How to Turn Off your Chat on Facebook Web Android iOS

Let’s show you how to Turn Off your Chat on Facebook. Are you not in the mood to show up? Get some peace by shutdown chat with friends or sometimes you don’t want to communicate in real-time while logged into Facebook page, you can change chat status by turning off. Then Facebook will change your active status to inactive.

You need to change your status of Facebook or Messenger from active to inactive form all devices if you are online. Otherwise, you will be active if any device is triggering your active status. In addition, it’s like you are offline somewhere but online from one particular device and demonstrating your active status. Let’s teach how to turn off chat on Facebook or for specific people only to show your status inactive using the Facebook web, on the iOS app, on the Android app, or in a mobile browser.

How to Turn off your status from Facebook web chat

First Log in to your Facebook on your computer browser, using FB chat Menu you can turn off chat

  1. Log in to Facebook.
  2. Opens Facebook chat Menu.
  3. Click Turn off Active Status  to opens the Active Status window
  4. Click on the “Turn off active Status for All contacts” to turn off chat option for all your Facebook friends.
  5. Select the option “Turn off active status for all contact except” you will be able to choose and allow a certain friend to chat with you. Enter the names of the persons you want to allow to chat with you.
  6. Select the option “Turn off active status for only some contacts” If you want to stop certain friends from the conversation with you. Enter the names of the friends/people with whom you like to continue chatting.
  7. Select Okay
Click Gear icon
Click on Turn off Chat Active Status

You will be visible on Facebook page friends list in the chat window. These friends can send you videos and messages, auto open of message option is disabled now. However, you can see red numbers of notifications at the top of the page notifying you new notifications from friends.

If you want to go back normal and change the status to active, click the “Turn on Active Status” then click on Facebook chatting link from Gear icon and select the option Turn on Active status.

Turn off via iOS or Android your Facebook Chatting

  1. In mobile or iOS tap on the Facebook app
  2. Tap on the Menu button
  3. Tap on Setting & Privacy when you scroll down
  4. Select Setting
  5. Under Privacy tap on Active Status
  6. Tap on the toggle next up to “show when you are Active” to turn it off
  7. Tap on the “Turn off” option to turn off active status window notification and exit
Menu and Setting option
Privacy Settings
Active Status to Turn off chat Facebook

If you want to turn on Facebook Chat again repeat the above steps with switchback option in the last step.

Turn Off Facebook Chatting in a Mobile Browser

When you are log in to Facebook page via a browser on your smartphone or tablet device, you can inactive the chat feature there also,

  1. Log in to a Facebook page using a smartphone browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox)
  2. Tap on the Hamburger button option
  3.  Select Setting
  4. Tap under privacy on Active Status option
  5. Tap on the link of Turn off Active status
Turn off Chat Menu-and-Settings
Select Your Active Status To Turn Off chat Facebook

If you want to turn on back the chat by repeating the above steps and click the Turn on the visible status link. You might also like to go invisible on Facebook.

In conclusion, you can go offline on any device you want. To summarize, you have to process active status on all devices. However, no need to do so if you are not using all devices at the same time. Suppose, using multiple device, the one device is not active but other is active.

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