Secure Gmail Account via Two Step Authentication / Verification

Gmail 2-step Verification

Using Gmail? why not secure your Gmail account using two step authentication. Hence, more than a billion users up to now since Gmail start in Beta version in 2004. Gmail is free for all and paid account for Business users using G Suite. Therefore, with such a large number of use, Gmail for all including business is hitting security alarm. In Addition, Google is offering numerous way to fight hackers and secure people account.

You will walk through these contents to learn about 2-step verification and how to implement on your Gmail account.

What is Two Step Verification in Gmail

2-Step Verification on Gmail is an extra security layer that needs to authenticate after you enter your login credentials. In other words, you will receive an SMS code when you enter your password. Then the authentication method, you can choose what you like. Currently, Gmail is offering SMS, Phone, backup codes, Smartphone alert, Authenticator App, and USB.

It is like you are getting extra protection and security layer. When someone else knows your password, they will still unable to log in unless to verify. The verification method depends on the user account they select.

The 2nd security step, whatever method, is for a short period of time. The similar code will not work after the expiry of its session.

You find out what is 2-step, and if you believe, your account badly needs this layer the follow the instructions below. Illustrating different method in order to cover all users. The methods covering browser and smartphone. You can jump to any method depending on the device you are using.

A quick method to enable Gmail Two-Step Authentication feature

This method skipping all the extra steps to follow. A direct link to the 2-Step authentication page of Google account. Follow the steps below to secure your account now.

  • Open the Google 2-Step Verification link
  • Click the Get Started
  • Enter your password to Sign in to your Google Account
  • Add your Phone number and choose the Text or Voice Message option to start two-step verification.
  • Hit the Send Code option
  • Enter the Numeric code from Google and click Done
  • If you have trusted computer then click Next
  • Finally, select the Confirm option to turn on Two-step verification feature.

#1 Open 2-step Verification link

Google Two Step Authentication

The Google 2-Step Verification landing page. All you can start is to click on the top Get Started button.

2-Step verification Get Started

After that, you are on the introductory page of 2-step. Here you can learn how it works and how it can protect you from bad guys. Click on the Get Started button to proceed.

#2 Login to Google Account

Sign in to Your Account

Google account login steps to enter your username and password then click Next.

#3 Choose a backup option

If your Google account detects any smartphone you are using then it will recommend for second sign-in step. Your phone device will prompt each time in notification. Make sure, each time you sign in, your phone is connected to the Internet. You can click Try It now or choose another option.

#4 Add backup Option

Select-Mobile-No-and-Check Text and Click Send

You will need to add a backup option now. This backup option will use only when you lost your phone. In other words, you don’t have access to your phone then try with a backup option. For account security, you need to enter your cell phone number. After that, choose an option how do you want to get codes. Select an option from Text message and Phone Call. Click Send button or try to use another backup option.

Enter code and Click Next

Confirm the Text code you receive via text or phone call. After you enter the code then click Next

#5 Turn on 2-Step Verification

Turn on Two Step Authentication

Finally, after verification of your backup option, you are able to turn on. The backup options are showing in the list. The second step Google Prompt which is default to get smartphone notification. And backup option either voice or text message on your cell phone. Now finally click the TURN ON button.

Turn on 2 Step Verification

The Two-step page is not indicating the turn on since (Date). Further, you have the option to turn off anytime you want.

Enable 2-step Authentication from Gmail Account Settings

Using Gmail on browser, navigate to Settings to open two-step authentication page and enable it. Follow these steps from Gmail account.

  • Open your Gmail Account
  • Click the Gear icon
  • Select the Settings from the menu
  • Click the Account and Import Tab
  • Select the Other Account Settings
  • Go to Security category
  • Click the Setup or Edit option of the 2-Step Verification in the Password section
  • Select to Get Start Option
  • Enter your Gmail password and click the sign-in button
  • Type your Mobile number and check text or voice message option under the let’s set up your phone
  • Enter the Numeric code received from Google via mobile
  • Click Turn on the option
  • You will see that your Two-step verification is on now

#1 Open Gmail Settings

Click the Gear icon and Gmail Settings

From your Gmail account using a browser, click on the Gear (cog) button at the right side. You can see Settings from the menu. Click on the Settings or use a direct link to Settings

Accounts and Import , Other Google Acc Settings

Usually, Gmail Settings open General Tab by Default. However, you need to click on the Accounts and Import tab to find Other Google Account Settings. You can also access the Account and Import setting tab from direct link here

#2 Go to Security Section

Click Security Category

In other Google Account Settings, there are various settings. Click on Security with a Lock icon to access Signing in to Google options.

#3 Access 2-Step Verification from Signing in to Goole

Click 2-Step-Verification

After Security, scroll down to Signing in to Google section. And click on the 2-Step Verification which is off by default.

2-Step verification Get Started

2-Step welcome page with a short intro to understand the feature. Now click the Get Started button to proceed.

Sign in to Your Account

You will redirect to G Account sign in Page to enter/confirm your password. After that, you will redirect back to enable the option

#4 Turn on 2-Step Verification

If the Settings detect you are using the smartphone with the same account. Then you will prompt to use your phone for the second sign-in step. You have a choice to choose another option. Click TRY IT NOW

Select-Mobile-No-and-Check Text and Click Send

Add a backup option when you don’t have access to the internet to get a notification on the smartphone. After that, you will receive SMS code or phone call to enter an authentication code to proceed. Add your cellphone number to verify and click the Send button.

Enter code and Click Next

Enter the code to verify the cellphone number and click the Next button.

Turn on Two Step Authentication

Now All set. A confirmation page showing how 2-step verification will work for you. The second attempt after the password to prompt notification on your phone. And second backup option to get the text of voice call for the code.

Turn on 2 Step Verification

Two-step confirmation is on showing date (Since).

Enable 2-step Verification from Gmail App

To Enable the Two-Step verification for your Gmail using Gmail App. While similar settings to apply using iOS, Android, and BlackBerry devices. Follow the steps to enable 2-step from Gmail App.

  • Open your Gmail App
  • Tap Main Menu and select the Settings
  • Select Email to choose an account from the settings
  • Then tap on Manage your Google Account
  • Select the Security tab
  • Tap the 2-Step verification option
  • Enter your password and click Next option to sign in to your Gmail
  • Tap to Get Start option
  • Enter your password to sign in again
  • Tap the Try It Now option to get the Google prompts on these devices now
  • Select the Yes option
  • Enter your Mobile Number and choose the on to get the code on Text Message or Phone call and tap send option.
  • Enter your code received from the Google via SMS or Voice message
  • Tap the Turn On option to turn on 2-Step verification feature
  • Finally, the 2-Step verification is on now

#1 Open Gmail App and go to Settings

Open  your Gmail account

Open your Gmail app from your smartphone (Android, iOS). Tap on the Menu button to open the Gmail App menu.

Tap Gmail Settings

Tap on the Settings to open the Settings page and choose the account.

Tap on your Email address

Select the account from Settings to go to the Google Account Setting Page.

#2 Open Security Settings from Google Account

Tap Two Step Verification

Navigate to Security tab and click on the 2-step Verification.

#3 Get Started with 2-step Verification

Tap Get Started

On the welcome page, tap on the GET STARTED button to proceed

Enter Password and Sign in

Verify by typing your G Account password and click Next button to redirect back 2-step verification page. You will need to enter your cell phone and choose the method to get code on SMS or Voice call.

#4 Turn on

Enter the Received Code

Enter the verification code and then click Next to turn on the 2-step security.

Tap Turn On

You are not just one click away to turn it on. However, there are options indicating the second step and backup option to review. If you are OK with current settings then tap on TURN ON button.

2-Step Verification is on

The feature is on now using Gmail App. The page demonstrating the second option and on since (date). You have the choice to turn it off or switch the Google Prompt (Default) option after you enter your password.

Disable the 2-Step Verification feature for Your Gmail Account

If you want to disable two step Authentication feature, you can follow the steps below.

  • Go to the 2-Step verification page
  • Enter your Gmail password and sign in
  • Click Turn off 2-step verification option
  • Click Ok
  • Select the SMS text message among the automated voice message or SMS messages to have authentication codes read to you.
  • Finally, the feature will Turn off

#1 Turn off Two Step Verification

Turn off Two-Step Verification

Following the same settings, to go to two step authentication settings. Each time you change any security settings, you will prompt to enter your Google Account password.

Sign in to Your Account

Enter Your G Account password to verify and click Next to redirect back to the Settings page.

#2 Verify the second option to turn off

Enter code and Click Next

You will receive a code via second verify and Click next.

Turn-Off-2 Step Verification

Now click the Turn off button to disable the two step authentication against your Gmail account.

Confirm and Turn Off

Finally, click the Turn off button in the pop-up window appear to you on your screen. So you 2-Step verification will Turn it off.

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