How to Recover Permanently Deleted Messages On Facebook Messenger

Restore deleted message Facebook

Do you know how to restore permanently deleted Messages on Facebook Messenger in 2022? See & retrieve deleted Facebook conversations on Android, iPhone, and PC. If you lose an important Facebook chat could be quite annoying, actually no it’s awful. Those conversations could be very precious to you. You new wish to lose those memories, right? But do not panic! Since thousands of users are looking for various methods to Recover Permanently Deleted Facebook Messages on Messenger, we thought of giving the topmost workable solutions so that you can easily recover those conversations. This ultimate guide keeps eyes on how to restore deleted messages on FB messenger with easy and swift steps.

Therefore, without further ado, to get started the process of Facebook Messages Recovery!

Important Note: Keep in mind Facebook keeps all your deleted data for up to 90 days. If you try to retrieve FB messages after this period, the chances of recovering deleted messages are quite thin. For more help, you can always simply visit their Messenger Help Center.

How To Completely Recover Deleted Facebook Messages?

Here are these steps to follow to completely recover deleted Facebook Messages.

  • Sign In to your Facebook Account and Select Settings & Privacy then Settings
  • Click on the ‘Your Facebook Information’ section
  • Select the ‘Download Your Information’ button
  • Next, check on the data you want to download, such as your Messages & Click on the Create File option
  • When your files are processed, Select the Download button to recover deleted/lost messages.
Open Facebook App, Go Settings & Privacy, Settings, download Your Information and Deselect All option
Open Facebook App, Go Settings & Privacy, Settings, download Your Information and Deselect All option
Select Messages, Data Range, Create File, Available Copies and Download
Select Messages, Data Range, Create File, Available Copies, and Download

The very first and foremost option on how to recover Facebook deleted messages in messenger.

Recover Permanently Deleted Facebook Chats On Facebook Messenger

Here are these straightforward methods one by one to check which method helps you to recover those deleted messenger messages quickly and easily. You can use Find and Recover Deleted Chats using Unarchiving Messages, With File Explorer, connect Android Device via PC, and use Third-Party Apps on mobile

How To Find and Recover Deleted Chats via Unarchiving Messages?

Your archived messages are no more available in your recent chatting area, as they are not permanently deleted. So, ensure to check out the Archived Messages Folder, due to the chances are that you have not removed the Facebook messages. Here are the following steps to find and recover deleted messages from Facebook Messenger on iPhone/Android.

Recovery Facebook Messages on Mobile

  • Open the Facebook Messenger app on your phone and login if not.
  • Visit the search bar and look for the chat you think you deleted
  • Once you see the desired conversation, send another message to the receiver, which will unarchive all messages. This is the simplest way how to recover deleted messages on Messenger.
Open Messenger App, Tap on Profile Picture, and Select Archive Chats
Open Messenger App, Tap on Profile Picture, and Select Archive Chats

Recovery Facebook Messages on Desktop

  • Launch FB Messenger on your PC
  • Visit the Message tab and click on the Gear icon
  • Select the Archived Threads option and all the archived conversations will be listed there. This will list the entire messages that were thought to be deleted and is a simple method among the steps on how to see deleted conversations on messenger.
Select Three-dots icon and Archived Chats option
Select Three-dots icon and Archived Chats option

How Do You Retrieve Deleted Facebook Messages on PC?

It is great Facebook understands the fact that everyone can delete files or messages by mistake. So, they provide a direct method for its users to recover deleted conversations from their Facebook settings. To get started restoring your messages.

  • Launch Facebook account, log in to your account, and go to the Settings & Privacy
  • Next click on General Account Settings, visit Your Facebook Information section from the left panel
  • Click on the Download your Information option
  • Now a page will open to you where you can download every piece of information. It includes all the activity you have done on your Account since the joined Facebook time.
Download Your Information in Facebook Settings
Download Your Information in Facebook Settings
  • Here, in case you wish to save your storage space you require to click on Deselect All first. This will help you optimize your data.
Click on Deselect All option
Click on Deselect All option
  • Now check and put a Tick on what data you want to download, which in this case the Message. So, we go down and click it by marking the box beside Messages.
Tick the Checkbox Next to the the Messages icon
Tick the Checkbox Next to the Messages icon
  • Select File Options, Format, Media Quality, and Data Range.
Select File Options, Format, Media Quality, and Data Range
Select File Options, Format, Media Quality, and Data Range
  • When you did, click on the Request a Download or Create File button
Click on Request a Download button at the bottom
Click on the Request a Download button at the bottom

When you select the Request a download or Create File button, a pop-up message will show up on your screen, describing the processing of your files & you will be notified on Facebook notification once it gets done.

A copy of your Information is being create once click on Request a download
A copy of your Information is being created once click on Request a download

You will receive the download link at your associated email address. Click on the link given on your mail from Facebook, it will bring you to Facebook’s Download Your Information Page. You will need to enter your account password for security purposes.

  • Click on the Download option to continue the process.
Select the Download option to download your requested data
Select the Download option to download your requested data

To unzip the folder and find the Index file that includes the entire of your Facebook Data and Select Messages, you can see all your deleted Facebook messages. This is how to restore deleted messages in messenger using the second method.

Recover Facebook Messenger Messages On Android With File Explorer

Let’s show you another way to restore messages on Facebook Messenger. Follow the principle “Off the Internet,” which means there is an alternative copy of your data in your device’s storage space. This means an easy way how to recover deleted messages on messenger is to try and find your deleted conversations in your File Management App.

  • Go to the File Explorer on your device and open the SD Card/Storage folder
  • Locate and Open the Android folder; it keeps entire data-related apps.
  • Find Data folder, then Cache folder, and fb_temp.
  • It stores backup files related to each application. So, there might be a probability that FB Messenger stores your messages right in the folder making this your best chance to restore deleted Messenger messages.

Completely Restore Deleted Facebook Messages On Android Device via PC

You cannot find deleted Facebook messages using the above method? You can certainly try another way by accessing your smartphone storage from the PC.

  • Connect your smartphone with your system using a USB cable and find your device
  • Go to the Internal Storage/SD card >click on Android> then Data and find the “com.facebook.orc’ named folder
  • Find the cache in the “com.facebook.orc folder>fb_temp and find your Facebook messages with backup in the folder
  • Begin restoring deleted messages on Facebook Messenger from your PC! This is a bit too technical way in the list of how to see deleted messages on messenger.
Recover Deleted Message
Recover Deleted Message

Get Back Permanently Deleted Texts On FB Messenger Via Third-Party App

If the aforementioned ways were not that helpful, you could take help for a third-party app that offers the simplest yet fastest method to restore deleted Messenger messages in a couple of taps and swipes.

How To Recover Deleted Facebook Messages from your Android using Stellar Data Recovery Application?

Data Recovery for Android
Data Recovery for Android

Using stellar Data Recovery For Android is the best app that extracts text messages, contacts, and photos among other data that has been removed from your smartphone. It supports over six thousand Android devices and tablets assisting users to restore conversation and media from Facebook and WhatsApp. Here are following some of its features.

Supports Multiple Languages:

The app lets users select from five international languages namely Spanish, English, German, French, and Italian.

Export data in multiple formats

Users can choose such as HTML, VCF, or PDF formats to export the recovered data.

Restore files deleted because of Malware Infection:

It is now possible to restore your messages and contacts that might have been deleted due to malware or virus infection.

Quick Recovery mode

Now Android users can restore deleted data with help of the Stellar Data Recovery app within three simple steps that are Select, Scan, and Recover.

Sort Results Of Recovered Data

You can use different filters to easily sort recovered files to locate and recover important files only.

How to Use Stellar Data Recovery For Android

Download and Install the Stellar Data Recovery app for Android, it is a dedicated tool designed to restore deleted or lost text messages, videos, photos, contacts, and other multimedia data from Android Smartphone devices.

  • Link your Android device to the PC and download the app on your Windows PC
  • Open the software and allow the data recovery tool to scan all your deleted or lost messages. It offers a ‘one-click preview’ of photos, messages, videos, and documents after the scan soon, which you can go through the data you want to restore.
  • When you finish finding the files you want to recover>export files to save it!
  • The entire of the files would be saved in PDF file format and you would be able to restore lost/deleted Messenger messages.
Download Stellar
Download Stellar

How To Recover Deleted Facebook Messages from your iPhone using Stellar Data Recovery Application?

Now the users of iOS can also try to use Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone to restore deleted data from their iPhone devices efficiently.
The method to restore deleted Facebook messages on the iPhone is less or more the same as Android.

Feature of Stellar Data Recovery App

Help Recover iCloud files:

The data restoring software carries out the recovery process swiftly and with ease and at the same time ensures that every single bit of data saved in your iCloud backup files is restored.

Recover Safari Bookmarks.

This app assists users to recover the bookmarks made on your Safari browser of the iPhone.

Helps recover deleted Notes

Now you can restore deleted notes of large sizes consisting of attachments from your iPhone.

Recover Call History & Voice Memos

Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone recovers missing Voice Memos from iPhone along with the call log of your iPhone that has been either deleted or lost.

Complete Recovery

Complete iPhone data recovery app that lets users restore deleted and lost information from iPad, iPhone, iCloud, and iTunes.

How to User Stellar Data Recovery App For iPhone

  • Download and Install the Stellar Data Recovery application for iPhone from the below link
  • Open the App and choose the type you want to restore and tap on the Next button
  • Tap on the Scan to start the process
  • Preview the results that appeared and select the folder where you wish to save the restored data.
Stella for iphone
Stella for iPhone

Were You Able To Recover Permanently Deleted Facebook Messages?

Hope these above methods were effective enough to help you locate and restore deleted Facebook messages on Messenger. If you find anyone from the above ways to work to recover your Messenger deleted messages then do forget to mention in the comments section to update us.

FAQs Recover Facebook Deleted Messages in Messenger

Here are the following frequently asked questions by various people and might you be interested to read them all.

Can Deleted Facebook Chat be recovered?

Yes, you can be recovered deleted Facebook chats by downloading your Facebook information from the Settings section. There are several third-party apps such as Stellar Data Recover that can scan your device and restore lost/deleted messages, images, contacts, audio & video clips, and other data.

Can you recover deleted secret conversations on Messenger?

Fortunately, deleted Facebook secret conversations can be recovered on Messenger only from the original device that was part of the chat provided the Facebook cache is not removed from this device.

How to Open the Recovered Messenger Messages File

It is very easy and simple to open the recovered Messenger Messages file via a free application from Play Store. The application’s name is WinRAR. Do not be afraid it is a very easy method, al you need to do is:

  • Go to the Google Play Store
  • Type Winrar in the Search box
  • Tap on the file to Download and Install as you normally doing
  • Launch the app and allow it requires
  • Now open the Download Folder and find the HTML file you have downloaded from Facebook Messenger
  • Open it and visit the Messages Folder

That is pretty it. This is exactly how you can retrieve or recover deleted messages in Messenger. Keep in mind that there is no such method to do so, I will recommend you stop wasting your finding such a solution. Thankfully, Facebook we have the only (explained above) method to try.

How to Restore Deleted Chat Messages from your Contact

If your message is not available in the archives. A quick way that there is still a good opportunity to contact the sender. The Sender should have a copy of the message conversation.

Request the sender to send back the deleted conversation to you or to take a screenshot. The screenshot of the conversation thread sends you back. However, you can follow another method below. In case if you are in a circumstance that you can’t request the sender.

Search Messenger

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