scroll down. It will show your name listed, Profile picture and along with an admin label. In case if you are an admin of this page.
Facebook Pages
Your Pages
Edit Page

How to find FB Page deleting permission (As Admin)

Go to the Facebook Page Settings, to review if you are an Admin and have the authorization to delete the page. In case you are not an Admin and unable to delete the page, then request the initial Admin to authorize the permission of deleting the page and you can delete the page later.

In case you are Admin and can’t perform the delete action then it is likely; you don’t have the full authorization that includes deleting and modifying the page. Still, you will need special permission from the 1st creator Admin to transfer the permissions.

How to Delete Facebook page and Wait for Permanent Removal.

To remove a Facebook page you will wait for 14 days grace period, after which you will receive a notification to confirm its permanent removal or deletion. Facebook maintains the period of 14-days page deletion in some cases you change your mind and want to restore it. Or someone else trying to destroy your page, or you lost access to your account so you have enough time to restore your account and page.

Warning Note will be from Facebook. First, you need to consider a few alternative options before you are removing your page:

  1. Unpublished the page instead: Choosing this option will keep your page but unpublished and no public access, including those people who have liked the page. The only team with a specific role will have access to the page.
  2. Option to Merge page with similar an existing page: In case you are the admin of another page with a similar representation and name, Facebook will give you option to merge it with the page you do not want to maintain anymore.
  3. Download the page before you delete: If you want to obtain your page data and a copy of all your videos, posts, photos and page.

All the above can be done through the page setting option. Go to the “Page visibility” option to click on the unpublished page, then to combine get an archive of your page to start Download page option keeping a soft copy in your storage.

Note: You can only download your page via a web browser. If you are performing this specific action; you will need to sign in to Facebook using the web.

To continue with the removal process on

  1. In Facebook, Settings scroll down until you find the Remove page option.
  2. Click on Remove Page or “Edit” beside it
  3. Click on Save Changes on the popup box to remove your page
Settings, General and Remove page
Delete Page

Continue to go ahead with the removal process via FB mobile app

  1. Open Facebook Settings; scroll to General Tab then move to down to Remove Page option.
  2. Tap on the Permanently delete page name option, then tap the blue Delete page button option.
General Option

In case you change your mind about the removal of the page, you can go to the page and click on the Cancel Deletion option on, or tap on scheduled for Removal of X days on the app but ensure performing this action within 14 days.

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