How to Open Mozilla Firefox Private browsing window

Firefox Private Browsing Window

Similar to other browsers, Mozilla Firefox also offers Private Window to browse privately. You can easily open the private mode of Mozilla Firefox simply like others. When you browse privately and does not save any data or information about the website and pages you have visited.

Incognito and private browsing Mode since 2005 has been around in one form or another. However, it took some time for all browsers to get in behind it. Now, it doesn’t matter what browser you are using, you can search them without leaving information behind a local trail of history, cookies, Password and other assorted bits of data information. You simply go to a private browsing window and perform your search and surf the net.

When you visit any websites on your desktop or portable device, that you would not want someone else knowing about it. And it is not storing any browsing history from that site you are visiting. In other words, someone can’t see what site you have browsed in your Firefox browser. The history is not logging any URL and no one can trace your URL and browse history. Let’s scroll through the steps, to learn how to open Firefox private window on multiple devices.

Open Firefox Private Window Desktop

Here are the steps how you can open the New Private Window or private browse mode in Mozilla Firefox on your Windows, macOS, and Linux:

Firefox Menu

Use the Firefox menu to open the Private Browse Window. Or use the shortcut key Ctrl+Shift+P.

  1. Open Firefox browser and click the Menu
  2. Select the New Private Window option
  3. For Mac user, the option available in the File Menu
Menu and New Private Window

Shortcuts keys to open Firefox private browser

Following are the shortcut keys for Windows, Linux and Mac users.

  1. Press Control + Shift + P on Windows and Linux
  2. Press Command + Shift + N on a Mac OS

Use shortcut key, after that, you get new Private Window to start browsing.

Open a Link directly in New Private Window

  1. Right-click on a Link
  2. Select to open Link in New Private Window from the Menu
Open Link in New Private Window

Any link in normal window, to open in a Private browse.

Firefox Private Window

You will see a purple mask of the Private Browsing windows at the top. While the appearance in dark purple themes. You can also learn more common myths about private browsing in a similar window.

The ability of private window is just to keep your privacy out of the machine you are using. Your surfing web still considers to ISP and website owners.

Open Firefox Private Tab on Android and iPhone

User can open the New Private window or Incognito browse mode of Firefox on their Android or iPhone app in the following steps below:

  1. Open Firefox app on your Smartphone
  2. Tap the More or Three vertical dots
  3. Select the New Private Tab for the Menu
  4. You will see a new tab with a purple mask of the Private tab at the top.
  5. If you want to disable simple tap on Switch tab and tap the Cross option to close the Private tab.
More or Vertical Three dots

Firefox menu option using an Android device.

Tap New Private Tab

New Private Window option in Firefox App using Android smartphone

New Private Window tab

Symble and identification or private browse.

What happens When a Private Browsing On?

When you open a site in the private browsing there is something will not save by the Firefox Private window and the following changes will happen to your browser.

  1. The browser will not save your New passwords.
  2. All the Cookies to your private windows memory are held temporarily and apart from the regular window cookies. After that, the private session discarded. So all your information about login, site visits, and plug-in are not storing.
  3. The Pages visited by you will not add to the library window’s history list, history menu list, and address bar drop-down list.
  4. After the turn off the Private browsing window, the Downloaded file will not be listed in the Download‘s window.
  5. No entries will save that you enter into the search bar and nothing will save automatically.
  6. The Offline Web content and Cached web content and User Data are temporary inter files will not be saved.
  7. No Autofill data storing to the browser.
  8. Any new bookmark will save to your normal browser.
  9. Download files are available in download folder and you need to delete it manually.
  10. Extensions and plugin are disabled in New private window.

Note:  The new bookmarks and download files to your PC will be saved while you are using a Private Browsing. And you will need to manually manage it.

How to set Firefox always in Private Browsing Mode

If you want to use Firefox always in private browsing mode, then you need to change Settings. The default settings to set not save anything on the computer and browse in private mode. Refer to the following steps:

  1. Click at the top on the Menu button and then click the Options
  2. Choose the Privacy & Security panel and scroll to the History section
  3. Select the Never Remember History option from the drop-down menu.
  4. Now select the Use Custom Settings for history
  5. Then check the Always use Private Browsing mode box under the Address bar.
Menu and Options

FireFox menu > Options (Settings)

Privacy & Security and Never Rememer History

Settings page showing Privacy & Security section to change history option. Choose the option to Never remember history.

The option is equivalent to always being private window mode. You don’t need to open the new window for a private browse. After that, your default browser set as Private browsing.

Note:  Remember that once you set the option Never Remember History, then you will not see private browsing purple mask at the top of each window. But your Private Browsing mode is effective. If you want to remove the option back to remember history then go to the Privacy & Security options and change the option to set Remember history option.

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