How to Use Breakout Rooms in Google Meet

How to Use Breakout Rooms In Google Meet
How to Use Breakout Rooms In Google Meet

Do you know how to use or create breakout rooms in Google Meet for smaller group sessions? It is very easy for video conferences to feel overwhelming once there are many people on the call. Google Meet has a feature named Breakout Rooms makes it very easy for moderators to divide participants of a video conference into smaller groups. Let’s show you how to do it.

The Breakout Rooms feature is also be found in the zoom, which is the same thing as working in small groups in a real-life classroom or office. You can all gather in the main conference call, break out into smaller rooms for a while, and reconvene. This all happens in the same meeting.

Note: Only the moderators can start the Breakout Rooms in Google Meet. They can only use the begin from Meet on a PC, and they are unable to recorded or live stream. In Google Meet you can create up to one hundred breakout rooms. Google recommends breakout room concessions to moderators, specifically for teachers with a classroom full of students.

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How to Create Breakout Rooms in Google Meet for Smaller Group Sessions

To divide a conference call into small sessions in Google Meet by using the breakout rooms feature. You will require a paid subscription version of the service to access and use this feature. When you create breakout rooms can be edited or ended at any time you want.

  • Open Google Meet meeting on your Computer desktop that you scheduled or started
  • Click on the shapes icon in the bottom right side
  • Go to the Activities menu and select Breakout Rooms
  • To get started creating the rooms by clicking on Set Up Breakout Rooms
  • Now you can select the number of rooms you wish to have, set a timer for how long the rooms will Shuffle, or last the participants into groups. The clear option will empty entire rooms.
  • The below-listed rooms are available for just drag and drop participants into the rooms as you want
  • When all things are ready then click on the Open Rooms option
  • Once the rooms are happening, you can also edit them after the fact and Close Rooms once you are done.
  • Participants will require to confirm that they want to Join the rooms before they can be added. Once the timer is about to run out or you close the rooms manually, participants will view the thirty-second countdown Timer before they end off.
Open Google Meet and Click on the Activity icon at the bottom right
Click on Breakout Rooms option Under Activities
Click on the Breakout Rooms option Under Activities
Click to Set up Breakout Rooms option
Click to Set up Breakout Rooms option
choose the number of rooms, Set a timer, Shuffle, and Clear
drag and drop participants into the rooms as you wish.
drag and drop participants into the rooms as you wish.
click on the Open Rooms.
Click on the Open Rooms.

How to Join, Edit, Exit, or End All Breakout Rooms

When you have created breakout rooms, you can edit them to make changes or jump in yourself. An important note to you and breakout participants both: Moderators can only view the internal messages while they are in this breakout room.

  • Select a Room Number and clicking the Join option to join a room
  • Click on Leave beside the room number to exit that same room
  • Select Edit Rooms option to make changes to the number of groups or who is in them
  • Click on the Close Rooms option to end all breakout rooms in the top right of the breakout rooms panel. Select the Close All Rooms from the pop-up window.
Click Close rooms to end all breakout rooms and bring participants back to the main room.
Click Close rooms to end all breakout rooms and bring participants back to the main room.

How to Join Breakout Rooms in Google Meet (As a participant)

When a room is created for you then you will receive an invitation to join that room. Once breakout rooms end, you will get a notification that you are going back to the main room.

  • First you will need to Join the call
  • You will get a notification to join the room a moderator has invited you to. Select the Join option. If you select Cancel instead of Join then you will stay in the main room.
  • In case you are calling via mobile phone tap dial *2 to continue to your breakout room or to back to the main room.
  • If you are using a mobile app or computer, select Return to the main call from the top of the screen in case you want to go to the main room.

Eligibility to Breakout Rooms

Here are the following requirement to use Breakout rooms in Google Meet.

The Breakout Rooms are available to these Google Workspace editions:

  1. Essentials
  2. Business Standard
  3. Business Plus
  4. Enterprise Essentials
  5. Enterprise Standard
  6. Enterprise Plus
  7. Education Plus
  8. Teaching and Learning Upgrade
  9. Workspace Business
  10. Nonprofits
  11. Workspace Individual Subscriber

Who can and can’t participate in breakout room:

Can participate in breakout rooms if:

  • You use the updated version of the mobile Meet Meet app or computer or Gmail application
  • You can dial into the meeting with your mobile phone
  • You are invited through a mobile phone call.
  • You are login into your Google Account
  • You are an anonymous user (not signed in to your Google Account.)

Cannot participate in breakout rooms if:

  • If you are not using the latest version of the Gmail app or mobile Meet Meet app.
  • You are using Meet hardware or Interop devices.

Alternative Way to Getting Started with Breakout Rooms in Google Meet Using Chrome Extensions

Here you can be started and need to get the Google extension. There are many but the best available to be found is called Google Meet Breakout Rooms, Meet Plus for Google Meet, Breakout Rooms for Google Meet, etc. It is free of cost and let’s show you get it on your Google Chrome web browser.

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