Ads on FB: Stop or Block Annoying Ads on Facebook completely

Stop ads on facebook

Annoying with Facebook Ads, If you are curious about how to stop or block ads on the Facebook page then you are right page. Go through the below steps and after that, you will learn, how to stop or block annoying ads on the Facebook page.

Similarly not the one only you are but all the users are in the same position with Facebook ads. In so many ways Facebook is nice but, currently, monetization experiments leave so much to be desired. Therefore, with so many newly ad coming in messenger and sponsored posts. It is not amazing but you want to stop advertising on Facebook completely.

The bad news for the user that Facebook cares about its revenue. This is why there is no such magic to “block ads” or button in your FB profile settings. The only one is that Facebook allows you to do is customize ads preferences. This does not mean you will see fewer advertise, but at least they will make better fitted to your intentions. However, some of the good news is that the user can block ad completely on Facebook with third-party applications and software.

How to remove irrelevant Ads to you on Facebook Page

You have two options you can do to begin seeing more annoying Ads on Facebook. You can customize at least to see the relevant ads. Or scroll more to try with third-party applications. Also, review the screenshots for easy visual understanding of settings steps.

A. The First Option is to provide daily feedback.

This option is unable to help you remove all ads of Facebook, However, in this case, you will get a block of the most unwanted ones. Let’s do here

  1. When sponsored posts appear and you do not like, click the Three dots option at the upper right side corner of the post.
  2. Select “Hide Ad” If you like to show fewer ads of this type in the future or click “Report Ad” if you see it offensive in some way.
  3. In case you click to Hide the ad, FB will ask your reason. You can check the ads as Misleading/Offensive, Irrelevant or Repetitive as one that is been seen coming so many times.
Hide Ads repetitive or Irrelevant
Ads hidden as Repetitive and click done
Ads Hidden and Done

B. Facebook profile ads customization and preferences

  1. Click on Settings in the small at the upper-right corner side of your FB page.
  2. From the left menu click the “Ads” section to view the Ads Preferences dashboard.
  3. Make sure before click on “Your Interests” the information is accurate. You reveal in more detail about your interests, the more personalized ad you will see.
  4. Select “Your Information” to adjust and see the categories you are part of (Job title, age, and relationship status). In some time the advertisers use the information as to their targeting criteria.
  5. Select the “Add Setting” and notify whether or not allow FB to use data of your behaviour on apps and sites other than FB for targeting purposes.
  6. Click on “Hide Ad Topics” to block ads on specific topics such as parenting, alcohol or pets.
Click on Down Arrow, Setting and Ad option
Your Advertisement Preferences

How to Block On Facebook Ads with an Ad Blocker

In this part, I will show you plan B, if the customizing ad on Facebook is not enough for you. Luckily by outsmarting the platform, you can completely block ad on Facebook.

After that, you required to Install a system-level ad blocker like Stop Ad and let’s teach this job to you. This will not only block advertisement on Facebook, but it will help you stop such multiple types of ad on other apps and websites (until you select to set your preferences otherwise).

Unfortunately, the number of ad blockers that work as browser extensions, Stop Ad on a high level, it is possible to stop ad in apps, too. Not to mention, you do not have to care about installing an ad blocker to every browser you use. Other benefits of Stop Ads, blocking software, System-level includes:

  1. Video ads-no exceptions, auto-play, Banner, ad blocking, for pop-ups, complete out of the box.
  2. Phishing attacks, malware, Protection features to stop data tracking, Powerful security.
  3. Effective Crypt-o-jacking and crypto mining protection.
  4. Simple white-listing and customization option
  5. Some apps are offering customer support quick 24/7.

How to Stop advertisement on Facebook Messenger

In the FB messenger advertise are likely the most disruption for of the ads we have seen on FB page so far. Unlike in your News Feed sponsored posts, which at least look like a native, in FB messenger ad are more preventing. The ads take space than actual dialogues on your screen with your friends and make directing your chat inbox frustrating

Ad in messenger on Facebook are relatively new, there is no current software for stopping this type of ads yet. The one-take completely ad stop seriously is stopping ad. We hope they developing methodology and integrate new technology into their App. So in the near future, we can also have the option to stop ads on FB Messenger. We will update this page once we have any information in the near future.

Headsup, if you know any of App and can notify us in comments below to add in our list.

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