Tinder App Not Working and How To Fix It

Tinder App Not Working and How To Fix It
Tinder App Not Working and How To Fix It

Do you know the Tinder app not working? How to fix it? Tinder is one of the most famous dating apps in the world. Everyone can use very easily has both premium and free to find the best. While using the app you may face some problems too. Do not worry in case you are using an iPhone or Android device. According to someone trying to use and access Tinder, their favorite dating application, but once they try to open it up, it does not work on their Android or iPhone device. The user scratches their head, wondering why it does not work. While using any app, trying to use one that constantly malfunctions can be quite frustrating.

It is no surprise that the Tinder app is among the most famous dating apps in existence, which could be part of the cause it may sometimes create trouble while using the way it should. Every month 50 million people use the application to search for the girl or man of their dreams. Their servers most certainly get a daily workout.

There are many other causes why Tinder is experiencing internal errors on a mobile phone. This post will go into them in more detail. These solutions should make the Tinder app fully functional. However, you will need to check and try each solution one after another.

Because no one knows which solution is going to work for your smartphone device. In the last, you have the Tinder application from not working to a working state. That is a guarantee. The only request is, ensure to read the complete post and do not miss any solution mentioned below.

Tinder App Errors

Users are facing some issues with their Tinder app include:

  • Unable to send or receive messages
  • Trouble log out or logging into the App
  • Error message showing that something went wrong with the application to try again later
  • Loading problems that cause the application to crash

Yes, all the people can experience these problems in case Tinder is down or not working, but software bugs could also be the problem as they can cause an application to error and not work properly which makes a lot of frustration and headaches for the user who is trying to utilize the application

However, in case the Tinder servers are down, then that goes along with general problems a specific app may be experiencing.

Why Tinder App is Not Working and What are the Reasons?

Nobody knows the main reasons behind why the Tinder app is not working regularly or it is crashing, etc. However, there are a lot of unknown malfunctions with the app in the background. Though, all things have a solution inside them. The Tinder app on your device too. While below are the common and major reasons why the Tinder app is not working, opening, or crashing on your device.

  • You are using an outdated or old version of the application
  • The app is baned in your country. for instance in Pakistan, the application is not working anymore over there due to being banned.
  • Sometimes Tinder may not work properly on Phon data or Wi-Fi networks. So you will be required to connect between your network connection.
  • You may have updated the application recently and may contain bugs, that is might be the cause the app is not open and working as properly on your device.
  • The Tinder has a lot of cache files on your device, you required to clear those cache files and restart your smartphone
  • You are using a VPN app to open Tinder
  • Maybe your internet connection is too slow, the Tinder app needs a full-speed internet connection to work completely operational.
  • Because of rush on the server like Tinder has over fifty million monthly users. Their servers work hard to serve such traffic. However, it can be down sometimes for usual or refresh maintenance.

Now that you know the common and different reasons behind the Tinder app problem. You may be thinking now to fix the issue for yourself. However, you have some tips for each reason. You can try that so and in case it is not working for you to fix it, then follow the given guidelines to make Tinder work properly on your devices.

How to Fix Tinder App is Not Working

There is good news about a number of available solutions that can fix most of these malfunctions. If your Tinder app is not open or working, here is how to fix it on Android and iPhone to restart Your Smartphone, close the Tinder app, see your internet connection, Check for update app, Uninstall and re-install the app, connect to cellular data from the Wi-Fi, Upgrade your Smartphone, update the Google Play Service, allow full permission to Tinder app, see Tinder is down or banned in your country, etc.

Restart Your Smartphone/Shutdown Your Phone

You will need to try the first method is a very pretty simple one to restart the device. An Android, on a tablet, or an iPhone device, should be completely shut down. Either press the power button to turn it off the android smartphone or slide it to turn the phone off if on an iPhone device. When the device has shut down entirely, it can be switched on or turned back on by pressing the power button once again. After the device is turned back on, then you can be tried again the Tinder app to check if it is working or not.

Close the Tinder App

The need to close the Tinder app may solve issues related to crashes. Using the Force closing function of the app will stop all errors and let it restart.

As a side note, on an iPhone device, it will be needed to double-tap the Home button. For the iPhone X device and iPhone 11 models devices, the user should tap and hold hard on the bottom of the home screen and then slide up after the Tinder app is displayed.

On an Android phone, this is much easier. Go to the Phone’s settings, then the application. When there, the Tinder app should appear. From there, the user can gently select the Force Stop button.

In case the Tinder app still is not open or working usually, there is yet another solution in the next step.

Check Your Internet Connection

Make sure you have a strong Internet connection. If your internet connection is slow or not good, then a bad internet network connection could actually be the repeat accused. In case your internet connection is slow or unstable, something you will need to be done about it.

First, check the Wi-Fi icon on the upper side of your phone’s display. If it is not available there, then your phone Wi-Fi connection cloud be on the fritz. The person or user can go into the device settings and tap toggle next to the Wi-Fi off and back on again. After this trick, the Wi-Fi connection should be visible on the upper side of the phone’s screen once again.

Check to Update the Tinder App

Check for a new update of the Tinder app. If the app has not been updated to the new version during the last several weeks, and not working usually on your iPhone and Android device. It may need another new update to download and enjoy a completely functional Tinder app. This will fix some of the bugs in the software and they are properly fixed on new app updates.

In case this has not opened or worked, then go over to the App Store or Google Play Store and locate the updates section. On an Android device, it is pretty easy just go to the main menu and select the Apps section. You will see the update in a list of apps that require to be updated. Go to the bottom panel on iPhone to find the update tab. In the updates section, Tinder should show up there in case an update is needed. You can see the update option will also show this as such.

Alternatively, you can uninstall the Tinder current version on your device. Clear the cache of your mobile device and apps by going to Settings. Tap on the Apps option and then the Manage the Apps option. Tap on Tinder and clear its data. Go to the App Store or Play Store and download & install the latest version of the Tinder app. Open the application and check in case it working as normally still, have problems? Please keep to reading continuously.

Once the app has been updated, the app can be accessed to use again to view if there are still error messages. In case there are not, it should be right to go.

Switching between Cellular data and Wi-Fi

You will need to start using Wi-Fi data on a smartphone device or start using Mobile or cellular data on a mobile device if Tinder still is not open or working with Celluar data or with Wi-Fi connections. While using mobile data can be a little bit of an expense, on average, it is typically more strong or stable which could solve most of the issues that the application might currently be experiencing. The user can go to the device settings to locate where the smartphone data is and turn it on. This will need that the Wi-Fi to be turned off first.

After that, the user should check the Tinder application once again when the data has been turned on to see any problem with it.

Delete the Tinder App and Reinstall

Delete or Uninstall the Tinder application without deleting the account associated with it. The deleting of the app may resolve some temporary glitches with a mobile phone’s CPU( For example too much info being saved there. Deleting or Uninstalling the application should also remove or clear the cache that is saved on the device.

Users on an iPhone should gently tap on the Tinder app icon until entire of the application begin to dance around on the display. Then the users should tap on the cross (x) which means remove or delete and make sure the deletion process by tapping on the Delete button.

The users on an Android phone should go to the Settings and find the Tinder app by scrolling down. Once open it, they can tap on Clear Cache and then tap Storage.

Upgrade You Phone OS

Many times, the solution is hidden in updating your mobile phone’s OS to the latest version.

You will need to check whether your mobile is updated to the latest version or not because some of the applications do not work properly once the device is not updated.

To update your device then Go to Settings. Scroll down to About Phone and find the Software Update. In case any update is available then you get the button to install it. Tap on the Yes option and your device will update soon with the latest version of the OS.

And tap top launch the Tinder app and view in case it is showing the same error or has resolved.

Allow Full Permission To Tinder App

Maybe the problem creates due to denying the app permission access to the Facebook account. It happens several times unknowingly and you have to set it right.

What you have to do is sign in to your Facebook account, open the Manage Apps and locate the Tinder app and select to Allow option. Doing this will solve the problem you are coming across.

This is not a permanent solution but you should try it. You can also check in case the Date and time are correct and your Google account is right or not.

You need to make sure yourself whether the Tinder app is successfully synced with your Facebook account or not by visiting Settings>Acctounts option>Facebook option and tapping on Sync Now option if you have not synced.

Update Google Play Services

Normally, Google Play Services is auto updated using the application but sometimes are unable to do so. In this condition, you have to update the play service to the updated version manually.

if you want to update the Paly service then go to the Google Play Services on Google and press on the app. You will see Update or Uninstall. In case the update option is seen then it means that the application requires an update version because of which the issue was occurring.

You can do it immediately and after that open the Tinder app and view if the same problem is appearing up.

Check if Tinder is Down at the moment

If the Tinder app is not working on your device and then it is not your fault. According to Tinder, they have over 50 million monthly active users around the world. These servers are working hard to manage such huge traffic spikes. They will of course sometimes update their servers, upgrade the hardware, or maybe do other maintenance. Due to which their server may not respond as usual. In such a case, the only thing you need to do is to be patient and wait for a few hours. Try again and your find everything in a working state.

Check if Tinder is banned in your country

There are many reasons due to which Tinder is not working properly. But maybe you do not know it and Tinder is banned in your country. Try to check with the Tinder app or your friends on other devices. Also, check to navigate tinder.com on a web browser on your computer or smartphone device. Nothing loads up? Please do not rush give it some time at least 24hr. In case you still see that loading only on your browser while opening tinder.com. Then it is confirmed that Tinder is not working because of banned in your country. It is a problem that went wrong, you can solve fix it by using this guide.


If from the above solutions nothing is work, the app is updated, your internet speed is strong, tinder is not banned nor down in your country, and you have cleared the cached data. Then you can contact the Tinder support team and explain the exact issue you are facing at the moment. For sure they help you to figure out something for you.

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