How to Restore a Deleted Facebook Post

Restore deleted post Facebook

You will learn here how to restore a deleted post from Facebook. All people sharing their posts with the Facebook community. But unfortunately, sometimes a Facebook user deletes a post deliberately or accidentally during profile clean-up or removing unwanted contents from his/her Facebook account.

Sometimes you don’t need that exact post but time will come. When the user regrets doing so and will require something that already deleted before a long time.

Unfortunately, when you delete a post from Facebook. It is not only deleted from the app on your device but also removed from the servers of Facebook. But fortunately, there are still some programs/ways that can be restoring removed Facebook posts. These methods are possible solutions and recovery of deleted posts.

Tip: If you are going to switch a new tablet or mobile phone, you don’t care about losing Facebook media, messages or posts. All of your data is sync into Facebook’s servers and are available in the cloud. The moment you sign in with a new device the network online detecting you and will be available automatically. Once you download and install the Facebook app on your new smartphone or tablet and log in.

Cancel the Deletion of your Facebook Account

When you remove your complete Facebook account and all your media or posts. Thus you have a chance to stop the deletion process up to 30 days period and submit your request first the completion of 30 days.

If the time of deletion of the Facebook account over than 30 days, there is no way to restore it.

Let’s do this method to stop the cancellation of deleted account first. Where you need to log in to your Facebook app on your mobile phone or to the Facebook web on the official FB website.

And tap on Cancel Deletion option. If there is no cancel option then you need to get creative and follow some of the other ways on this page to cancel your deleted Facebook media and posts.

How to Restore Removed of Facebook Post

This is not easy to restore a post on the Facebook account. But some sneaky programs can be used to find your deleted posts on Facebook both on the off and social network.

Search the Original Post

If you have shared interesting or funny post some other users created to your timeline on Facebook then you found; it removed, later on, so you can search the original content track down via the apps and Facebook website’s search bar at the top of the page.

You have to search in different ways for both the text written in the post of the Facebook title of the web page of Facebook linked in the post.

Click on Your Emails and Check for Facebook Post

In this case, you must enable or you already enabled email notification for following Facebook posts. Actually, a copy of your posts may available in your email inbox you are looking for.

To search posts from Email; open your mailbox in the browser, start searching with different search operators/terms.

Such as some contents available in your post or part of the text and use it in the search bar.

Here is why you need to keep notification turn on for each post you are sharing so it can get store in your inbox and keep it archive.

Using Gmail; and the forward option to another email, so it gets deleted from primary email and kept it in the backup account.

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Menu and Settings
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Notifications for Facebook post
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Enable Your Email Notifications Facebook Post

Check Emails of Your Friends

Most of your friends on Facebook have also email notifications enabled. They have received particular emails with text from your posts in them, especially if they are personally tagged or mentioned in them

Request your friends on Facebook to search their inbox for your deleted posts you looking for.

How to Search Deleted Post in Facebook Messenger

If you have deleted an entire chat conversation or an individual message on Facebook Messenger. The process of deletion is permanently and unable to undone.

However, in some cases, the messages may have deleted on your side and possible may available still to the other users. The one who participated in the Facebook conversation.

Simply ask your friend to forward back the conversation to you. If you know other ways, write down in the comments below. To share with other users who might desperately look for deleted posts.

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