How to Send Audio Message on Instagram Android iOS

Send Audio Message Instagram

Scrolling through this article, you will learn how to send an audio message on Instagram. Prior to these steps, you need to know that Facebook has launched the Instagram App for the users to upload and share their photos with friends and throughout the world community.

With continuous improvement from developer team, Facebook is going to improve with integrating more new features. However, recently Instagram gets new updates adding a new feature for the Android and iOS devices where users can send Audio message to their friends and family members.

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After launching of this new feature; it’s is very easy for the users to record up to one-minute voice message and send to anyone privately to the friends or family. In other words, the objective is to keep the App more interactive between users and more attractive. Similarly, the analytical research study shows that more engagement in an App; the more time users will spend browsing and using the App. Therefore, it is how mitigating App bounce rate by adding new features.

If you want to send your voice message to friends and family members; just follow the steps below.

Way to Send Audio message on Instagram

To send the voice message on Instagram you should have the latest version of the App. Go get the latest version; go to play store or iTunes to update or download the latest version. The feature is available on an updated version for iOS and Android both. You can also use the feature in the direct messages between users. So let’s scroll down to know about this feature how it works and uses.

How to Update the Instagram App in Android and iOS

First, you need to update the Instagram App

  1. The Android users can update the app from the Play Store and search for Instagram App. After that, tap the update button to start updating
  2. iOS go to the App store search for the Instagram app and tap the Update button to update the App.

How to Send Audio Message on Instagram App Steps

Follow the below for sending audio messages

  1. Open App on your Smartphone
  2. Select the “Direct message” icon
  3. Tap now on Contact or Group to who you send a voice message
  4. Tap and Hold the mic icon to start the Recording 
  5. Lock the users recording button by Press or Hold or Swipe
Open you Instagram app

Tap to search the user profile here.

Direct Message Instagram

Tap on user profile to open conversation page for sending Audio between users.

Audio Message Instagram direct message

Now you can unsent the sent message when you press and hold or delete your unsent recorded message. To do so, you need a swipe gesture to left and tap the delete option. In addition, Instagram is now the flagship player and the app is getting new competitive features.

Just the beginning of this year Instagram introduces the feature of Name-tag and this is like QR code for the users to follow and apart from the audio feature, Instagram introduces the video chat feature same year for their users to make video chat within the group.

I hope you like the above topic about how to send an audio message. Getting into more feature to enhance; you will need to get in now at least to grab your username prior to claim by someone else.

As some App are getting more improvements and popularity and individuals and businesses are a push to use the app. Just like Instagram getting more popularity and more businesses account are getting in to reach their audience.

In conclusion, and to summarise the above; more and more apps are enhancing audio messaging. In other words, people like to interact and use fast way of communication. For instance, you feel so easy sending audio and explain better than writing and typing Text message instead.

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