Is YouTube Premium Worth the Cost? What you need to know

YouTube Premium
YouTube Premium

Is YouTube Premium Worth the Cost? If you like to watch videos on YouTube, You may have considered subscribing to the YouTube Premium version. But is YouTube Premium worth it? Let’s talk about what YouTube Premium offers, what you should know about the premium service, and how to decide in case it is worthwhile for you. It has been more than three years since YouTube Premium launched. Formerly known as YouTube Red, the service is now bundled with YouTube Music Premium and offers many benefits for the best watching and listening experience.

YouTube Premium is 30 days or monthly subscription service that promises to better your viewing experience on the streaming or internet’s largest video platform. This is what you get for your money, so you can decide whether it’s worth it.

What Is YouTube Premium?

YouTube Premium is one of the largest site’s paid subscription services. It offers ad-free viewing of all Videos, Offline playback, and exclusive, paywalled content primarily made by popular YouTube personalities. Here’s what the subscription plan offers and whether you should sign up or subscribe for YouTube Premium.

How Much Dose YouTube Premium Worth?

The YouTube Premium cost is available in three different plans, such as Standard Plan, Family Plan, and Student Plan. There is no annual plan available. Here are the following below with details.

YouTube Premium Worth
YouTube Premium Worth

Standard: $11.99/mo
Family: $17.99/mo
Student: $6.99/mo

Standard Plan

It currently costs U.S subscribers $11.99 a month after a one-month free trial, and this contains a YouTube Music Premium subscription.

Family Plan

YouTube Premium costs $17.99 per month for the family plan. It let you add up to 5 other members their age must be at least 13 years old (six total members) and live together with your household so they get the same advantages. Per YouTube’s terms, these users must live at the same address as you.

Student Plan

It offers a Student YouTube Premium plan that costs $6.99 per month instead. If you are a student who can provide verification needed every year.

The YouTube Ecosystem

Google’s naming schemes are always been a little mess, and so it is with YouTube. You may be known about a service called YouTube Red. Prior to 2018, this site had a subscription level. However, after rebranding YouTube Music as a completely separate app, it became YouTube Premium.

The YouTube Music logo
The YouTube Music logo

Brands and Services Under YouTube banner

Since, there are various brands and services now under the YouTube banner, here is the best guide to help you tell them apart:

YouTube Premium:

YouTube offers the site’s primary paid subscription service.

YouTube Music:

This will allow you to listen to music in a separate music streaming service with its own application. It’s Google’s competitor to Apple Music and Spotify.

YouTube Music Premium:

It is a paid version of YouTube Music with a subscription cost is of $9.99. Unlike the YouTube music free version, it lets offline download, background play, and higher bitrate audio in the Music application. You can also get the music as part of your Youtube Premium subscription. Now it includes access to Google Google Play Music, but it will soon completely replace that.

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YouTube Kids:

This app is designed basically for kids, that contain only content for the age-appropriate. The features of YouTueb Premium also apply to this.

YouTube TV:

A live streaming TV service similar to Hulu TV that lets you watch live TV and record cloud-based DVR.

The Benefits of YouTube Premium

In case you are looking for subscribing to the YouTube Premium version, it does have a lot of features to consider. Here is a list of the premium service’s current benefits.

Ad-Free Viewing

You can watch all content on the site free of any ads. You also receive ad-free viewing on every platform you log into with your Google account or Gmail account, including the website, Roku, Smartphones, or any other live streaming devices.

YouTube originals:

You will be able to get access to original content, basically from high-profile creators, alongside some tv shows, movies, and documentaries.

Background play:

If you are using YouTube on your mobile app, the audio from the video you are watching will continue to play even in case you are outside the application or your smartphone display is closed. On an Android phone, you can also watch videos picture-in-picture while you open to using other applications on your mobile phone.

Download and Offline Play Back:

You will be able to download videos or playlists to watch offline on your smartphone or tablet device.

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YouTube Music Premium:

You can get an ad-free access to a dedicated music app using this service and the entire features and its catalog that come with it as well.

It’s cost noting that though YouTube Originals used to be exclusive for Premium subscribers, most of the available now for everyone. Granted, the only way to view them ad-free is with YouTube Premium. Google might add extra features and functions to Premium in the coming days, so stay tuned!

Contributing to Creators/YouTubers

One of the least speakers about aspects of YouTube Premium is revenue sharing.

Create video with camera
Create a video with a camera for YouTube

If you already enable ads to block ads on YouTueb, it might sound pretty useless to use the Premium service. Although, ad blockers stop creators on the YouTube platform from getting revenue from your views. For many, creators’ ad revenues are one of their basic sources of income.

The Premium service offers a way for viewers to have an ad-free experience, while still in partnership with their favorite content creators.

To calculate this, the YouTube platform combines a part of the entire revenue it received from the Premium service. It then distributes the money to the creators based on the total watch time of the Premium service subscribers. Therefore, the channels you watch the most receive the bulk of the pie.

Because of YouTube’s strict monetization rules, most of the videos get demonetized. Although, a creator can still make revenue from Premium service subscribers, even in case his/her video is disqualified for ads.

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YouTube Premium Is Not YouTube TV

The names of the paid services of YouTube are similar, so it is very simple to mix them up. As you see that YouTube Music Premium includes in the YouTube Premium as well as the fact that you can create an account or sign up for YouTube Music Premium excluded from YouTube Premium

Although you should aware that both services are separate from YouTube TV. Because YouTube TV is a TV streaming service that lets you view live TV channels. It contains DVR and similar functions related to TV streaming services.

You will be unable to get access to YouTube TV while paying for YouTube Premium, and YouTube Premium benefits do not include YouTube TV. However, everyone who subscribes to YouTube TV does get complete access to YouTube Originals, in the same method explained above.

The channel memberships are a separate YouTube subscription from the Premium service. These let you straight support a channel and again a few benefits in the method. However, YouTube channel membership benefits don’t contain removing ads on a channel.

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Is YouTube Premium Worth It?

It will totally depend on you how to use the service. If you often use the YouTueb mobile app, offline downloading and background are amazing features to have. Many YouTube channels are now hosting long-format content, easy to listen to long videos when you are not in the app. It is one of the best for listening while you cook dinner or drive.

If you must use your desktop computer to watch YouTube videos, the utility is without a doubt in the ad-blocking. Video ad income has been falling lately, which has led creators to keep putting more ads in their content In case you wish to watch videos uninterrupted while still supporting those who make them, the Premium version is the only process to do so.

Be careful with one thing, although, is the Originals library is relatively small. If you do not like to watch Premium version content from creators, you will perhaps find the select pretty lackluster.

Should You Join YouTube Premium?

The right thing is that YouTube Premium is a mixed bag that will only appeal to certain users. In case ads do not bother you, you do not require Premium. Until you have a deep interest in the YouTube Originals, Premium is not worth it. And in case you do not use YouTube apps on mobile often, you will not appreciate entire of the Premium benefits. But if you want to delete ads and would use YouTube Music Premium often, then YouTube Premium is the best value.

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