Keyboard Shortcuts for Hulu and Cheat Sheet on Web and App

hulu keyboard shortcuts cheat sheet
hulu keyboard shortcuts cheat sheet

Do you know how to access and use Keyboard Shortcuts for Hulu? A Cheat Sheet. Hulu is the best app in 2020 for an online streaming service. People can watch your favorite shows and movies anytime and everywhere. You can subscribe and change the Hulu plan for saving money and better streaming. If you are looking for keyboard shortcuts due to tired of accidentally rewinding your favorite movie or trying to open Hulu’s minimalist interface? I will show you to use some of the handy hotkeys to control playback and search to find the content or videos you desired without delay or hassle.

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Keyboard Shortcuts for Hulu Work On

All of these hotkey work on any OS (operating system with a keyboard, contains Mac, Windows, Chrome OS, and Linux.

Use Hulu Web and App

These hotkeys work on both the Hulu app and on the website or Unfortunately, you will not allow customizing these hotkeys on Hulu.

Hulu Video Playback

You can use the following keyboard control to use to the playback on the

  1. To Open Player Controls, Then Select Next Interface Option: Tab
  2. Select Previous Interface Option: Shift+Tab
  3. Select Current Option: Enter
  4. Increase Volume: Up or Right (when Volume Bar is selected)
  5. Decrease Volume: Down or Left (when Volume Bar is selected)
  6. Fast-Forward: Up or Right (when Playback Bar is selected)
  7. Rewind: Down or Left (when Playback Bar is selected)
  8. Pause: Space
  9. Minimize to Picture-in-Picture: Esc
  10. Toggle Full Screen: F


To navigate the you can use the following control or hotkeys.

  1. Go To Next Link: Tab
  2. To go to the Previous Link: Shift+Tab
  3. Go To Next Section: Space
  4. Select Current Link: Enter
  5. Scroll Up/Down: Up and Down

After learning the above user-friendly shortcuts or commands, you can make easy for you to navigate through Hulu’s ever-growing content library. If you are having problems with any hotkeys, then try restarting Hulu, your computer, your browser. If you are still facing the issue and do not function properly, you can visit the Hulu website directly for help and support.

Screen Readers

These Keyboard controls are very helpful for the users who use a screen reader to open Hulu.  If you want to know more about the keyboard controls and hotkeys shortcuts keys you can use the famous screen readers like VoiceOver, JAWS, NVDA, and ChromeVox.

Having trouble?

If you are facing trouble using the keyboard controls or hotkeys list in this post, the following instruction may be helpful.

  1. Reload or Refresh the web page
  2. Check your Devices Settings
  3. Restart Your Computer or Mobile
  4. Check for updates
  5. Troubleshoot your connection

 Control using keyboard controls and commands

To Control using hotkeys or keyboard controls and commands is very helpful for all users to watch movies and show via Hulu. The users can control without using a trackpad, mouse, or other input devices.

Hulu keyboard controls

You can use the above keyboard shortcuts or keyboard control or hotkeys for the controlling video playback and navigation of website and in the app.

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