How to Install Facebook Gaming to Play, Connect and Watch

Install Facebook Gaming App
Install Facebook Gaming App

Facebook release Gaming App for Android as separate version of social platforms but for gaming users. User can join the Game platform to start playing games, connect with others and watch online streaming. The release of this App is ahead of schedule due to pandemic issue and it’s best time for Facebook to draw attention. The audience are currently lock-down around the world and plenty of free hours to dedicate.

Currently the Facebook Gaming: Watch, Play, and Connect is for Android users only. However, the iOS devices will get soon on the App store to install. While Android user can now take the advantage to get it from Google Play Store right now. Following are steps and feature showing how to Download and install Facebook Gaming App.

How to Install Facebook Gaming Watch Play and Connect on Android

To install the App on your Android smartphone, follow the steps:

  1. Tap on Google Play Store
  2. Type Facebook Gaming in the search bar
  3. Tap on Facebook Gaming: Watch Play and Connect then tap on Install
  4. After downloading and installation, tap to open and start using it
Facebook Gaming Play Store Download and Install
Facebook Gaming Play Store Download and Install
Game Category
Game Category

You will need to sign in with similar Facebook Account ID and password. If you don’t have a Facebook profile yet, you will need to create a Facebook account before start exploring the App.

How to sign in Facebook Gaming App

To sign in Facebook Gaming App, you need similar Facebook profile credentials (Username & Password). If you are not a Facebook user, then use the option Not on Facebook to proceed to create a new account. After you create an account, then start using Facebook Gaming App.

Sign in to Facebook Gaming
Sign in to Facebook Gaming

For the Facebook user, depending on your account, enter email ID as your username. Some users are try signing in with phone number. If you do so, then enter the phone number and password to sign in.

In case you don’t remember your password, then tap on forget a password to reset. You will need to provide recovery option such recovery email address, phone, 2-step authentication and SMS code. It depends on the user setting as configured for a recovery option. If you are accessible to all the recovery option you provided earlier, then reset password is an easy task to do so.

Configure Facebook Gaming App

The first sign in need you to configure your account settings. Such as prefer your App interface and interaction language. By default, the App is a similar language you choose on Google play settings, region, country and Facebook account language. However, you still need to select or skip the option when prompt if you are OK with the default language.

Choose Gaming Language
Choose Gaming Language

The next step is to choose the Games from the grid list you like to follow and add in your list. The Games you add will show in your feed. All updates related to the selected games are listing in your feed.

Follow Games
Follow Games

The last, to choose the streamers that actively streaming games play. Group playing and connecting you with the live stream or watch them later when you are free. Similarly, streamers you will show up in user feed to see their updates, clips, live streaming and group play.

User needs attention, that their reaction and comments are publically displaying on Facebook. However, it will never post to the user timelines without prompt permission from the user. Later on, the user can also customize the feeds and their follows later on. So you don’t need to worry if you didn’t select your favourite games in the first configuration steps. To re-configure and customize the feed entries, tap on the Settings and to customize your feed and follows.

Game Category
Game Category

Facebook Gaming Profile

The profile page of the Facebook Gaming is categorize in the following to browse, show up and play games. These categories are as follows:

  1. Followed Streamers: List and browse the followed streamers.
  2. Followed Games: Show and see the updates of favourite games.
  3. Groups: Follow the group and browse for favourite games and streamers groups to join.
  4. Recently Played: All games that played recently showing here.
Facebook Gaming App Profile

Further, your profile view by other in Games to see your favorite games and streamers. Similarly, you can see other people profile and browser their categories. Explore the clips and groups followed by your follower and friends. You can invite friends to play a Game or Go Live to start your own streaming on Facebook Gaming App.

Invite to Play and Go Live

Invite to Play option let you find your friends and invite them to play your favourite games. The multiplayer games to the role as a contestant or friendly play with other enemies. Similarly, the Go Live option to use in personally playing games. Or you can Go Live with other friends that you invite them to play with you. Both of your activities and streaming live and will feed it in the friend-friends feed and your followers. It can also show up on the Live Streamer page.

More people watching you live will count the current live streaming users. The number will indicate the followers and people favourite watching right now. On the timelines and activities pages, the stream is available to watch later by you and others.

More Frequent Questions

I don’t have Facebook ID, How to join FB Games?

You can download and install FB Game App, However, you can get option to create a new account on the Facebook Game App.

Is Game live streaming is free?

Steaming for all games are free. Within App purchase to buy coin and other features need to pay. You can even stream free while playing with multi friends and group games.

Facebook Gaming App APK

You can download it easily from Google Play Store without any restriction unless you smartphone is supporting the App requirements.

Direct link to download Facebook Gaming App

The direct link to download Facebook Gaming App.

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