How to Transfer your WhatsApp Chats to New Smartphone

Switch Transfer Whatsapp to smartphone
Switch Transfer Whatsapp to smartphone

Do you know how to transfer your WhatsApp chats to a new phone? WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app in the world. Everyone is using WhatsApp for sending and sharing text messages, photos, videos. And video calling as well as audio with friends and family. You can start chatting with a single or group of users at the time. Can group video or individual video or audio calls. It seems very hard when both smartphones from various companies. In this article, you will learn to want to transfer your WhatsApp chats to the new phone device. Here is how you can do it to restore old WhatsApp messages on the new phone.

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Want to transfer your WhatsApp chats to new phone?

When you purchase a new smartphone which excites all of you. But if often becomes a tedious process thanks to the entire hassle created by recovering the old data.  Due to the several third-party applications for transfer or move the data from one smartphone device to others.

Transferring your WhatsApp chats from the old mobile device to the new one is another challenging task. It is looking very hard when both the mobile devices from different companies. Let’s show how you can restore old WhatsApp chat messages on the new smartphone Android or iPhone.

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Using Google Drive to Restoration

You will need to use Google Drive to restore the old WhatsApp chat messages on the Android device is one of the best ways.

  1. You will need a Google Account to back up the old chats
  2. Create a New Google Account if don’t have it
  3. Once you create Gmail account then go to the Google Drive option on your phone device
  4. Tap to open WhatsApp then tap More or three dots option
  5. Select the Settings from the menu
  6. Tap the Chats option in the settings page
  7. Then tap Chat Backup and select Google Account (The one is using more than one account at a time)
  8. Now tap on the BACKUP option
  9. Go to your new Phone and Install and activate the WhatsApp on a new device
  10. Once the installation complete then  you will get an option to the recovery of the chat history either Skip or Restore
  11. Select the Restore option to transfer your previous chats on your new phone WhatsApp.

You will need to follow the same instruction while using iPhones devices. On iPhones, you have to back up the old chats on iCloud.

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Using Local Drive to Restore WhatsApp Chat

If you do not want to use the first method. Then you can also back up the WhatsApp chat history on the using local storage before transferring it to the new mobile phone.

  1. Go to your old smartphone and back up all your previous chats by opening WhatsApp>Settings>Chats>Chat Back up
  2. Tap the Back-Up option to save chats on any local drive on your mobile
  3. When you get access to the backup file by going to WhatsApp>Databases in the local drive
  4. You will need to copy the Back-Up file to your new smartphone and after the installation and activation of WhatsApp,
  5. Tap on the Restore option

Note: Remember that the backup file must be saved in the WhatsApp database folder before activating the WhatsApp account.

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How to Transfer WhatsApp messages from iPhone to Android

Please keep in mind that without using a questionable third-party app. It is not possible now to move chats from iOS to Android or vice versa devices. iPhone users can, back their chats in iCloud to get their old chats messages on their new iPhone device in much the same way as Android devices users can make use of the Google Drive backup function.

You can backup & restore all WhatsApp chat Messages and transfer from iPhone device to Android. Hundred percent secure without data loss. Use this third party app to Back iPhone, Restore iPhone Data, Backup WhatsApp, and Transfer to Android phone.

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How to transfer WhatsApp messages to new iPhone

Let’s show how to transfer WhatsApp’s message to the new iPhone. While using WhatsApp iCloud backup feature to transfer WhatsApp messages from iPhone to iPhone devices. Then take your chats from the old phone to the then-new device.  In this way, please be faced with the dangers of overwritten data.

  1. First, confirm you have iCloud backup feature for iPhone enabled on bother your devices
  2. Go to WhatsApp on your old iPhone devices
  3. Then tap on the settings option then Chat Settings and Chat backup
  4. Select the Backup Now option. Entire your chats will be backed up to the WhatsApps’s iCloud server
  5. Install WhatsApp on your new iPhone device
  6. Then activate with your phone number
  7. You will see prompted to restore your old chats
  8. Tap on the Ok and get access to all previous conversations.

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How to Retrieve old WhatsApp Messages in new Phone

To retrieve old WhatsApp messages in the new phone in the following steps:

  1. Open WhatsApp on your old phone
  2. Go to Settings>Chats>Chat backup> tap on the Back-Up option backed up your chats to your any local drive like your external memory SD Card or to internal memory to of your phone
  3. Then connect your device to the Computer via USB cable to save backup file from WhatsApp database folder on your computer
  4. Now Install WhatsApp on your new phone but do not open the app!
  5. Connect your New Phone to the Computer using the USB cable. Do you have already download WhatsApp onto your new phone? The WhatsApp /database should now available. If not, you can manually make a new Databases folder in the WhatsApp folder
  6. Now Copy your WhatsApp messages backup file into this folder
  7. Then start WhatsApp on your new device and verify your phone number you should now receive a notification that a message backup was found. Just select Restore and you are done.
  8. After a few seconds, your entire messages should have available on your new phone.

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