Stop WhatsApp Group Members from Changing Group Info

Restrict WhatsApp group member changes
Restrict WhatsApp group member changes

In this article, you will learn how to restrict WhatsApp group members from changing the info of the group. Might you know that there are new features on WhatsApp relating to chatting with other people? That is to create a chat group, to chat with multi people like sending messages, photos, and videos. WhatsApp allows the creator or Admin of the group to stop members from changing the Name or Subject, Profile Photo, Group Info, and Description.

All these features will be handled by the admin only, this is why WhatsApp recently blocked groups with suspicious info. This is the best option in WhatsApp to restrict the other members from changing irrelevant and frequent changes in Group info. Let’s scroll down to read the complete post to learn how to do it.

Restrict Group Members from Changing of WhatsApp Group Info

If you are using the old version of WhatsApp then you need to download the new version of the app from your play store. When you finished the updating process of the app then open it and the below guidance instruction to get the feature of restrict group members from changing of Group info.

  1. Tap to open your WhatsApp on your Phone device
  2. Then tap to open the Group that you want to restrict the members from changing the group info (But you must be the Admin of that Group)
  3. Go to top right select the Three-dot icon
  4. Select the Group Info from the menu
  5. Then tap on the Group Setting on the next page
  6. Tap on Edit Group Info from the Group Settings
  7. Next, from the pop-up box select the Only Admin option
  8. Tap on the OK option
Open WhatsApp and Tap on Group
Open WhatsApp and Tap on Group
Tap on Group Info
Tap on Group Info
Group Settings option
Group Settings option
Edit Group info
Edit Group info
Only admins and Ok
Only admins and Ok

Above all are the tips to stop the group members from the changing group info and only admin can other than Admin unable to change. Even if someone trying to change then they will get the alert message of “Only Admin can edit this Group’s info”. That’s it.

Alternative Ways to Restrict WhatsApp Group Members to Change the Group Info

Here are some of the alternative ways of how to block group members from changing group info:

How do I stop WhatsApp from changing group icons?

If you want to restrict WhatsApp members from changing the group icon. While using your iPhone and Android or Windows phones, then follow the below steps:

  1. Tap to Open your WhatsApp on your Windows phones, or Android or iPhone
  2. Find the Group to open and what to stop members from the changes of Group info or icon
  3. Next tap on the Group Name or Subject
  4. Then scroll down and you will see the Group settings
  5. Select the Edit Group info and choose one of the two options
  6. Choose of your choice All Participants (Everyone of the Group member can edit the details of Group)
  7. If you want only admins will change the details of Group then tap on Only Admins option(recommended)
  8. Finally, press the OK option to save it

How do I restrict a group on WhatsApp?

Yes, you can restrict your WhatsApp Group info from the privacy Settings and choose that who can edit the group info choose the Admins only option.  For more details read the above-given steps.

How to Block Group Members from Changing Group Subject, Icon and Description?

If you want to block the group all participants from changing group subject, description and icon then you need to update your WhatsApp first. After that, the feature will be available in your WhatsApp Group settings. If you want to do how then follow the above one of the given methods to restrict group members from changing your group subject, description and icon.

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