Roku Shows Wrong Time – How to Fix?

Fix Roku Shows Wrong Time
Fix Roku Shows Wrong Time

Do you know how to fix Roku shows wrong time? Some Roku TVs show the wrong time with no setting to adjust/settings/set, but there is a workaround. If you open the Roku device and find that the time on your Roku was off by an hour. There is a number of reasons that can cause this issue. In this post, you will learn the troubleshooting guidelines to take when your Roku shows the wrong time.

Roku TVs devices are used by many across the world, however, people have been facing many problems with the platform. To recall, users were unable to connect their Roku device with the HBO Max app, Alexa still keeps on freezing, and more.

Now, it looks like another problem is facing users of Roku TV devices and it has been around for quite some time.

According to some reports, some Roku TV models are showing the wrong time and there is no setting to change, set, or adjust the same.

Several Roku TV users are troubling this issue and are unable to watch live TV due to the wrong system time.

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How to Fix Roku Shows Wrong Time

Let’s teach you some of the troubleshooting steps to take when your Roku shows the wrong time.

Check Time Settings

To check the Time Settings of the Roku then follow these steps:

  • Go to the Roku Home screen
  • Select the Settings option
  • Then System option
  • Now select the Time option
  • Press Set automatically is the preferred setting. In case the time zone is wrong, proceed to the alternative troubleshooting steps. Otherwise, select the Set Manually option and set the right time zone there.

Restart Your Roku

Maybe sometimes a simple restart can fix up issues with the time and follow these steps to restart Roku.

  • Go to the Settings of Roku
  • Select the Power option
  • Then select the System restart option

Check For Roku Updates

When you update the Roku Operating System software can solve issues with it displaying the wrong time. Follow these steps for an update to Roku.

  • Press the Home button five times on the remote
  • Press the Fast Forward button three times on the remote
  • Then press the Rewind button 2 times on the remote
  • Select the Update software option when a screen will displaying
  • Now select the Update Now option to proceed with the software update option
  • When the update is finished, visit the Settings>Power>System restart. I hope this will help to correct the time once it reboots.

Make Sure No VPN is Running

This was the issue for me, I do not remember I set up a VPN on my Internet router.

Once the Roku is set to set the time automatically and a VPN service is running, it might be caching the wrong time because it senses it is in the region your VPN is set to.

In case you run a VPN app on your Internet router, set it to a region in the same time zone you are in or turn it off to correct the time problem.


Here are some of the frequently asked questions by various people and might you be interested in reading them.

How to Change Clock Settings on Your Roku Device

To change clock settings on your Roku device and set the time zone and the clock format is displayed on your home screen. Follow these below steps to do it.

  • Select to Open Settings
  • Select the System option
  • Select the Time option to change the Time zone and clock format options
  • Set Time Zone by hitting the time zone and selecting the ‘Set Automatically’ button
  • Set Clock Format by choosing the 12 hours or the 24-hour format

The correct time where I am at is 10:42am yet the Roku says 4:59 pm. This then causes the live channel TV guide app we use to display wrong line up. I’ve restarted, unplugged. What else can I do?


How do I fix the time on my Roku?

If the time is wrong, and the time zone is correct then simply turn it off or switch the power from the back of the box, wait for a few seconds, and plugin it back. Restart your Roku and check for Roku updates. You can also set the time zone and clock format from the Roku settings.

How do I change the time on my TCL Roku?

To set the Time & Date on your TCL Android TV. Press the Home button on remote>Settings & Ok >Device Preferences & Ok >Date & time and Ok >Choose Automatically set or manually set the date and time. Set the time zone and set 24-hour format.

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