How to open Microsoft Edge InPrivate Browsing Window

Microsoft Edge InPrivate Browsing

 Microsoft Edge is newly lunch by Microsoft that comes along with the Window 10 device family. A feature like private browsing mode to access with a name after InPrivate window. The browser designated for window 10 to safer, compatible and faster with the modern Web. Like other browsers, i.e. Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera have InPrivate browsing mode feature but different names.

When you open an InPrivate browsing mode window then your surfing data like history, cookies or temporary files are not saved on your computer after you finished. Once you finished and close all the InPrivate mode tabs then Microsoft Edge deletes all your temporary data from your computer system.

Like the Internet Explorer, the Microsoft Edge retains the InPrivate or Incognito nomenclature to designate when a private mode window is open.

If you want to open browser according to your choice to always open in Incognito mode, so you need some trick or hack to get it done. For example, to launch Firefox in InPrivate mode, you have to add a switch and create a shortcut to do it. The same trick can work to open Private browsing in Microsoft Edge.

Note: There is no browser open by default in private browsing or incognito mode.

Microsoft Edge InPrivate Browsing or Incognito Mode on Desktop

Here you learn how to enable in Microsoft Edge a new InPrivate browsing window for your account in Windows 10. So to open new private browsing you have to follow the steps below:

Using Menu or Three dots:

  1. Click the Menu or Horizontal Three dots from the upper-right corner
  2. Select the New InPrivate Window option
Click Three dots and New InPrivate Browsing window

Microsoft Edge > Menu > New InPrivate Window or Shortcut key Ctrl+Shift+P.

InPrivate Browsing Mode

Using the Keyboard Shortcut:

You can also open you the private browsing by using your keyboard shortcuts. Press Ctrl + Shift + P on your Keyboard.

When open, the browser window will be entirely grey and each tab will label with InPrivate mode.

Disable the InPrivate Browsing Mode

When you finish browsing with Private browsing and want to close or switch to regular browsing, follow the steps below.

  1. Click the Cross to close the window
  2. You Click the Cross to close the tab
  3. Press the Ctrl + W on your Keyboard to close
Closing InPrivate Mode

One Tab x to close just an open Tab or Ctrl+W shortcut key. Window x to close all the open tabs.

Microsoft Edge InPrivate Browsing Mode on Smartphone

You can enable InPrivate Browsing in Microsoft Edge while you are using a smartphone device. So here are the steps to open the private mode using Microsoft Edge app.

  1. Open Microsoft Edge App on your Mobile Device
  2. Tap the on the Menu or Three dots
  3. Tap the New InPrivate Browsing option
Tap More or Three dots and New InPrivate Tab

Microsoft Edge App menu > New InPrivate tab

 Private Mode window

Browsing InPrivate on Microsoft Edge App using a smartphone.

Disable the InPrivate Browsing Mode

When you finish browsing in private mode and want to close or switch your regular browser.

  1. Tap to switch the InPrivate tab
  2. Then tap the Cross to close
  3. You will switch to the regular browsing mode.
Closing of Private Mode window

Finally, your InPrivate mode tab will close and you will switch to your regular browsing mode.

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