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Everywhere Spams including your Google Calendar. Spammers are attacking all spots when there is a possibility. Spam Events are attacking people’s Google Calendar without their permission and add unwanted scam and deceiving events. Therefore, here’s how to block spammers to edit or add something to your calendar without your authorization. Scrolling down to the Settings steps and follow to secure your planner sheets.

An email will be sent by a spammer to your Google calendar including with an invitation to an event. (Sometime it will attach with your email and direct with the ends up in your spam folder), and puts the appointment to your calendar automatically. In addition, the structure of the appointment including a spam link or some other unappealing content.

Block Your Google Calendar from Automatically Adding Invites

You have to change your Google calendar setting form defaults automatically add event invites. RSVP (Respond to Event Invitation) must set review and accept by you. Otherwise, spam contents with events will eventually cover all sheets. Here are the following steps to change your setting and secure your calendar.

  1. Go to your Google Calendar and click the Gear icon to go Settings
  2. Select the Event Settings in the left-hand sidebar
  3. Click the drop-down arrow on Automatically add invitations
  4. Choose the option to No, Only show invitations to which I have responded
Google Calandar Settings
Google Calendar Event Settings
Auto Add invitations
Check Box Yes But don't

You are not set to not accept or automatically add invitations. However, you the invitation are coming to you but you will respond (RSVP) to choose Yes, Maybe or No.

Stop Gmail from auto-adding events to Google Calendar

Now you need to stop Google calendar from auto adding events from Gmail. Sometimes someone sent an email to you with an invite and next, this email ends up on your spam folder and your calendar. To turn off this option you have to follow these steps.

  1. Open your Google Calendar and click the Gear icon then go to the Settings page
  2. Choose the Events from Gmail option
  3. Uncheck the Automatically add events from Gmail to my calendar box.
  4. A Confirmation will be asked by Google Calendar from you. Click the Ok for approval of the change.
Events From Gmail
Event Check Box
Confirmation option

How to Hide Declined Spammer Google Calendar Invites

You declined the spam events, but your Google Calendar still demonstrating the declined events on Calendar sheets. The Calendar display still looks too spammy and need to clean up as following steps.

  1. Open the Google Calendar and click the Gear icon then click Settings from the menu
  2. Next, click the View options in the left sidebar
  3. Uncheck the Show declined events box then the diminished invites will remove.
View Options Google Calendar
Show declined events

The Calendar default settings set to show you all the declined events. You need to turn off to hide them all. There might bulk attack and you can’t proceed to delete one from the everyday. In particular, what if a single day include more than one. After that, there is no good choice but to hide the declined events from your settings.

How to Hide Declined Spammer on Mobile

Mobile Apps are lightweight and design for the smartphone view. Therefore, most of the desktop view settings are not sync with Smartphone App Settings. However, if you are a user of Google smartphone then you need App settings to hide the declined events.

Follow the steps below to using Google Calendar App on iOS and Android to disappear and the declined events.

  1. Open Google Calendar App
  2. Tap on Menu icon to Open Overflow menu
  3. Scroll down and tap the Settings
  4. Select the General option
  5. Off the toggle Show declined events
Google Calendar Settings
Show declined events

Above all, these settings to get safe and secure from bad contents. Most of the online users have been already informed about this strategy being used to spam their Google Calendars. However, Still, Google has not replied to the incidents at the time of any comment, to summarize, confidently in the future, most of the default settings will get disabled in the future.


In conclusion, the point is fighting the spam, and spammers are not leaving any blank space on the web. Google redefining the settings after each event attack. Actually it is these options are getting complicating and settings to follow due to the fact that we all are fighting spam contents on the web.

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