Invalid Traffic Concerns Adsense Ads has been limited

Invalid traffic Concerns Adsense Account

The publisher is getting notification highlighting Invalid Traffic concerns. The policy center notification state that the number of ads on the website has been limited. The details are further inside Adsense Policy center section.

Update: User research on Invalid Traffic concern AdSense

Adsense Policy Update

Adsense circulate an email to all publishers in August, notifying the changes and policy updates. These policies are in effect from Sep-2019 covering all related products. Such as Adsense, Admob, and Ad Manager.
User is encouraged to review the changelog of the policy. And start act to ensure that their contents are in compliance with this changelog.

AdSense Policy Update Invalid Traffic concerns

Changes highlight

These are a breakdown in targeting the publisher website contents. Stating clearly the compliance and strictly restrict the Adsense ads on the contents that not remain in compliance with the updated policy. Major highlights are:

  1. Google Publisher Policies: Outline the type of contents on the publisher site to restrict ads.
  2. Google Publisher Restrictions: Outline the type of contents to get limited ads or no ads.

Adsense updated policy implementation and effect

People start reporting emails and policy notification on the Adsense account. Help Forums and Twitter are flooded with reporting similar issues. The ad-serving limit placed on their AdSense account. The limit concern due to Invalid traffic concerns.

Currently, the bots are detecting the issues and human review to check out the traffic source. Furthermore, if invalid traffic found, the account could lead to permanent disability.

At the moment, you can’t do anything but to wait for the review and more update after Google monitor your traffic.

What can cause Invalid Traffic concerns

This is happening, when potential invalid traffic is in use. For the purpose to generate ad revenue including self clicking or fraud clicking on ads. Publishers are strictly prohibited to ask people to click on ads contents.

Similarly, third-party apps that are generating traffic could lose their account. There is software around, to generate robotic traffic including surfing your web pages. Furthermore, you can define the traffic source from these servers. Which is causing lost on ads products?

What to do and how to fix it?

The invalid traffic concerns issue on your Adsense account required no action from you. However, you need to wait for an automatic review from Google to investigate your traffic. After that, you will receive an update via email and on the Policy center section.

You don’t need to worry if you are not generating traffic in bad ways. Most people opinion including social media traffic which is not a concern to worry about.

There are complaints on a different website, and people getting a fix after a few days. For some publisher, the issue still open since 19-Sep. Some get a similar problem on 22-Sep and 30-Sep accordingly.

Our research found, that few users get back their ads limit to normal within a week. However, some users are still waiting for more than 2 weeks to fix the issue.

How to contact Adsense? Track traffic concern

At the moment, for invalid traffic concerns, you can’t contact Adsense. But the contents from Google demonstrating to wait for the reply. After that, get update after Google review your traffic. There are no timelines when Google AdSense will reply you. But sure there is a number of the similar accounts that need human review.

I have invalid traffic, how to stop it?

You can’t stop any traffic if you didn’t generate that traffic. However, for your account safety, you need to report unusual account activity always. To report invalid traffic on your site, you need to fill up this form to report it.

Furthermore, you can control traffic with the region or IP restrictions using different plugins. Similarly, the hosting provider allowing tools to restrict visitors from a specific region or via IP address.

In conclusion, you need to avoid any invalid traffic on your site. In other words, not to use paid or low-quality source to generate visitors on your site. You can learn more about invalid traffic here.

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  1. Hello Sir.
    I’m having same problem on my apps. Its a new account and It doesn’t display ads. My app shows “ad requests were successful, but no ads were returned due to lack of ad inventory”

  2. I received mail from Admob “Ad serving on your account is being temporarily limited while you’re starting to build and grow your audience. This limit gives us a chance to assess your traffic quality while protecting our advertisers and users. Learn more about ad serving limits.

    What you can do
    Continue to develop your apps and build your audience while we assess your app traffic. Also make sure you’re complying with the AdMob and AdSense Program policies.” But I don’t get any ads at all.

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