How to open Safari Private Browsing Mac & iOS

How to open Safari Private Browsing

Using Safari browser to browse in private mode on Mac and iOS without any history traces. Here you will learn how to start Safari private browsing without storing your history on the device. When you start surfing the internet, using someone else device, the Safari browser save your history and other information. However, this information is not limited to links, form-fill, and password.

The best practice is to clear browsing history and cache since the last time you use Safari. However, the more technical way is to use private browsing on Safari so you don’t need to clear things after you finish.

All the traces of your online search are kept in the servers of web browser and third-party software. In other words, you can use the encrypted Virtual Private Networks (VPN or Tor) to hide your presence online, but the question is that at the same time what about the history of the browser on your macOS?

What is Private Browsing?

Safari Private browsing is simply you can open separate Private Browsing mode. But you should know first about what it can and cannot do:

  1. In Safari the Private browsing mode does not stop websites from tracking you to know you are there.
  2. The same way it unable to prevent the government from tracking a user, if they are trying to trace to evade the law either.
  3. Another one is unable to remove your IP address or location and geo-location data. 
  4. Delete browsing history after you finish.
  5. Temp cookies files removed and no session data allowing from the past browsing history.
  6. Not storing password and other autofill data.
  7. Download files are not deleting from download folder.
  8. Bookmarks are not going away and saved on Safari browser.
  9. Extensions are appearing on private mode.

Open On MacOS Private Browsing Window 

To surf in private, the Safari browser for private browsing and it will also let you surf in a private browsing window just like the other browsers. Here are the steps to access private window:

File Menu:

  1. Open the Safari your MacOS
  2. Click the File Menu
  3. Then click the New Private Window option
New Private Browsing Safari

Safari > File > New Private Window or use shortcut keys Shift+CMD+N.

Private Browsing Enabled

Indicating private browsing enabled. On this mode, Safari won’t remember the links you visiting and other data.

Keyboard Shortcut:

You also can open the Private window in Safari via using the keyboard shortcut. Press the Shift + Command + N on your keyboard. After that, you will be redirected to the private window browsing mode.

The private browsing is open, the geo-location bar will be grey out and you will see the label along with the top new tab. However, all the tabs in this window will appear as private window mode.

Unlike the Internet Explorer and Chrome, the extensions in Safari will continue to operate in private browsing or incognito mode.

Disable the Private Mode

If you want to disable the private mode then simply click on the cross to close the window

Open On iOS Private Browsing Tab

You can enable the private browsing tab with Safari while using an iPad, iPhone, and iPod. You will surf in private mode on it. If you want to do so, then follow the below steps to open private mode on iOS device.

  1. Launch Safari on your device
  2. Tap the show pages at the bottom right corner
  3. The tap the Private option in the bottom left corner
  4. At the bottom tap on Done in the prompt that showing confirming you are browsing in Private Browsing mode
Show Pages on Safari

Tap Show Pages on the iOS device using Safari browser

Click done option

Private Page

Private Browsing in iOS

Private browsing mode

Disable the Private Mode

To disable the private mode on your iOS device, follow the steps below.

  1. Tap the Show pages icon and it will look like two squares.
  2. Then Tap on the X in the top left of your tab to close it or swipe to the left side by tap the Card.

In conclusion, you act privately on any device you are using. leaving no traces behind on the machine you are using. Similarly, the data not storing on iOS and Mac while in Private mode. However, you can’t hide completely and the third party and other sites would know when you access their property. To summarise, the best practice to start in private mode when using someone else device.

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