How to Unblock Someone Instagram [App & Browser]

unBlock Someone on Instagram

Instagram is not deleting friends permanently and you can unblock them anytime from the blocklist. You may decide earlier to block someone and need him/her back to your friend’s list. You can easily remove from block-list to unblock.

Usually, people don’t want someone due to any reason. Some of them might personal reason and don’t want posts, photos and video to reach someone. You are deciding now to return that specific profile and from unfriend to friend list again.

If to this link if you want to learn how to block someone on Instagram.

Unblock Someone on Instagram

Depend on the user, which device they are using. High ratio of users uses the App instead of the browser. Below two method to find unblock option using App and Instagram on the browser. The App option to consider for both Android and iOS users.

Unblock Profile on Instagram App using Android & iOS

Let’s scroll down to show you the easiest way to unblock a user on the Instagram app. Luckily it’s free and follows the below steps 

  1. Open the Instagram app
  2. Tap on the Humanoid icon in the bottom to open your profile
  3. Tap the Three-line Bar Menu button
  4. Go to the Settings Option from the menu
  5. Tap Privacy Option then go to Blocked Accounts section to show you the list of accounts
  6. Choose an Account Name you want to unblock
  7. Select the blue button Unblock option from the person profile
  8. Tap Ok to unblock a user profile
Open your Instagram profile

When you open the app, you will see the bottom bar with hominoid icon to tap for your profile options.

Tap Three Bar Menu

Your profile, tap on the menu icon to list the menu options.

Tap Settings option

Furthermore, to tap on the Settings button to access your profile settings and more options.

Privacy Option

From Settings, open Privacy option

Tap Blocked Accounts

Privacy option indicating connections with the list of all accounts in Blocked Accounts. Tap to view all the accounts to choose.

Click Blocked Accout

Choose the profile from blocklist to get more option.

Click Unblock someone

You will see the Unblock button with the notification that after unblocking the user profile can see your posts and follow you on Instagram. There is no indication to user that you unblock him/her.

Unblock Someone

Confirmation to tap OK.

After the above steps, the user profile can now follow you and see all your posts. Some of private account is still not accessible to the public unless shared privately.

Unblock Profile on Instagram using a web browser

Instagram allowing users to access their account using desktop computer or laptop. The access via browser to log in into website. This method to use when you don’t have access to your app or smartphone for any reason. Following the steps to unblock using browser.

  1. Open your Profile on a Web browser
  2. Search for the User Profile Name through the Search tab
  3. Open the blocked User’s profile
  4. Click the Unblock option button
  5. The profile is unblocked now
Unblock someone Profile

So finally you unblock the person which you block. You still have the option to use later if you decide to block a profile again.

Note: Most users are trying to search for a user already blocked before. Instagram not including its search result and you can view only in the block profile list.

Some users still want to see their page or comments. However, the trick is to go somewhere where profile posting comments or tag in a photo. You can select the profile to view the activity.

Unblock notification

Your action of the block and unblock is not getting by the target profile. Instagram is not letting any users or they not getting notification. To summarise, the first block, they will not see you anymore including posts. However, After unblocking, they can follow you and see all your posts and comments.


In conclusion, you are authorized to choose who can see you and your posts. If you feel unsafe from any user after that you have optional privacy tools to use. These tools are user choose to switch anytime. While your privacy is exposing to other profile indicating your actions.

Some Frequently asked questions

Is the profile getting any notification

No, the profile is not getting any notification of your action. If a profile following you, then receiving notifications of your posts only.

Can I block him again

Yes, block and unblock is completely user choice

How do I know if someone else block me

Since you are not getting any notification, you don’t know. However, if you search a profile and not appearing in result then it is likely a user blocked your profile.

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