Sign out Gmail Chromebook disappear How to Fix

Fix Chromebook signout

Recent Google Chrome update version 76 hide and disappear Gmail sign out. Users are distress with missing signout feature and feeling unsafe with ChromeBook if there is no sign out button to secure their Google Account.

However, the workaround here for the users to bring back the old sign out button. But at the moment users only see Manage Account instead of an old button.

Why the signout from Chromebook disappeared?

The concept of holding your smartphone, when you sign in with Google Account and keep. You hold your phone always with you and when left in your home. However, you don’t worry because there is a lock on your phone.

In addition, the lock option is numerous depend on the phone you are using. Such as fingerprint, face-lock, passcode, password and voice command lock. In other words, your phone is secured and you don’t need to worry about the sign-out option. Therefore you don’t even need to have a sign-out option in Gmail App.

Chromebook Gmail missing sign out

You sign in with your smartphone and you kept your Gmail App with no sign out option. similarly the concept of ChromeBook is for individual only and to use by the original owner. Like the smartphone, you don’t need to sign out from the Apps instead of your Chromebook.

Bring back Gmail sign out button in Chrome

This is not a permanent solution but to consider a workaround for the time being. You can use Chrome flag link to disable Chrome OS, Account Manager. After you disable and restart the device; you will found the previous button to sign out from Gmail account.

Here are the steps to follow.

  1. Open your Chrome browser (Using Chromebook)
  2. Then open a new tab and type chrome://flags/ and search for OS Account Management
  3. Select Disable option from the dropdown menu
  4. Restart the Chromebook to Gmail sign out button is back now

Note: You can also use a direct link to the flag experiment chrome://flags/#enable-chromeos-account-manager

Chrome Flag Experiments

What are flags Experiments

These are advanced features on chrome under testing and development. Turning on any feature will enable on your Chrome browser. They ahead feature when passing the beta test than getting onto Chrome by default in next updates.

WARNING: EXPERIMENTAL FEATURES AHEAD! By enabling these features, you
could lose browser data or compromise your security or privacy.
Enabled features apply to all users of this browser.

Users are warned with this experimental features due to fact; the user may lose browser data. And sometimes compromising user security and privacy. it is advised not use for a personal account and try these features with developer Google Account.

Reset All to default

If you go wrong with any experiment; you can use the option to Reset All to default. Open the browser, and type chrome://flags/ and click the Reset All to default button. Now restart the browser to return the normal state from the experimental stage.

Reset all to default ChromeOS flags

How to get sign out button officially

Google is always building products with the help of feedback around the world and from the developer. They are receiving features feedback to adopt in their product. Any feature receiving more criticism to the developer team, they are considering.

In conclusion, the fact is the product users are not the developer but you are the one using Google Products. However, following your feedback, we strongly recommend you to send your feedback from Gmail and ChromeBook. Here is video illustration; how to send feedback from Gmail.


Received queries requesting some more information to this missing feature. While adding the link below to Chrome Bug (However, actually not a bug but missing feature reporting by users) and furthermore, Google Employee statement on Google Chromebook help forum.

  1. Link to Reporting Chrome Bug: 
  2. Google Employee statement:

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  1. Do not change that flag – it will cause stability problems and other issues. In crbug 999898 the devs are warning that stability and other problems will occur.

    1. You are right. The suggestion of disabling account manager feature from ChromeOS is temporary just to ensure people get what they want. It is strongly recommending to avoid and wait when to Sign out button back to normal.

      1. Disabling account manager feature doesn’t exist in my Chrome OS 81.0.4044.103 and I can not get the Sign out button

  2. I appreciate that you posted the warning message about flags. Unfortunately, many users think that warning doesn’t apply to them and they make many unwise changes.

    This is the first time I’ve seen an actual developer comment in a bug that refers to the problems that users are causing when they change a flag.

    1. You are most welcome. And head up to you, for bringing the issue in comments to review by people prior to the change. This would be a kind of gesture and make them worry prior to try it.

  3. wth? this switch is being used by MILLIONS of people with NO mention of ANY warning or threat! omg i think i’m suing google. will you please post a link to THIS page on 999505? PUHLEEEES???

  4. I see NO update on 999505-in fact I am locked out of putting further comments on it and was hoping the whole thread was turned off to comments and I wasn’t being singled out for censorship

    1. 1001178 is closed and merged to 999505
      999505 is still unconfirmed and status is open (Open for comments and no updates from project member)
      999898 status (Won’t Fix) and closed

    1. I am emphasizing users in a different forum, to shot feedback and request the button back. Technically hideout button is right but practically and people don’t like. They are not using their Chromebook as defined technically. If no push and no feedback from users, the button will remain hidden.

  5. I am so confused-WHY did they close 898 with a WON’T FIX after saying that the workaround EVERYONE IS BEING TOLD TO USE can cause problems? Can it cause problems? I was one of the first to find out about it almost 2 weeks ago and so far no problems

    1. i HAVE SOMETHING TO ADD. How can the user be safe that leaving without sign out of his gmail won’t be “exploited” (as a back door or trojan style) by other app or piece of software? Is this a requirement of the CIA, NSA, or other intelligence agency to spy on us? Is it because Chrome BIOS was designed to not having the “official rootkit” that most of PCs have implanted in the assembly line by the company absolute persistence?

  6. please tell me what kind of “stability and other problems” you guys are referring to? why should i be worried about having disabled the feature? what could happen?

      1. @Neo
        In case you didn’t logout from Chromebook, someone else hands on your Chromebook can readout your Google account products from Chrome browser. This is what People worry about Gmail specific sign out. In other words, Google trying to count your Google account as one main log in for all the products. Since the concept is to remove Gmail log out button. And to secure your account, you need to log out from Chrome. (Instead of log out from one Product as Gmail).

        1. This is a wrong approach and a very unfortunate idea. I suggest you that makes a poll among the users. You know a Chromebook is a light machine that you carry to everywhere. One of its sales arguments is that is like a book, you open it and that is you don need to boot it, but for take advantage of this you haven’t had to log out of your account. So in the mean, if someone grab your Chromebook and you didn’t close the session he or she will have access to all your mails. Bad idea for the user good idea for the CIA and the NSA.

  7. again, can no longer sign out even after this work around. and google has removed the flag so this is no longer working. I’m glad I have barely used this thing and still have the box. I am wiping everything clean and fresh and giving it away as a Xmas present. Thanks Google! I’m switching my default search engine to bing on my other devices 🙂

    1. Hello Andy

      Usually, signing out is considering by people from the wrong perspective. Check my previous comments I posted.
      Chromebook device is similar to the Android smartphone to consider for a single individual. Google is trying to protect people’s accounts to force them to sign out of the Chromebook device instead of a Gmail account.

      1. Both things are not incompatible. And many like me don appreciate very much this sign-on feature because if you sign on every time you close your Chromebook this never will be like a book again and will resemble a little bit more like a chrome-pc with its booting time and so. There is a hierarchy of values: 1) TO SIGN OUT OF YOUR GMAIL IS FIRST and most important 2) Signing out from your session every time you close your Chromebook could be inconvenient for the user

  8. Hello. I’m an older individual, senior citizen having limited understanding of the Chromebook that my adult son bought for me. He helped create my gmail acct where I have successfully email messages and once done then I merely “log-out” of the email section. sorry i don’t know the correct terms. anyway, today, I was able to get into my emails yet, the “log-out” option isn’t there any longer. my son cannot visit until Feb of 2020. How do I log-out from my email section?

    1. Respected Margaret

      Chromebook is a product of Google. A Google account, in other words, Gmail address is your Google account. Furthermore, all the products of Google are associated with one single user account. When you log in to your Chromebook, you are accessing all the Google products with a similar Google account. These products i.e known as Gmail, Drive, Google search, Chrome profile, etc.

      Now Chromebook is designed for a single user. And a single user can sign in with his/her personal Google account. In other words, you can’t let your personal Chromebook device to use by other people. If you do so, other can view your saved items in the Chromebook device because you are signed in with your personal Google account. In other words, if the device is personal, and can’t be used by someone else, then there is no need for Gmail sign out. While instead, you use the Chromebook device to sign out or protect it by a password. So the current scenario is that Google removes the sign-out feature while using Chromebook. And you can find the signout button only if you are using another PC such as Windows or Mac Machine.

      Previously, Sign in to Chromebook device, Google allows the user to sign in and out from the Gmail account. However, now this feature is missing and is not safe. Not safe means, people think sign out from Gmail will protect their account (Gmail). But actually, you already sign in to the Chromebook and a similar device used by someone else can sign in back. For example, Chrome browser saves the password, and even if the user signs out just Gmail while not Chromebook then someone can sign in easily.

      Google is actually forcing people to understand the use of Chromebook and forcing them to sign out and protect the whole Chromebook device instead of a Gmail account. As an example, consider the Android smartphone, you sign in with your Gmail/Google ID. And Gmail App is always signed in.

  9. I leave the browser open for the whole family to use the web – I do not always want them seeing my gmail – why would google not have thought of this? I don’t want to sign out of all my open websites – sometimes I leave pages open for family to see but I do want to close my gmail. I used to sign out of all the time now I can’t. Anyway, good idea to change to another website search engine like bing and then just use google to log on. That seems to be the only solution. Goodbye google searches.

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