How to Open Opera Private Browsing mode window

Opera Private browsing window

All popular browsing keep protecting your secrets. Similarly, Opera operates a private browsing window mode. Surf and browse on different mode to avoid storing history and other browsing contents.

The Private Browsing mode of other browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, and Safari. This post will cover how to open your private browser mode on Opera. There is no guarantee that anything you are surfing on your Opera private browsing mode will not record. However, your ISP and other third-party monitoring might track your links.

But up to somehow Opera will take your privacy and online security seriously.  If you want to keep your record private with temp online session, keep in mind to enable a private window mode. When you finish the work then close all the private browsing windows after browsing session. Your information data, cookies, such as history and cache will be deleted.

How to Turn on Private Browsing in Opera on desktop

Using Opera will give you the ability to browse privately in a new window or in a tab. However, the private browsing feature now works like other web browsers where private browsing loads in a new tab or window. The entire tabs load in that window will be in private mode.  So open the Private browsing in Opera then follow the below steps below.

File Menu:

  1. Open your Opera browser on your desktop
  2. Click the File menu option and then click the New Private Window

Opera browser menu to Open New Private Window or use shortcut keys Ctrl+Shift+N.

As screenshot demonstrating, you are in private mode now. Furthermore, all tab in these windows is opt-in private mode.


Use the following shortcut keys to open private mode on the Opera browser.

  1. On your Keyboard Press the Ctrl + Shift+N for windows
  2. Press the +Shift+N for Mac

So you will see a message appear to you that you enable the new Private browsing window. You will also notice that every tab has a small lock icon on it. This is also an indicator to you that you are in Private browsing mode.

Open Private Browsing in Opera on Mobile Phone

If you want to open Private Browsing in Opera on your mobile phone then you need to follow the following steps one by one.

  1. Open your Opera browsing Tab on you Smart Phone device
  2. Tap the Tabs icon in the bottom
  3. Then tap the Private in the upper side
  4. Tap the (+) plus sign to open a new tab
tab icon Opera Private Browsing

Opera on smartphone to tap on TAB’s icon.

Private Mode Opera

Tap on the + to open a new tab in Private browsing window.

Opera keep your secrets safe

The new regular tab will switch to the private tab and will appear in grey color completely.

Opera Private mode window

Note: Under the private browsing you can check the option don’t show this again box. After that, it will show you a Speed Dial option instead. Lastly, just simply right-click in the taskbar on the icon and select the New Private Window. It is how you can switch into the private browsing window quickly.

Disable the Private Browsing Mode

After you finish browsing in Private mode, then here is how you can switch back to a normal browser. Follow the steps to disable private browsing window.

  1. Leave Private Browsing: if you want to disable private mode and switch to normal browsing. This is a good option when you are going to switch again.
  2. Leave and Close Private Mode: In this option, you will clear all private mode tabs.
Opera Private Browsing window menu

Opera menu Private mode to switch between normal browser.

Close Opera Private Browsing

As showing in the above screenshot, it is how you can close all tabs on private window completely revoking the tabs on your devices.

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