How to Recover Facebook Password without Phone & Email

Facebook Account Recovery

Here you go through steps to recover your Facebook password without Phone number or Email address. Maybe you last time logged into your Facebook account or you are a new user to Facebook and cannot remember your Phone number or email which associated with your account. Don’t worry if you forget your credentials; you are not the first person doing so. If it happens to you, it can be prevented to get access into your account.

Fortunately, there are some methods to immediately recover Facebook password and get back access to the Facebook account ever without your phone number or email address.

Sign in with an Alternate Phone Number or Email Address

In case you forget your password and phone number or email and you cannot sign in to your Facebook account. You need to try using an alternate phone number or email. If you have added more than one phone number or email on your Facebook. You still have a chance to try with alternative email or phone number. But security trick applies here to follow the same password.

After getting access to your account with alternative options. You need to review and Security and login details. Change sign in methods and protect your account. Furthermore, also enable two-factor authentication. Follow the steps after account recovery:

  1. Open your Facebook Home page
  2. Click the Down-arrow
  3. Select the Settings
  4. Click the Security and Login option
  5. Scroll down to Two-Factor Authentication
  6. Setting up Extra Security and Advance Sections to update or implement security measures.

The Two-Factor Authentication needs allow you for a second verification before you sign in to your Facebook account. This gives more and extra security layer to protect your account even if someone else knows your password.

NOTE: This is possible that if you’re unable to sign in with your regular email and password and your account has been hacked by someone. So once you find the access, make secure by changing your password and go to the troubleshooting Facebook page for the problem.

Find Your FB Account with Username or Your Name

Here is a Plan B, you can try to achieve your Facebook account by searching your name or Username. Use your nicknames or your formal name you might use commonly.  A list of suggested accounts will appear to you. Check in the list and find your account with your profile photo. Select the account and follow the instruction steps to reset your password and get back access to your account.

If you forget your username, then ask your FB friend to sign in to their Facebook and open your profile. After that, to search your profile and provide your Facebook URL that appears up. The URL will be like The last portion after .com/ will be your username like john.roz. If Facebook can find your account, you will be directed with instructions to reset your account password and get in back access to your account.

Recover Facebook Password via Trusted Contacts

When you finished with above all methods and nothing work properly. After that, you restore your Facebook account using a reliable contact. The most important condition following this method that you will require to have a known person. That known person should reliable or trusted contacts.

This method of recovery is possible to those users who already set up previously. And add their trusted contact as an option to use it when you are lockout from your account.

In case you get back your account, and try to configure, here you go with these steps:

  1. Sign in to your Facebook (Keep in mind, for this portion of the process you require to have still access)
  2. Click the Down Arrow
  3. Select the Settings from the drop-down menu
  4. Click the Security and Login Option
  5. Scroll down to the Choose Friends area and Select Choose Friends
  6. Click the Choose Trusted Contacts in the dialogue box of What are Trusted contacts.
  7. Enter the three or five FB friends names in the Choose Trusted Contacts and then click Confirm option
  8. The selected contacts will appear to you. If you want later on then you can remove or edit the contact and then click the Close.
Open and Settings of Change Email on Facebook

Open Facebook Account Settings Menu from the drop-down icon

Security and Login option

Go to Security and Login from Settings menu

Choose Friends to Contact Recover Facebook Password

In this section, choose a friend to contact if you get locked out. Click on Choose friends link to select.

Choose Trusted Contacts to Recover Facebook Password

Choose trusted contacts from 3 to 5 friends. You will use this option to contact them when you have a problem during sign in to your Facebook account.

Below method, How to use trusted contacts to recover your Facebook password.

How to use Trusted Contacts to Recover Facebook Password

IF you want to use trusted contacts to get back access to your FB account. Follow the guide/steps below.

  1. Open your Facebook’s Login page
  2. Click the Forgot Account option under the Password field.
  3. Click the No longer have access to these on the Reset Your Password page.
  4. Enter your Email or Phone number on the How Can We Reach page and then click Continue.
  5. Click the Reveal My Trusted Contacts option and Enter one name from the contacts you assigned previously.
  6. In the Next process follow the additional instructions steps and a recovery code link. Share the link with your friend and ask him to follow it and send the code to you when he finds.
  7. Use the code from a friend to recover Facebook password and access your account.
Forgotten Accont Option from the Login page

Try forgotten account option

Find your Account and Enter your Password Recover Facebook Password

Provide the relevant account information either phone or email to and click the search button.

No Longer have access to these

Click no longer have access to these, instead of following available recovery methods.

Enter new Email and Confirm

Now Facebook recovery method is getting change. You don’t have access to the current recovery option. Therefore, you need to enter a new phone or email and continue.

Now choose a friend from Reveal My Trusted Contacts to get the link. You can request a friend to verify the link and provide you with the code. After that, you enter the code to recover your account password.

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  1. My issue is that I have the friend codes and already received the message that I successfully proved my identity. It wants to send and email link to complete the process but the email it sends the link to is locked by google. So the system made me do it again only this time when I input my friends codes it says I tried too many times and try again later. I try again later and get the same message. I tried too many times, try again later. I need to speak to someone at FACEBOOK or ask them to update my email so I can get this link.

    1. Facebook actually taking the measurement for the account security. You need to stop attempting anymore. No one actually knows, how long, but give it a little break before you try again. Secondly, you are also in a loop since your Google Gmail account is locked and you can’t access. The only option available with you is to prove identity sending it to your friend. As you already tried too many times, I will suggest you try it after a few days and select another friend if you have the option during recovery.

  2. Hi, how do I recover my account if I don’t have access to the number linked to my account anymore? I sent my ID to verify and the Facebook team still hasn’t got back to me. How long do they take to respond?

    1. Usually, Facebook allows all the multiple options to the user in order to set as a recovery option. Apart from primary recovery options, there are also other alternative options to set. The alternative options for instance if you lose access to the primary recovery option. If you lost access to your account, then you can easily recover via email account to get the verification link to password reset. In case you don’t have access to email, then the phone number is there to get a backup code. Or an alternative option to choose, and sometimes friends verification.

      The most important, that you start the process of recovery specifically from the similar device and location you usually sign in. It is actually letting Facebook aware that you are the owner of the subject account. Filling up recovery form to Facebook, usually, take 24 to 48 hours if you are lucky and using a similar device. It is actually prioritizing to the support team. However, there are chances that you wait for a response from Facebook up to a week and sometimes weeks. The reason behind, that Facebook is calculating the scenario and to make sure that during the waiting period, someone else is take claiming the subject account. For instance, you went on vacation and have no internet. Friend of yours, know this and trying to get access to your account. In the meantime, if you claim when you can’t sign in, the issue get escalate and subject to security clearance in order to provide it to the owner.

      The explaining in detail is for the purpose let you know, what you should do exactly, and why you need to wait so long.

  3. Hello sir,

    My facebook is not working Forgot password.
    Please, my Facebook profile is great when it is turned on
    ! I have submitted my Identity card to use my real name from this mail. And I opened my id number, so that I should contact you by mail to others.

    [Personal information removed by moderator]
    Thank You

    1. Hello Manisha das

      These are public comments and all public comments are visible to everyone. It is strongly recommending you not to post any personal information on public forums and comments area. We removed your personal information from your comments to avoid user privacy issue.

      Did you fill-up the form and report the issue, providing personal required information to Facebook?

  4. Hey so I did the ID part and got a reply saying this!!

    Hi Terry,

    We reviewed your report, but it looks like things have already been sorted out with your account. If this happens again, please reply to this email with details, and we’ll do our best to help.

    If you have additional questions about Facebook features, updates or policies we recommend checking out the Help Center:

    I tried to do the ID part again to see maybe it did it for the new account I open until I get my account back. Not sure if im able to do this but I really needed to get back into my account the guy is scamming people, talking ugly to friends and family like he’s me. Is there anything else I can do? my page still shows up on my laptop I just cant get into it since he changed he password and email it dose recognize a few old passwords but when I go through the process it all just go’s to him o his email! and wont let me do any recovery!!


    1. Hello Terry

      The email you receive is clearly stating “please reply to this email with details”. So did you try to reply and provide the details to Facebook?.
      Usually, when you try recovery account against your compromise account, then on the other hands, someone else receiving notification and letting Facebook know that he is the owner. But Facebook is still allowing you the chance to reply to their email and provide in-depth details.
      These details to prove that you are the owner, and let them know how you lost access to your account and mentioned activities that suppose you are not doing that.

  5. I forget my fb p.w and now im not able to access my account.. i tried to recover it but it didn’t work my id is running on my mobile no 0*** i haven’t entery any mail on my id yet… now how cam i recover my id ? How can i change the p.w and get back my id?

  6. Comment:I have been trying to log in to my facebook account. but it seems not to work.. its writing incorrect password.. I tried to recover the account and the password reset code and I have received any message yet

  7. I lost my mobile 2 years ago.
    My facebook user id is my mobile no. which is not used right now
    I also forgate my facebook password. so i cant access my facebook, beacause of the verification code sent to that mobile no. what can i do? please revert

  8. my Facebook account of over 10yrs was hacked, my name “Airhuoyor Gareth Augustine” has been changed to Jhayn Joanna, my gender, my email address and phone number have been changed, while my nationality Nigeria also changed to Philippines. every attempt to recover it have proved abortive. All my friends list and my quotes are still intact. please help me to recover this account, because I created my school page on this Facebook account.

  9. Ok I did the 3 friends code and it said you have successfully verified your identity an email has been sent but I never received the email.

    1. Ensure that you have access to a similar account where Facebook is sending mail. If you already have access to the related email, then try checking spam or Trash. Sometimes, the message skipping the inbox and moving directly to Spam or Trash.

  10. My first account. favour love. was hacked I reported it for Facebook to block it. So opened another account. Facebook blocked it. I still open another one they blocked it thinking it was me that hacked myself please you guys should something about it cause am tired of all this the name of the last account they block is. Mhiz favorite please you guys should something about it

    1. Hello Mhiz

      When you report a compromised account, then you should wait for it recover by Facebook help team. And you should be able to use the account again. Thus there is no need to create a new one using similar details.

    2. My Facebook account says “Documents being reviewed, please be patient” it has been reviewing my documents for almost a year. I didn’t send my government ID when they asked me for it because I use my AKA on Facebook instead of my real name. I want to send my government ID but it’s not letting me do anything. When I send a disabled page application they say my account is not disabled. I need my account back to retrieve all the sentimental pictures that I have taken since 2009.

  11. My facebook account was hacked by John Mark, on the 5/01/2020, i also fills the facebook recover forms with my ID since then till now, i can’t access my account; Emmanuel Ali

  12. I can’t log in into my account.I can’t remember my password, I can’t remember the password used for email too…and my number has been removed from my account.pls I need help to recover my password

    1. When you create an account, as a user, you set the recovery option for a purpose to access your account via alternative option when you can’t access to the primary key. It’s always user mistake while not keeping the alternative option.

      At the moment, you can follow the suggestion, to start the recovery option from a similar device/computer you try to sign in last time. Furthermore, a similar location will be more preferred. So when you try the recovery method, the Facebook security can detect the similar device and IP you are using to demonstrate the account owner.

  13. Hey ..
    I was using my fb n yesterday I changed my password n logged out from my all devices but the registered number with fb z not working that time I got the code on my e mail and then I entered that code again I got message from fb sending code generation on ur mobile but that I was not having that number…then I sent my verification coments and all now I regarched that registered number but still I can’t log in it’s more then 12hours ..whenever I m trying to log in the message comes up code limit exceed …please help ..thanks

  14. I cant log in my account in remember the password and the number associated with my account but i also have no longer excess to the number linked with my account and also forgotten the how can i get my account back

  15. Hello sir
    Really need your help please
    Sir Mera pehle ka (old a/c) me login in nhi
    Sir ho pa rha h
    Or sir usme verification code receive nhi ho pa rha h
    Sir mere pass to bs uska username h or usi se me login krne ki try kr rha hu pr ho nhi pa rha h
    Sir muje to uska username ke alava password bhi yad nhi h plz sir help me

  16. I know my email and password but still i can’t login my account. They ask for a code but i didn’t get as i didn’t put any mobile number. Help me to login my account

  17. My account was hacked and lost access. I went through the recovery process and now I can find my account but now I can’t log in bc it says I’m logging in with a new browser and it’s the same one I’ve log in a million times so I think whoever hacked it cleared all my known browsers and I don’t have access to the phone number with my account to get the code I’ve sent my ID to Facebook to get help with a code and it’s been almost a week and nothing please help

  18. I don’t have a recovery email I no longer have access to the number I used to open
    I have tried everything possible
    Please help me

  19. I am locked out of Facebook. I know my email and password but need the two factor authentication code. The phone they are sending it to us no longer in use so I am not getting the code. What else can I do to get in?

  20. When I log into Facebook, I get a message to that says:

    Security check
    To confirm your identity, we will text a confirmation code to your phone.

    O +1-my phone number

    The problem is, I no longer have this phone number. So, Facebook is not letting me access my account.

    1. There are multiple options for recovery. Like you can use another recovery option other than your phone. Did you provide an alternative email account or alternative recovery option?

  21. My account has been deactivated and when I went to activate it again it says identity check due to recent activity and wants me to get codes form my friend even after rove changes my password multiply time as well the link says it’s broken when they try to get the code

  22. Is there any way to bypass the identity check. It only give me one option and that’s getting the codes from friends. I’ve changed my password multiple times as well my account has been deactivated and I’m trying to activate it

  23. I have been trying to log in my facebook account, It seems as if I’m deactivated. I need help.

  24. hello

    I went to my age settings and some mistake I must have made created this problem.

    “Your account has been locked because we need to confirm your age.”

    I sent my ID, any way to get this resolved?

    Thanks, Ben

  25. I don’t have access to my Facebook login details anymore. 7yrs last login. I don’t recall any friend as well.
    I opened this account then at beginning ” usiohor/ugbowo” location. My username is ” obasiloviski “. I want to delete this account as I have a GODLY and better account now. Help.

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