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People around the world using WhatsApp to interact with friends and family. And exchange messages, audio, videos, documents and have a video or audio call with each other. But also people now sharing their WhatsApp status with Facebook users and other social media platforms.

If you among those people who likely to share WhatsApp status on Facebook or sync their status with other social media platform then scroll down to the steps and learn more.

This article is targeting those readers to would like to know how would they share or sync their status between social account. You will learn the feature and sharing option to have your WhatsApp status on your Facebook Profile.

You should be aware of the Beta version new testing feature of WhatsApp which is rolling out for the testing purpose. If you are trusted tester user enjoying the upcoming features. Then it is easy for you to share your status on Facebook media right now. 

Otherwise; the feature is still in testing by other users joined Beta version. If you are getting interested to go for it and then hit the Google Play button to update and opt-in for the beta version to have it on your device. Sometimes the beta version is not stable and causing a crash due to testing purpose. Where users are reporting a bug to the developer to fix it.

To use this feature you need to install first Facebook or Facebook Lite in your Mobile phone device. If you are updating use to update your status multiple times in WhatsApp then it’s up to you which one you want to share on Facebook. Let’s scroll down together to know about how can you use WhatsApp status Share feature on your smartphone right now.

How to Use WhatsApp Status Share Feature

Following the below steps to trigger you toward the direction of WhatsApp status sharing on Facebook or other apps:

  1. Open your WhatsApp and tap the Status
  2. New or Old Status having different methods to follow below;
WhatsApp Status

Your new Whatsapp status in Facebook Story

  1. To share the current status on Facebook then go to WhatsApp.
  2. Tap Status then Share option to your Facebook story.
  3. Once you tap on Share to the Facebook story then the prompt screen will appear to ask Allow or Open options.
  4. Tap the Allow Option and you will redirect to your Facebook App.
  5. Select the numbers of people in the Facebook App and tap the Share Now option to share.
  6. When Facebook App open in another tab then there is no option for Share to Facebook.

Your Old WhatsApp Status on Facebook

  1.  In your, iPhone go to the My Status option and Android device go to the More
  2. It’s up to you which status want to on Facebook then tap on the More option and tap the share to Facebook option
  3. Tap the Allow option from your screen then your page will redirect to Facebook App page
  4. In Facebook, choose numbers of people or friends and tap the Share option.

How to Share WhatsApp Update Status on Others Apps.

  1. Open your WhatsApp and Create your Update Status
  2. Go to the status and tap the Share icon
  3. In iPhone share your old status tap on My status and using your Android tap the More
  4. Tap More or ellipse options then tap Share option
  5. Now a list of other Apps will appear on your screen to select and share your status

Above are the method synchronizing your most use App status with other social networks instead of re-writing the same. Most users trying to reach their fan and let them know whats going on.

They might not able to do so due to multiple social networks and can’t reach to all. Thus sharing option and synchronizing between social network would save their time to quickly update and share it with other platform fan and audience.

As not all users using the same social Apps you are using, and you need to approach them with their chosen platform. Having multiple accounts and updating the status is time-consuming to reach all of them in a short period of time.

Thus doing and following the above steps would save your time with just a few clicks to share your current lines in other platforms.

Write down in comments below if you have any question and let us know if you already try out the feature and what was your experience doing so.


Quickly and easy sharing from WhatsApp to your Facebook account. However, the sharing option also for other social sites if you want to share a similar status. Easy to move on and continue with the same status.


Your busy life makes status sharing a little easy. In addition, it keeps your status consistency among social platforms. Easy sharing status reaching your audience with just one announcement. You don’t need to open the status box and type separately again on Facebook.

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