Share link on Google Chrome to other devices

Send a Page on Chrome to another device
Send a Page on Chrome to another device

Google Account itself everything covering all user demand including Google Chrome. Share a page or link on Google Chrome to a different device. Sometimes, you practice the share of a page on browser to copy it somewhere in order to reach that link to your phone. However, instead of taking so many steps, to copy a link, there is a direct Send this page option on the browser. And All active devices using the Chrome browser to select any device. Similarly, another device will notice that you share a page link to open.

How to send a page link to another device on Chrome

To send a page link from any computer to another device using Chrome, follow the steps below.

Open Google Chrome

Open the Google Chrome browser and click on the click bar. Then click on the share device icon.

Chrome Send this page
Chrome Send this page

Send to your devices

The menu under Sends to your devices showing a list of active devices with Google Chrome browser. It will list all the devices if sign in with similar Google account. Click on the device name to send a page to your device.

Send to your device Google Chrome page link
Send to your device Google Chrome page link

Open another device

You will get a notification on another device including a link of a web page from the first device. The similar link will open on the device on the browser.

Send From Google Chrome another device
Send From Google Chrome another device

My device is not showing on Chrome list

Make sure you sign in to your Google Chrome profile with similar Google account. Using the same account on another device will fetch your device. If you are using a different account on another device, then it will not list your device. Actually the sync option between device is possible only when you sign in to Chrome with similar Google account.

In other words, you can’t associate two different accounts to share a page link from one to another account. The browser must have one valid account to sign in on all the devices.

Send a page from a smartphone using Chrome

The current version of the Chrome App on a smartphone has no option to send a page. Instead, you can use the share link option. Try copy link or share with Gmail to send a link. However, the current version is lack of similar functionality as of Chrome on the Laptop and Chromebook.

The reason behind no functionality on the smartphone browser because it is designed to go as lightweight App. Similarly, catching any link on a computer is easier than smartphones. People holding most of the platforms to share things on the device. In other words, you can easily fetch any link on a computer browser but smaller UI on mobile is a little hard.

An alternative way to send a page from a smartphone

There is no Send Page option on the smartphone Chrome App. Alternatively, you can share a link.

  1. Open Chrome app on a smartphone
  2. Tap on the link bar
  3. Tap on Share or Copy icon
  4. Share the link to any App or past the link

Share page link via Gmail from Chrome App

To share a link via Gmail, tab on the Chrome App menu, Tab Share Gmail then type the recipient email address. Tab send button to share a page link.

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