Find If Someone Blocked You on Facebook Messenger Web & App

find if someone blocked you Facebook
find if someone blocked you Facebook

How to find out if someone has blocked you on Facebook Messenger? Think you are still friends with someone? Facebook Messenger is the most popular messaging app. You can send text messages, videos, photos, voice record. Users can also video & audio call with your family and friends abroad.  Facebook Messenger has full of a lot of features like you can Block unblock someone, Ignore unignore messages, remove contacts, and delete someone. But if you someone blocks you then how to tell him on Facebook messenger.

Messenger allows you to block the annoying person from contact you by sending messages or calls. It is a very general issue nowadays, you think that you are messenger friends with someone, only to have the sneaking suspicion they have blocked you on Facebook or Facebook Messenger on a tablet, smartphone, or computer. While there is no clear confirmation that someone or friend blocked you, there many tell-tale signs or indications to watch for that are just as good.

Here are the following instructions work for the Mobile app and Messenger desktop website. 

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How to Tell If Someone Blocked You on Messenger Mobile App

If you are using the Facebook Messenger app then it is very easy and simple to check whether you have been blocked someone on Messenger but not on Facebook and check you are getting the message through it or not.

If it does not you can then check if that user is still available on Facebook, If they are then they have blocked you on FB Messenger only

  1. Tap to Open the Messenger App on iOS or Android
  2. Type your Friend’s name in the search bar
  3. When you see the Friend’s name in the search results tap on it
  4. Once open the type your text messages in the text box below the bottom of the screen
  5. Then tap the Send icon to send it
  6. If your message sends as normal, then your friends have not blocked you on Messenger
  7. But if you are told that This person is not receiving messages at this time and Message Not Sent this means either
  8. You have been blocked on Facebook itself
  9. You have been blocked on Messenger but not Facebook
  10. Your friend has deactivated their Facebook account
How to Tell If Someone Blocked You on Messenger Mobile App
How to Tell If Someone Blocked You on Messenger Mobile App

Important Note:

May by there is also a possibility that you will not get a message at all. The intended recipient won’t receive your message nor be able to respond, though. So if you are unable to receive a response, it is possible you have been blocked.

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How to Check Someone Blocked You From Facebook

In some case, your next step is to determine which of these possibilities apply.

  1. Open your Facebook app
  2. Type your friend’s name in the search bar
  3. If the name of the person appears in the search results after the typing in their name
  4. Then the person might have blocked you on the Facebook Messenger, but not on Facebook
  5. But if your friend’s account does not display, this does not need to mean they have also blocked you on Facebook account.
  6. Might they have deactivated their Facebook and messenger account

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How to Tell If Someone Blocked You on Desktop

If you are using on Desktop then the same basic procedure applies to check whether someone blocks you on Facebook Messenger. Although the instructions are slightly different from the Messenger app.

  1. Visit with any browser
  2. Then Log in to your Facebook account
  3. Then click the New Message icon at the top right corner of the left hand column
  4. Go the Search bar and type the person’s name
  5. Select the Person name once appear in the search result
  6. Type your Text message in the Message box
  7. Click the Send icon to send the message
How to Tell If Someone Blocked You on Desktop
How to Tell If Someone Blocked You on Desktop

When you select the Send icon, you might receive a text message which reads, This person is not available at the moment”. Once again this does not necessarily mean they have blocked you on FB Messenger since they could have either deactivated Facebook account or blocked on Messenger account. There is also a chance you will view nothing out of the ordinary (as in the picture above). But the recipient will not receive your message nor be able to respond.

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FAQ-Frequently Ask Questions

Here are some of the frequently asked questions related to how to find out if someone blocked you on Facebook Messenger. Might you are interested to read it.

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How to know if someone is ignoring you on Facebook messenger

No, you can’t know if someone ignores your messages because Facebook chooses to not notify you when someone ignores your message on Messenger. Once a person select ignore in the Facebook chat window, they will get the following pop up to confirm: As the messages say, Facebook will not inform you that the person has ignored you. But you can still send a message to that person.

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If you block someone on messenger can they see you online

Yes, in case they do not remove the conversation. They can view in messenger when you are online – they can view on top now means your online and they can know for example your online the past 5 hrs, something like that, that is after blocking the person during that time.

But I noticed after many days because I do not delete my messages conversations with the people I blocked on FB messenger. You will not see their status anymore nor can know if they are offline or online. You can still view their photo in messenger and a grey status. 

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If someone blocked you on messenger, can you still see when they are active

If you blocked by someone you on Facebook messenger and you still keep the chat thread of that blocked person. So you are unable to view their last active status or last seen or current status on Messenger. And, neither will the blocked person will see your status on Messenger.

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