How to Save or Download YouTube video offline

YouTube video download offline

YouTube launches a feature to save or download the video for offline view. So you can watch this video later on without an internet connection. If you always find yourself at a place with no internet connectivity and you like to watch videos. Therefore, the offline feature of YouTube is aimed at you. This feature enables YouTube users to continue to enjoy their lovely movies videos on their iOS or Android devices without any internet connectivity. Let’s take a look at YouTube video offline features and how you can save or download and watch videos.

When YouTube Offline Feature Lunched?

Maybe you know the feature launched in 2014 to facilitate the users of iOS and Android users. Because of this feature, the users can download or save their favourite YouTube videos on their devices. So you can save or download while using mobile cellular data or Wi-Fi networks. This feature supported by ads. However, you have to remove ad-block to watch an advertisement before going to get to download a video.

Is it available for all video to download?

No, this feature is not available for all videos to watch offline. Probably, you can watch a lot of movies videos offline. But unfortunately, some YouTube video content cannot download and not available to watch offline. Some videos are not available because the uploader set the privacy to prevent offline download.

In other words, you can download the video to watch offline only if the uploader didn’t restrict the offline upload. You will see the download button, however, for restrict download videos, the download button is grey and not clickable.

Furthermore, the offline videos facility is available only to specific countries. Not all countries can download videos for offline view.

Video Offline Availability

When you download or save video then it is available to watch offline for up to 48 hours. After that, you have to reconnect your mobile with the internet every 48 hr to make changes in the videos and its availability. For instance, if the video is not available for offline playback, it’s mean the video has been removed from your mobile device in the next sync.

Note: Video of non-music content will available for offline playback in some of the countries for up to 29 days without any internet connectivity. Therefore, you must reconnect your device with an internet data connection once every 29 days.

Countries Where Offline Video Download Available

The availability of downloading features for more than 125 countries as per below. Where users can have certain videos on their mobile YouTube app. Which is available to save or download for the offline watch during the time of no or low internet connectivity.

List of the Countries for Youtube offline videos

See the list of 125 countries where the YouTube video download option available for offline view.

  1. Afghanistan
  2. Algeria
  3. Angola
  4. Antarctica
  5. Armenia
  6. Azerbaijan
  7. Bahrain
  8. Bangladesh
  9. Benin
  10. Bhutan
  11. Botswana
  12. Bouvet Island
  13. British Indian Ocean Territory
  14. Brunei
  15. Burkina Faso
  16. Burundi
  17. Côte d’Ivoire
  18. Cambodia
  19. Cameroon
  20. Cape Verde
  21. The central African Republic
  22. Chad
  23. Comoros
  24. Cook Islands
  25. The Democratic Republic of the Congo
  26. Djibouti
  27. Egypt
  28. Equatorial Guinea
  29. Eritrea
  30. Ethiopia
  31. Federated States of Micronesia
  32. Fiji
  33. French Guiana
  34. French Polynesia
  35. Gabon
  36. Georgia
  37. Ghana
  38. Grenada
  39. Guam
  40. Guinea
  41. Guinea-Bissau
  42. India
  43. Indonesia
  44. Iran
  45. Iraq
  46. Israel
  47. Jordan
  48. Kenya
  49. Kiribati
  50. Kuwait
  51. Kyrgyzstan
  52. Laos
  53. Lebanon
  54. Lesotho
  55. Liberia
  56. Libya
  57. Macau
  58. Madagascar
  59. Malawi
  60. Malaysia
  61. Maldives
  62. Mali
  63. Marshall Islands
  64. Mauritania
  65. Mauritius
  66. Mayotte
  67. Moldova
  68. Mongolia
  69. Morocco
  70. Mozambique
  71. Myanmar (Burma)
  72. Namibia
  73. Nauru
  74. Nepal
  75. New Caledonia
  76. Niger
  77. Nigeria
  78. Northern Mariana Islands
  79. Oman
  80. Pakistan
  81. Palau
  82. Palestine
  83. Papua New Guinea
  84. Philippines
  85. Qatar
  86. Republic of the Congo
  87. Reunion
  88. Rwanda
  89. São Tomé and Príncipe
  90. Saint Helena
  91. Saint Pierre and Miquelon
  92. Samoa
  93. Saudi Arabia
  94. Senegal
  95. Seychelles
  96. Sierra Leone
  97. Slovakia
  98. Solomon Islands
  99. Somalia
  100. South Africa
  101. South Sudan
  102. Sri Lanka
  103. Sudan
  104. Svalbard and Jan Mayen
  105. Swaziland
  106. Tajikistan
  107. Tanzania
  108. Thailand
  109. The Gambia
  110. Timor-Leste
  111. Togo
  112. Tonga
  113. Tunisia
  114. Turkey
  115. Turkmenistan
  116. Tuvalu
  117. Uganda
  118. United Arab Emirates
  119. Uzbekistan
  120. Vanuatu
  121. Vietnam
  122. Western Sahara
  123. Yemen
  124. Zambia
  125. Zimbabwe

How to download video from YouTube for offline watching

To download a YouTube video that is available for offline watch, you have to follow the below step to download or save.

  1. Open your YouTube App on your Smartphone iOS or Android or tablet
  2. Connect Your Mobile with Cellular data or Wi-Fi connection
  3. Find a video you want to download or Add to Offline mode
  4. Tap on video to play and then tap on the Download option at the bottom of the video
  5. Next YouTube will ask you to choose the resolution Quality of video from the menu which pop-up on your screen.
  6. You will be notified that View your downloading
  7. When the downloading process finished then, you will see a notification of the video availability for offline playback (you can watch for up to 48 hr or 29 days)
  8. Finally, you can watch later from downloads
Open YouTube App download a video
YouTube App video
Tap Downlaod icon
YouTube App Download video for offline view
Downlaod video Quality
YouTube download video quality

Depend on the video you are download, you can select from available options. There are options for download quality from low, medium and high. 4K option is available only if the video owner uploads the video in 4K resolution.

Downloading and View notification
Downloading video YouTube App

Note: Keep in mind if the video is not available for such offline watching, it will have crossed the line to download button, and you are unable to download video on your smartphone. Because the upload adds restriction for offline download.

If your internet connection disconnects during the downloading process of a video or playlist. After that, if your device reconnects to the internet then the progress will reconnect automatically.

How to choose the Quality Resolution of a Video on YouTube

When you tap on video which you want to download for offline playback then YouTube will ask you to choose the resolution of the video. You can select one from the list on your screen as followings.

  1. The HD quality of the file, a file will download with High-quality 720p.
  2. Low Medium quality file will download with normal or auto 360p.
  3. The Low-quality file will download fast and take less space on your device.

How to View Videos on YouTube Offline

All you’re saved or downloaded video will available in your YouTube app. To find the video follow the below steps watch your YouTube video offline playback.

  1. Open your YouTube app on your Smartphone device Or simply tap Back button
  2. Go to your Home Page
  3. Tap the Library icon at the button of the right side of your screen and it will show you all your downloaded video for offline view.
  4. Next, you need to tap the Downloads option
  5. Choose your Video among the videos and then tap it
  6. Finally, your video will play
Tap the Library icon
Library YouTube App
Tap Downloads Option
Downloads YouTube App
Go to Downloads of YouTube video offline
Go to Downloads YouTube App

 How to Remove your Offline View Videos

When you finish watching videos and want to delete from your account. You can delete just a specific video from offline download or all. To do so follow the steps below.

  1. Open your YouTube App on your Smartphone
  2. Go to Your Home Page
  3. Tap the Library icon at the bottom right side
  4. Then tap on the Downloads option
  5. Tap the video right side on Three-dots option
  6. Then tap the Remove from Download option once appear
  7. Finally, your video will remove or delete from your download videos
Tap on Three Dots or More Go to Downloads of YouTube video offline option
Offline video menu option
Tap on Delete From downlad option YouTube video offline
delete from downloads YouTube App

Alternatives Ways to Download and Save YouTube Videos

Here are some of the alternative methods to download and save YouTube videos. You can watch it later on without any internet connectivity.

Warning: To download any video on YouTube, you need permission from the owner. Downloading any video from YouTube and storing on your device without the consent of original uploader is illegal.

How do I download or save a YouTube video to my computer?

Here are some steps to save and download videos from YouTube via your computer in the following steps

  1. Download and install the ClipGrab first
  2. Open the video and copy the URL link
  3. Open the ClipGrab and Past the link
  4. Select the Download and Quality format
  5. Finally, Grab that clip!

How can I save YouTube videos offline to the SD card?

You can save the offline videos from the YouTube to SD Card in the following below steps

  1. Open your YouTube app in your Smartphone
  2. Then tap on your Profile picture
  3. The tap on you the Settings menu
  4. Tap the Downloads option
  5. You can tap SD Card option to use and start as a default storage space for your downloading files

How can I watch YouTube offline in 2019?

Here are guidelines to show you how to watch your YouTube video offline

  1. Tap to open YouTube app on your Mobile or tablet
  2. Find the Video and then tap you want to watch offline
  3. Then tap Download option
  4. Choose the Quality as desired
  5. Tap Ok option
  6. Open the Library to view a video any time you are offline

How do I save a YouTube download?

Let’s show you how to save or download a YouTube video

  1. Simply open the video in YouTube
  2. Tap the Download icon at bottom of the video or select Download option from the menu
  3. Finally, the download icon will display below blue color when it has been Downloaded

How do I save and download a YouTube video?

You can download the video with the help of 4KVideo Downloader

  1. Navigate your Web browser
  2. Search the Video to download from YouTube
  3. Select the copied URL from the address bar
  4. Finally, open the 4KVideo Downloader and click the Paste Link option at the top left

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