Top 10 Most Powerful Netflix Hacks to Improve Your Streaming Experience

Netflix hacks improve streaming experience
Netflix hacks improve streaming experience

Let’s show some of the Powerful Netflix Hacks to improve your streaming experience. Nice tools that will help to save your time and energy so you can view what you desire.

So maybe you have already used some of the common Netflix hacks to help you get the most out of your loving streaming platform, such as reply to the personalization questions to find out to the top of your homepage to get better suggestions or turning off the Continue Watching? Feature. Maybe you have even used a VPN to get access to cool movies and shows that are only available in other regions or countries. Lesser-known internet Netflix hacks are not quite as easy to come by, so I have rounded them up right here for you. 

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Instantly View Movie Trailers and Ratings From IMDb/Rotten Tomatoes

Do you know what’s causing irritating? Having to go and find out a lot of other entertainment websites in order to go deeply into a TV Show or a movie. If you agree and you use from a computer desktop, you are going to want to add the Netflix Enhancer extension for Google Chrome.

If you want to see the information of a movie or show on Netflix by hovering your cursor over while using the Chrome extension, you will also be able to view ratings from famous entertainment websites (IMDb and Rotten) plus links to view any available movie trailers. In case you select a rating, it will launch the IMDb/Rotten Tomatoes web page for the corresponding movie or show you are checking out.

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Install the Super Netflix Chrome Extension for Better Video Quality

If you are watching Netflix using the Google Chrome browser, there is a free extension called Super Netflix that can increase your watching experience. Once you added the extension allow you to choose your video streaming quality in place of the Netflix automatically doing it for you this is best if you wish the great video quality at home on your internet Wi-Fi connection, or if you wish to decrease it on the save your internet data.

Super Netflix extension can also automatically skip TV show intros, description, blur plot, and image thumbnails to stop spoilers, brightness, enhance video, and color contrast, & speed up the video( just in case you wish to binge-watch Stranger Things as quickly as you can).

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On Your Home Screen Make Extra Room

From American Wormwood to Vandal, Netflix Originals streaming is definitely worth watching and highly entertaining. But sometimes you desired to view something that is not produced by the streaming service. Let’s suggest the Google Chrome extensions with the name of No Netflix Originals that does exactly what its name suggests: Remove entire Netflix Original from your home screen, so you can view everything else Netflix has to offer.

Discover Most Popular Shows and Movies (Previous 24 Hours)

To discover the most famous movies and shows and it comes to Netflix site, there is a ton of to select from, and you know what? Are not anybody got time to browse for fifteen min or more than just to find something worth watching!

You can use the Instant Watcher is plugged right into the database and also in the Amazon Prime database. So that it efficiently and easily shows you exactly what’s recently hot in a just two-column list. Hover your mouse cursor over any title to get a little digest for a glimpse of its summary and ratings.

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Easily Browse One Very Specific Genre

Watching on Netflix then you can rate and rate and rate entire things to get the best suggestions, but sometimes you are looking far better off what a very specific genre has to offer if you know the one you are interested in watching. Whether that may be quirky romance films, Asian action movies foreign thrillers, or something else, it is entirely up to you.

To do this click to open up any your web browser on your laptop/computer or device and paste this into the address bar.

You can replace the INSERT NUMBER with Netflix’s hidden code or Netflix secret code for the related gene you to browse or search. There are literally tens of thousands of them, and what is on Netflix has the giant list of codes for every genre. Which is why it’s 3 pages long?

Use a Chrome Extension to Pull in All Extended Genres

Well, you have to admit that the last Netflix hack is so amazing, and it is a bit ridiculous that Netflix has not already been added to its platform. But if you’re really like the idea of zeroing in on a particular genre, then you can use the FindFlix Google Chrome extension is absolutely what you are looking for and need.

When added this extension then it will add an option to your web browser that opens a menu when you click it. Browse through the list of all the extended genres or search for something particular by entering keywords into the search bar field.

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Buddy Watch: Watch the Same Show or Movie on Netflix With Someone in Another Location

Distance history-distance relationship and way is owed for a date. Travelling around the globe and remember the family movie night. But for some Netflix and chill, you are dreaming to be together with your girlfriend or boyfriend. But there is a snowstorm outside and the roads are dirty.

You can still do most of these things via the Netflix party on a Chrome extension that allows you to watch a movie and TV shows on Netflix’s website at the same time and far off with family, friends, or that beloved one or special someone.  This Google Chrome extension syncs video playback and also adds a nifty group chat feature too.

Some of the users who love this extension which creates issues then Netflix updated its layout for them. To opt-out of the new layout,

  1. Open your Netflix account
  2. Click on the Your Name at the top right corner
  3. Select the Account option from the menu
  4. Select Test participation under the Settings
  5. Then click to switch the option on the next tab to OFF

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Subscribe to Reddit for Netflix News, Information and Tips

Netflix Best of Reddit is a Subreddit that almost Four hundred Redditor strong and may have already imagined. It is one of the best ways for diving deeper into everything Netflix.

Most of the title suggestions start with which region or country you have to be in to view it on Netflix. You will also view discussion threads and requests from asking for your recommendation and desire to talk to other people who have viewed the same movies or shows that they have.

Spin the Roulette Wheel

The choice is both a curse and a blessing. How many hrs of your life do you think you have spent just browsing or searching through all the Netflix researching, suggestions for new movies or shows, and going around in circles due to you just you are unable to decide what you really wish to watch?

Let show a simple tool’s Netflix Roulette that makes easy a decision for you. If you desired, you can even receive a random suggestion according to the director’s name, ratings, specific keywords, an actor’s name, and whether you want a movie or TV show. If you are indecisive, it is a definite time-saver.

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Pause Netflix Automatically With the Right Socks

Umm, what? Yes, you see and read that right. There are really Netflix-themed socks designed to monitor your trigger and movement Netflix to stop when you have dozed off so you do not miss anything

You can select or choose your sock design, now it depends upon you whether you wish Netflix to stop/pause/turn itself off and there are even methods to improve the accuracy of their sleep detection. It is a little bit crazy, but you have to admit that this is an amazingly clever idea that puts a really interesting and futuristic spin on a very general, everyday item you never thought would ever exist.

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