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YouTube users watching videos and sometimes they want to watch videos continuously or repeatedly. Why not set a loop to repeat the video portion? If you might like to play video over and over again and don’t want to kee pressing the replay button again and again. So there is a new feature on YouTube that can help you to keep continuously a video without having to start it over manually. Let’s show you how to enable Loop YouTube videos to feature to watch continuously or repeatedly.

Sometimes, you need to play a video portion to your child to repeat itself. However, the loop also helpful when watching a tutorial video. Sometimes, you want to repeat some steps along with the video over and over. Therefore, the loop can help you out and similarly using loop option will solve repeating clicks.

How to Use Right-Click to Enable Loop on YouTube Video

If you want to turn on the loop option on a video on YouTube using a browser, it is very easy and you can just do it in a few steps

  1. Open your YouTube while using a browser
  2. Find a video you want to loop and then Select video
  3. Click the Right-Click button of your mouse anywhere on the video
  4. Select the Loop option from the Context Menu
  5. When clicking the Right-click option then it will show you a Checkmark near to Loop option mean video will continuously or repeat when finished
Right Click to Loop YouTube video
YouTube Right Click Loop option

While watching any video on the Youtube via browser, you can simply right-click and click on the Loop from the menu. The video will repeat itself when finishing the video duration.

Click on Loop option
Look video on YouTube

If you want to disable the Loop option go to the context menu via right-clicking on the video and click the Loop option to Turn off it.

Right Click on Loop YouTube to disable
Right Click on Loop YouTube to disable

Similarly, to disable the video loop, simply right-click and uncheck loop. The video look is disabling after uncheck.

How to Create a Playlist to Turn on Loop on YouTube Videos

If you want to turn on the loop option for more than one video, so use this method to create a playlist of videos. But the previous method of loop continuously options used only for a single video to play.  So follow the below steps

  1. Open and Sign in to YouTube to use this Function
  2. Find a Video and Queue up a video
  3. Then Click the Save Button on your screen
  4. Select the Create a New Playlist icon
  5. Give Name to the playlist, next set the Privacy and then select the Create option
  6. Click the Save option then click the Checkbox in front to the playlist to add another video to the playlist
  7. Then click the Hamburger icon
  8. Select the Name of the Playlist
  9. Next click the Play All icon
  10. Once your first video loads and scroll down to click the Loop button to set the playlist in the continuous loop feature
Click Save Option
Adding video to queue for playlist
Create New Playlist
Create a new playlist

You can add to default watch later playlist or create your own new playlist to separate the video playlist.

Repeat This Least and Create
Save video to a new playlist and choose playlist privacy

Create a new playlist and set privacy as of your choice. You can keep the playlist private to yourself to make it public. The public playlist is accessible to others via your YouTube channel.

Repeat this least and play all
Play all videos from playlist with – repeat

Choose the playlist to start paying all video. And set the loop option to repeat the videos playlist itself when finished.

Loop Playlist
Loop option in Playlist

How to Use a Chrome Extension Loop for YouTube video

The easiest way to watch a video on YouTube continuously or repeatedly Looper for YouTube and no need to press the replay button again and again. So with the help of this extension, the YouTube player will add a specific button of loop underneath. You can set up how many times it will continuously play or repeat to play a specific portion of a video. So follow the below steps

  1. Visit the Chrome web store
  2. Then click to Add Extension to your browser
  3. Install the Extension
  4. Open YouTube and click to open a Video
  5. Click the Loop option from the Menu to loop a video
  6. The alternative way to press the P key on your Keyboard to enable loop
  7. The extension will loop your video By Default indefinitely.
  8. If you want to change Many times repeat or a Specific portion of a video to loop than a click either Checkbox
Add Extension and Install
Chrome extension Looper for YouTube
Looper for YouTube
Install looper for YouTube extension on Google Chrome
Loop YouTube Video
Looper YouTube extension Loop with duration
Loop for time or Loop a portion of video
Loop times and Loop portion duration

The reason is no matter if you required looping a video on YouTube. There is more than one method to get it done and watch/listen repeatedly without having to interact with the player.

Alternative ways to Loop YouTube Videos

Like the above, some of the alternative ways to loop one or more than one video of YouTube. Therefore follow the below multiples ways to know about how to loop a video on YouTube

How do I get my YouTube playlist to play continuously?

Here is some step to follow to get your playlist on YouTube to play continuously

  1. Login to your YouTube if you are not
  2. Open the Video you want
  3. Click the Add to option
  4. Then click Create a Playlist
  5. Then add a video to the playlist
  6. Open your Channel
  7. Click to Start playing the playlist

How can you repeat a song on YouTube?

To watch a song repeatedly on YouTube then click the Circular arrows option until the number one appears. This option will repeat the current video or song. In case you want to listen to complete album or playlist, you have to click the Circular arrows repeatedly until the arrows are illuminated to repeat the complete album or playlist

How do you repeat YouTube videos on the iPhone?

You can also watch the video repeatedly on YouTube while using an iPhone device. So follow the below steps

  1. Tap to YouTube app on your iPhone device
  2. Then tap a video you want to set up a loop
  3. Next tap the Plus icon + to save the video (To this you can use the toolbar below the video or itself on the video)
  4. Tap the add option in the New Playlist (When the same video appear on the screen)

How do I fix Autoplay on YouTube?

Here are you can fix Autoplay on YouTube app on your TV to follow the steps

  1. Click on YouTube app on your TV
  2. Then click on Settings
  3. Then scroll to the Autoplay
  4. So click the Autoplay box to turn it on or off.

How do I loop a playlist on the YouTube app?

You can loop an album or playlist on your YouTube app. Then follow the steps below

  1. Open the YouTube app
  2. Tap on the Three-dot option at the right side of the video
  3. Then tap the tap on Add to playlist option
  4. Create your New playlist and set up the Privacy
  5. Next, open the Playlist and tap the Big Play button option
  6. Then tap the Down arrow of the video
  7. When the starts playing then tap the Loop icon

In conclusion, you can use a YouTube loop option to loop part of a song. Similarly, loop YouTube playlist or loop a single video from a certain point. In other words, you have option to tweak video as require to your routine work. Sometimes you need to enjoy the song as background music all day. Play any video to kids and set loop option to repeat when finish.

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