How to Turn On/Off Facebook Profile Picture Guard

Enable Facebook Profile photo Guard

The Display Profile picture or picture is your basic identification on social media handles, and thus it is very necessary to keep it secure, especially in case you have a public profile. Do you know how to lock your profile and Profile picture guard 2022?

Facebook announced it is piloting a new tool that can stop the misuse of the profile photo. According to the social giant that the feature was rolled out after the feedback, they received from so many users. This new feature profile photo guard gives more authorization to Facebook users. And user can set limits to choose who can share and download their profile photo.

New Updates: What to Know?

  • On Facebook App: Go to your Facebook Profile > Profile Picture > Turn on Profile Picture Guard > Save.
  • On Facebook Web: Open Facebook website > Your Name > Profile Picture > Options > Turn On Profile Picture Guard > Save. (Old Facebook Version) and the Profile Picture guard feature was remove from new Facebook version.
  • On Mbasic Facebook version: Visit > Profile > Profile Picture > Turn On Profile Picture Guard > Save.

Why You Need Facebook Profile Picture Guard?

Facebook profile picture guard is a security layer of your profile photo. It is preventing your profile image from downloading and being misused by others. Furthermore, people can’t share and tag your photo after you enable the feature.

You will opt-in to the feature to enable the security of your profile picture. People create fake accounts resembling with original and steal the image to post similar. However, no more image steal when you opt-in this feature.

How to Activated Facebook Profile Picture Guard

The new issue of Facebook Profile picture privatization or guard is solved by Facebook. The product manager, announced the new security tool, secure user Profile picture.

Facebook says in some of the countries users will start seeing a step-by-step guide to learn an additional profile picture guard. Once you applied, the profile picture can no longer be shared, downloaded, or sent in a message on Facebook.

Additionally, users who are not your friends on Facebook won’t be able to access your profile picture. Similarly, like doing before to tag anyone and including themselves.

According to Facebook that it will stop others from taking a screenshot of your profile photo on Facebook where possible. This feature is currently available only on Smartphone devices. The smartphones App can be adjusted to stop screenshots while the open is open. You will be able to take a screenshot only when you close the App.

In the new feature of Photo Guard, people who opt for the new tool will see a blue shield and border. It will appear around their profile photo as a visual cue of security or protection. And white guard symbol at bottom of their profile photo demonstrates the photo guard.

How to Enable Facebook Profile Picture Guard 2022

If you are looking for this feature of Facebook’s new profile photo guard then see the below steps to protect your profile picture. Now, not all the users are able to see the feature immediately as still developing and rolling out partially to some countries. If you can’t see the option, just wait a few days and you are getting it soon as the rolling out has already started regionally.

Turn On of Profile Picture Guard Via Mobile

Go to Facebook and refresh the option of your Newsfeed and refer to the below screenshot. You may see a message, prompting you to help Protect your Facebook Profile photo.

  1. Open Facebook App
  2. Tap the Profile Photo
  3. Then tap on Profile Picture Guard
  4. Next, the benefits on the screen of the Profile Picture Guard
  5. Tap Next
  6. Your current profile picture will surround with shield symbol, and tap the Save option
Tap Profile Photo
Profile Photo Guard
Save Profile Photo Guard
Protected Picture

Turn On of Profile Picture Guard on Facebook Page

Here are these steps to Follow:

  1. Open your Facebook Profile page
  2. Tap Your Profile Picture
  3. An option will show to you (picture below) to Turn on Profile Picture Guard
  4. Tap to Select then you need to tap the Save option and then you will see your profile picture with the shield symbol.

How to Turn Off Facebook Profile Picture Guard Via Mobile

Similarly, you can turn off or disable the profile photo Guard in the following steps:

  • Go to your Facebook Profile and select the Profile photo
  • Tap on the Turn Off Profile Picture Guard option
  • Select the Next
  • Tap on Save and you are done.

How to Activate Facebook Profile Picture Guard On Old Facebook Design

If you want to activate (turn on) the Profile Photo Guard manually while using the Facebook old design. Then here these steps to follow:

  • Open Facebook and log into your account
  • Click on your name and Profile photo to go to your Profile
  • Click once on your Photo (DP)
  • Select the Options at the bottom right under your picture
  • Finally, click on the Turn on Profile Picture Guard, you will see a preview of how to Picture Guard looks then click the Save option

How to Activate Facebook Profile Picture Guard Via New Facebook Design

Facebook updated its user interface. Therefore, they have removed and added some features. In the new Facebook design, if you want to turn on your profile picture guard. Then let me inform you that they have removed the profile picture guard feature because it was available in the options. So that you can activate and disable it. Here is the screenshot for proof.

Activate Facebook Profile Picture Guard Via New Facebook Design
Activate Facebook Profile Picture Guard Via New Facebook Design

How to Disable Facebook Profile Picture Guard in Old Design

As a human, you may change your mind and wish to Disable/deactivate the Protection Guard option at any time. You can simply do it by following these instructions.

  • Go to your Profile on
  • Now click on your Profile Photo
  • Select the Options from the bottom right of your photo
  • In the last step click on the Turn off profile picture guard option
  • You will see a new window to make sure the action, Click on Save

Enable Profile Picture Guard on M.Basic Facebook

Let’s show you another way to enable Facebook Profile Picture Guard on your Facebook via the M.basic version of Facebook. Here are these steps:

  • Go to with any browser on your PC
  • Click on Profile Photo to go to Your Profile
  • Now click on Profile Picture
  • Finally, click on Turn on Profile Picture Guard option
  • Then click Save option
Click on Profile option in mbasic facebook version
Click on the Profile option in Mbasic Facebook version
Click on Profile Picture
Click on Profile Picture
Tap on Turn On Profile Picture Guard option
Tap on the Turn On Profile Picture Guard option
Click on Save option
Click on the Save option

Now you will see the shield symbol on your profile picture after turning on the photo guard.

Disable Profile Picture Gaurd on Mbasic Facebook Version

  • Open with any browser
  • Click on Profile Picture to go to your profile
  • Tap on Profile Picture
  • Select on the Turn off Profile Picture Guard option
  • Finally, click on Save option
Select Turn Off Profile Picture Guard option
Select Turn Off Profile Picture Guard option
Click on Yes option to Save changes
Click on the Yes option to Save changes

How to Activate Facebook Profile Picture Guard 2022

There are two easy methods to enable the new Facebook Profile picture guard on your photo. In fact, you can put security on your profile photo to secure and prevent someone else to reuse it on the social media platform. You can turn on using your Facebook app or Facebook on a computer or web browser. This is up to you, however, follow these instructions to do it.

In the Facebook Mobile app:

You will need to open your Facebook app> Profile Picture > Profile Picture > Tap & hold Profile Photo > Profile Photo > Turn On Picture Guard > Save. That’s all, to make sure that it is enabled or not, return to your profile and you will see the shield symbol on your profile picture after turning on the photo guard.

In the Facebook using Computer:

Go to with any web browser on your computer. Click on your Name> Profile Picture > Options > Turn On Profile Picture Guard > Confirm > Save.

FAQs Turn On Facebook Profile Picture Guard

What is Shield On Facebook DP?

When you received a notification for making your DP protect and turn on Picture Guard (PG). You will start seeing the shield icon with blue lines and circles of your picture sides. The shield icon means your photo is protected and no one can download, save, copy, or use it somewhere else on the platform.

It is a kind of an impression of your profile photo is being protected once Facebook adds that design overly over it. You are likely turned off the tagging and copying (for strangers only) so that no one can reuse it on Facebook platforms and other places.

What Does Facebook Profile Picture Guard Do?

The feature of PG will give additional security to your profile photoprotection. In fact, it is secure and keeps your photos safe from abuse, misuse, etc. If the option is activated it clearly means that no one can save or download it to their mobile phones and computers. An additional benefit of the Profile Photo Gaurd is strangers will not be able to tag but you and your friends only can.

Facebook has introduced this option for getting its users gaining and satisfaction for more trust in their social media platform. But do not think so. Do you really think that you can enable this feature and secure your DP from scammers or spammers?

Unfortunately, to say that you are completely wrong. There are a few tricks users can do and download your DP with ease. Let me teach you below.

Can Blocked Person See My Protect Picture?

Whenever you block a person on Facebook, they will not be able to see any of your activity on Facebook. Yes, the person can somehow send your messages on Facebook Messenger, until you block that person too.

Does not matter if your FB profile is protected by the Picture Guard on Facebook or not, the blocked users can’t see it. But if you ignore someone on FB Messenger, they may see your profile picture.

Facebook Profile Picture Guard Not Working or Not Available

You do not require to worry in case the activated picture guard is not working properly. This is due to this feature is still in the beta version and they are working on it to solve the issues. I will recommend you report this issue to Facebook on the account. So that they can get more and speed up the process.

Moreover, if the Picture Guard is not available to you. It means that later or sooner you will see it but you must wait for it. This feature is not available in all countries and areas. Please do not waste your time looking for the solution. May you are using the New design Facebook version on your computer. The only thing you can do is wait.

How to Download Protect Facebook Profile Picture

The feature to download protected FB profile picture feature is full of bugs for now and they are working on it to fix it as soon as possible. Once a user right-clicks on a picture or DP (the protected ones). They can still able to see a Save image as an option using a Windows computer. Do you know why? According to me, this is a bug as they should fix it. Do not you trust me, why do not you try it and let me know in the comment section below.

Another trick for downloading or saving this protected picture or DPs is to take a screenshot. Users can easily capture a screenshot by pressing the Print Screen button on the PC keyboard, and your Profile photo is not protected anymore, yes you got my point.

How to Add Design to Facebook Profile Picture

If you want to add a design to your profile picture, this option shows up immediately on your News Feed, Just like the first Method above. Tap on the message Adds a Design to Your Profile Photo. Then tap Add Design. After tapping this, you can then choose from a range of design overlays, and then tap Next.

Add Design Profile Photo
Add Design and Save

If you are worried; about the misuse of your profile photos; and safety on Facebook; it is highly recommended to opt-in with Photo Guard. After that, you are Protecting your photo would help you get safe from the duplicate account or fake accounts as other users might download your profile picture.

In conclusion, and to summarize, you can now easily prevent your profile from fake people. No one can steal your new profile photo to create fake accounts. For instance, many people report in the past with a similar account they don’t know. Hence, just to opt-in the new feature and enhance the security layer against fake people.

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