How to Schedule WhatsApp Messages on Android and iOS

Schedule WhatsApp

Did you know, you can schedule WhatsApp messages to send later even if you are offline. You need due to daily use and sometimes defining your duties and instructions. WhatsApp is one of the famous messaging services around the world and providing the best service to their users. The third-party developer integrating new features not offering by WhatsApp. Among these features to show you one of the new features of schedule your message on WhatsApp. Let’s scroll down how to schedule messages on an Android and iPhone device

How to Schedule your Messages on WhatsApp Android phone and iPhone

To write a message and ready to send after a day at a specific time you define. However, to perform this action, you are authorizing third party App using WhatsApp API to authorize scheduled sending. The third-party adding messages in their server and access to send from your WhatsApp. Therefore, then no worries if you don’t have internet access. The App will trigger sending messages already stored in the server.

Why do we need?

When you are going out on visit or vacation but you have some important time-sensitive messages to send. The place where you are going to might not have any internet facility or internet connection at all. Then you can use the option of schedule WhatsApp messages and go off to the visit you have been planning for months.

If you are a businessman and your business requires sending important messages to your clients on a timely basis, so you can arrange them in the morning and you won’t have to look at them again. You can schedule by using third-party apps for WhatsApp messages.

Apps for Schedule of WhatsApp Messages

The most useful apps for the scheduling of messages are the SKEDit, Do It Later, WhatsApp Scheduler, Jailbreak iPhone, Scheduled App, GB WhatsApp These apps will not help you only for the messages but also can schedule your WhatsApp videos and photos. To use and features of these apps are very easy and you can use on its free version, but if you want to use the advanced features to scheduling videos or photos then you need to install a premium version. The most important thing in these apps is you can use it in a non-rooted Android device.

For instance, explaining below how to schedule a message on WhatsApp using SKEDit app including a screenshot.

Important Steps to Schedule your Messages in WhatsApp

If you want to try and use the App on WhatsApp messages, scroll down using SKEDit app scheduling messages for later.

Skedit Download
  1. Download any WhatsApp scheduler from your Play store.
  2. Tap Install to your phone and tap Open it
  3. Scroll down and tap the “+” icon at the right side
  4. Select the Contacts of the WhatsApp on which you are sending message
  5. Select the Time and Date option
  6. Choose the message Frequency and Type your Message
  7. Tap the “Create” button at the top right corner to schedule your message
  8. You can schedule Multiple messages but you cannot All messages at the same time.
Login to Skedit

You have the option to proceed your account with Facebook or click Create an account.

Tap WhatsApp Schedule

Choosing WhatsApp from available options. However, you may also try using another option if you want to schedule somewhere else. The App offering scheduling your SMS, Call, Facebook posts, and Email. Even WhatsApp Business option is available too if you are using WhatsApp Business version.


You can add a contact here and write your message. Importantly, you need to see the warning time selection. The app is restricting you not to schedule two or more messages with exactly the same time and date. If you are online, it may ask you permission again to confirm resending. However, it is your choice to schedule with what conditions.

Time Setting

Define time but ensure you make no mistake in AM and PM.

Date Setting

Finally, select the date and month and click OK. Your message is now scheduling to send it based on the time and date you selected.

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