Top WhatsApp Privacy Features You must Learn

WhatsApp top Privacy features

WhatsApp also recently got under scanner over privacy problems ever since the news of Pegasus Spyware exploiting some of the countries Human rights activists and senior govt officials came to light. So the investigation around this Spyware is still on continued and the WhatsApp launched some of the new privacy regarding this for its users. Let’s show some of the few other features on the app that help you to protect and more privacy option to your WhatsApp. So scroll down to have a look about the privacy features

Block People on WhatsApp from adding you to Random Groups

If you are aware that some of the annoying moments when your friend adds you to a random group. But you really did not want to be a part of that group. So WhatsApp recently launched some of the updates to group privacy settings globally. The new functions will help the users with the liberty of deciding you who can add you among your WhatsApp friends to the groups. So this new updated group privacy function provides users with a new feature option “Nobody” replaced by the “My contacts except” option that was available earlier.

Steps to Enable

If you want to enable then follow these steps:

  1. Open your WhatsApp and then tap the Account
  2. Then select the Privacy and Group option
  3. Choose to tap on the My Contacts Except among the given options

So those users who enable the My Contacts except then the admin will send him them private invite via an individual contact or chat.

Enable Fingerprint Lock Feature to Stop Unwanted Access

As we told you above that WhatsApp still fighting the fight with the NSO group, who are caused by selling the Pegasus spyware software.  So the Chat giant develops a feature of Fingerprint lock for Android users globally.  With the fingerprint lock of WhatsApp which make you able to add the fingerprint to your account to stop other users accessing your WhatsApp unless you unlock it.

The feature of Fingerprint authentication for the Android device users was first made available to the beta version users back in the month of August this year. It is the most useful feature since even if someone knows your pattern or password, then still your WhatsApp is safe because of the Fingerprint lock.  If you want to enable this feature on your device then follow the instructions

  1. Open your WhatsApp and Go to Settings
  2. Select the Account option
  3. Tap on the Privacy and then tap on Fingerprint lock option

For the users of iOS, the feature of fingerprint has been available since February-2019.

Stop the Users from notifying you’ve Read Their Messages

If you want to make your WhatsApp more private and you want to disable the read receipts. Read receipts mean the blue ticks will notify the users that someone read or not their messages. However, if you don’t want to notify other users that their messages, read or not then you can disable the read receipt to make private. Let’s show how to turn off the read receipt option in the following steps.

  1. Go to your WhatsApp Settings and then Accounts option
  2. Then tap on the Read Receipt switch off the toggle

However, remember one thing that this option does not work in groups and despite having the option of reading receipts feature turned off. So in the group, people know that you have read their messages or not.

Furthermore, single grey tick is to notification of message sent from your WhatsApp. Double grey tick mean that message delivered to the recipient. While blue double tick indicating the read receipt report.

Report and Block Unwanted Users from Messaging You

If you are receiving messages from unknown or spam contacts and you don’t want these spam to pester you ever again on your WhatsApp. So simply block all of them from sending messages to you. When you block them then they are no able to send you messages but also unable to see your stories, profile picture, status, etc. Better is that if the person is not in your contact list, then the block option will directly show above their chat window.  So if you want to block some then follow the steps

  1. Open your WhatsApp
  2. Tap on the Person’s chat
  3. When chat open then tap on three dots at the top right
  4. Select from the menu More option and then tap on the Block option
  5. If you want to Report such contacts then tap on Report option

Choose Who Can See Your Profile Photo and Status

If you are using WhatsApp then you have probably uploaded a profile picture and also upload status stories occasionally to share with your family and friends. However, oftentimes, you add some contacts that whom you do not always want to see your profile picture or status on WhatsApp. So the WhatsApp knows people choice and understands why you are doing to choose who can see your status story and profile picture on WhatsApp. So let’s show how to enable this feature in the following below steps.

  1. Open your WhatsApp and select Settings
  2. Tap on the Account and then tap the Privacy option
  3. Then tap on your Profile Photo and Then choose among “My contacts”, ”Everyone”,” and “Nobody”
  4. In the Privacy also select the option Who can see your Status among the three options “My contacts”, ” My contacts except”,” and “Only Share with”

Hide Your About Message

The About messages on WhatsApp are regarding your brief bio and the user can see under your name. This message more about your funny joke or quote than it is for personal information. So if you want to hide from everyone to view your about message, then you have to read the instructions and follow the steps.

  1. Go to the Settings and then Account
  2. Then tap Privacy and then tap About
  3. So choose the one among the three option My Contacts, Everyone, and Nobody

Check If you are Sharing Your Location

You can share your location with your contacts. To do so, tap on the Attachment icon in a chat menu and then tapping on Location icon.

While sharing your location it is good for short-term cases, you would not want to expose that you have been unknowingly sharing your location with users for months. So many thanks to WhatsApp feature that allows you to check and ensure what exactly you are doing. Go to the Privacy menu and then tap on the Live Location entry. Check here if you are sharing your location then you can disable any chats here.

Using Airplane Mode on WhatsApp

Maybe you know that Airplane mode comes in handy for many different things. If you are aware of this option it will cuts off all the wireless communications, so your mobile is not connected to Bluetooth, Internet and similar things.

It will be intended for use on planes it is also good for shutting out, hiding and distractions ads while playing games. But this option will help you if you want to read messages without notifying the sender.

You need to drag down with your finger on Android from the top and then tap the airplane toggle switch to Off. On the iOS swipe from the bottom to go to the Control sent. Then Open your WhatsApp and then tap the chat read all the messages you received. Since you get back online, It will not update and the sender will not receive a read receipt.

Take the Advantage of Popup Notifications

If you don’t notify your sender when you receive the message and read them with a big bubble by enabling the Popup notifications on your Android and on iOS devices. Let’s show you how to enable this option

Android Method:

  1. Go the Settings and then Notifications
  2. Tap on the Popup notification and then change it to Always Show popup
  3. You also can select the Only When screen On or Off if you perfect
  4. You can repeat this in the Group Notifications

iOS Method:

  1. Tap on the Settings and then Notifications
  2. Choose the In-App Notifications
  3. So you can change Alert Style to Alerts

Unlike banner, which shows at the top and then hides, which need you to close it. When you finish than the new message will appear on your screen and you can read them. After reading the messages without marking and close the popup. Later on, you can reopen and reply when you want it.

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