How to Turn On Dark Mode on WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp Dark Mode

WhatsApp is working on a dark mode feature like other social media apps. It will launch soon as soon as possible the feature of dark mode for both iOS and Android devices. The feature of WhatsApp Dark mode will release soon. However, despite the dark mode function not being officially released. But you can enable WhatsApp dark mode would look like on the app with WhatsApp Web.

To enable the dark mode on WhatsApp web you need to make sure that you are using the updated version of the Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Furthermore, you need to get a stylus extension that will support you to easily install skins and themes for websites. So a nutshell, the stylus will redesign the websites and you can find it for both Chrome and Firefox.

How to enable WhatsApp Web dark mode

If you want to enable the dark mode on WhatsApp Web on Firefox and Chrome, so there are tricks to works for enabling this feature the Web browser.

How to Turn on WhatsApp Web dark Mode on Chrome

To enable the dark on WhatsApp Web while using the Google Chrome browser, then follow these steps to turn on the dark mode:

  1. Open your Google Chrome browser
  2. First of All install the Stylus Extension and then a Separate theme for it
  3. Open the Chrome Web Store find the Stylus
  4. Click the Add option to add the extension
  5. Get them to click here and then click the Install Style
  6. Finally, Load your WhatsApp Web and then let your eyeball to enjoy the Dark mode

How to Turn on WhatsApp Web dark Mode on Mozilla Firefox

If you are using the Firefox browser and want to enable the dark mode on WhatsApp web then the procedure is pretty much. So same like for Chrome you also need to follow these steps to do the job:

  1. Click to open the Firefox browser
  2. You need to Get the Stylus from the Firefox officially website
  3. Next, you have to install Dark Them by clicking Here
  4. Finally, the Boom dark mode is now enabled

After the immediate test, it will look like the web-based dark mode does not improve the readability in the day time all that much. So it will be different late at night when the lights are off, however.

Stylus Extension

Stylus Extension is good for that makes you effortlessly switch between standard them and dark mode them by clicking a button. You need to just click the stylus icon in your browser at the top right side and tick the Turn all styles off on or off option. So if you want to enable different theme then you need to browse new user styles until you search one that suitable to your eyes.

Alternatives Ways to Enable Dark Mode on WhatsApp

There are some of the alternatives ways to enable WhatsApp dark mode on different devices. So scroll down to learn about how to turn on the dark mode on WhatsApp:

How to make WhatsApp darker?

If you want to make your WhatsApp Darker then follow these steps to

  1. Open your WhatsApp
  2. Select the Settings to tab from the menu
  3. Tap on Chats, Chat, Wallpaper and then Solid Colors option
  4. Then scroll down the Solid Colors and select any dark color followed by tapping
  5. Tap on the Dark wallpaper appear on the Chat Screen
  6. You also have the option to Customized the dark wallpaper simply by saving to the camera roll
  7. Then select to choose from the photos option from the Chat Wallpaper page

How do I turn on night mode on WhatsApp?

To turn on night mode or dark mode on your WhatsApp while using WhatsApp then follow these steps:

  1. Tap on the Settings option and then Display
  2. Select the Theme and tap on Dark
  3. When the Dark mode enabled then tap on Settings option and then About Phone
  4. You have to scroll down to the Build number and select the Seven times
  5. A message will pop-up and saying that the Developers options are Turned on
  6. The dark them is now turned on the app but the wallpaper in the chat threads still required to be changed to enjoy the dark them mode to its full set
  7. Tap on WhatsApp and then Settings
  8. Then tap on Wallpaper and then tap on None & you are good to go

How to Turn on WhatsApp dark mode on iOS

Follow the below step to turn on WhatsApp dark mode on iOS device

  1. Tap on the Settings and then General option
  2. Next tap on the Accessibility and then Display Accommodations
  3. You need to tap on Invert colors and then Smart Invert
  4. So you enable dark theme on all the apps on your device
  5. Like Android, you need to choose your Dark or No wallpaper for WhatsApp chat threads.
  6. Open the WhatsApp Settings and then Wallpaper
  7. Tap on None

How do I put WhatsApp in dark mode?

If you want to put your WhatsApp in dark mode then you have followed these steps:

  1. Go to your phone Settings> tap on About Phone> tap on Build number seven times. So it will turn on the Developer options
  2. Then you need to tap Override force-Dark option from the list
  3. Finally, the Dark Mode will now visible on your WhatsApp

How do I turn on dark mode on WhatsApp beta?

To enable dark mode on your WhatsApp beta version then read the following instructions:

  1. Open your About Phone from the tab settings
  2. Tap on the Build Number seven times option
  3. Next tap on the main Settings page
  4. To get the Developer option tap on
  5. Then you need to switch on the Override force dark option
  6. Finally, the Dark theme will apply on your all apps

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